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Best parks in Minneapolis & St. Paul

Finally, some good weather arrived for Spring and Summer and it is high time to hit the outdoors and just enjoy the nature with your family, pets and/or by yourself. Some scientists say that in order for a human being to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a peaceful mind, we should spend at least 1/3 of our lives in outdoors. Whether living or just some basic activities it doesn’t really matter. Here we will present you with the list of what we consider are the best parks in Minneapolis & St. Paul.

Fort Snelling Park 

This is a perfect park if you are into hiking, biking on the peaceful paths and trails through the breathtaking Minnesota River Valley. What makes Fort Snelling on our list of best parks in Minneapolis & St. Paul is a great amount of wide open spaces, with a lot of wind that can keep you cool in warm weather. This is also perfect for bringing children and teaching them about kiting. There are also a lot of soccer fields, so all the soccer lovers can enjoy some quality sport as well. If you love open doors, soccer and family friendly places, then moving to Twin Cities can be the best choice you made for yourself and your family as well.

A girl with a soccer ball in one of the best parks in Minneapolis & St. Paul
There are a lot of soccer fields in Fort Snelling park

Lake of the Isles

Are you more into winter sports but not into living in suburbian and rural parts of the Florida state? Say no more! This is a perfect park for all those winter wonders you dream about. Are you planning your move to a more magical place, and just can’t be stressed about the move yourself. There are a lot of moving companies in Twin Cities that can help you organize well and without problems, so you can focus on finding that perfect spot in the city for living. Right after you arrive, call your friends or new friends for a cup of coffee in this park. It is a peaceful lake in the middle of the city. Cedar Lake and Lake Calhoun are connected through it. Lake of isles park is unique for its two inland islands. There are a lot of kayakers and swimmers. Also, during the winter, the lake freezes enough for ice skaters to fully enjoy its winter magic. So if you are chasing that „Once upon a December“ winter vibe, then this is a perfect place for you!

Girl ice skating
Experience the magic of winter in Lake of the Isles

Mears Park 

Located in the downtown of Saint Paul’s Lowertown District, the park is covered with electricity, beautiful stream that runs diagonally throughout the park and with seasonal flower gardens. There are numerous events organized here such as concerts, festivals, art exhibitions all throughout the year. Mears Park holds few festivals that are listed as top festivals you can attend in Twin Cities. Although the consumption of alcohol is prohibited in this park, that doesn’t mean you can’t have other drinks.  Enjoy nature, peace, and tranquillity which makes Mears Park one of the best parks in Minneapolis & St. Paul. Mears Park also offers free aerobics classes during the summer. No registration is needed nor payment to participate in this outdoor activity.

Mears Park hosts a lot of music festivals

Arlington Arkwright Dog Park 

Having a dog can be one of the best things in life. Such positive and loving creatures can only be a plus. That is why we included Arlington Arkwright Dog park on our list. The park spreads across 5 acres of wide green fields. And no, it is not just some fenced out place for dogs like in other cities. It is actually quite beautiful and peaceful as well. If you expected some plain flat terrain then you are going to be very surprised. There are a lot of little hills, narrow passages and trails you can take when walking your dog. Every day would seem like a new adventure there.  The ground is well maintained and people pick up after their dogs. Treat your dog and yourself with a visit to this wonderful park at least couple times a week.

Puppy on a field
Arlington Arkwright Dog Park is heaven for dogs

Lake Harriet

Talking about best parks in Minneapolis & St. Paul without mentioning Lake Harriet would just be wrong. This beautiful lake is providing the southwest side of Minneapolis with a great outdoor place for concerts, events, and festivals. Among other activities, there are also fishing grounds, and it is a very popular place for music shows, movie theatres open nights in the park etc. Make sure you check the „Elf House“ places on the near premises, that is carved in an old ash tree. There is a legend revolving around this tree that says whoever places a letter there, can expect an answer in a few days. Also, this is one of the top romantical getaway spots for new couples and lovebirds.

Man holding a fishing rod
Lake Harriet is a perfect place for fishing

Rice Park

Rice Park is the best place for children. It is a public park located in the downtown Saint Paul. There are a lot of features included in the park, but one of the most famous ones are a bandstand, sculptures of the characters from the Peanuts cartoons. Kids love this park as it provides a lot of winter activities for them.  Ice skating and Ice-rink is the main attraction during winter. Not to mention parks well-maintained ground and environment. You wouldn’t have to worry about any polluted or dirty snow, as you would in the city. Let your kids and your inner child free in this beautiful park.

sisters hugging
Rice Park is filled with activities for children

Como Park and Como Lake

One of the best things in St. Paul are definitely Como Park and Como Lake. What places them on our list of best parks in Minneapolis & St. Paul is the sheer size of the lake. The lake spreads on 68 acres and is 4.7m deep. Along it is Como Park, a recreation area for the locals for over a century. A lot of theatrical performances take place at the west side of the lake along with a lot of pavilions. Como park hosts a lot of festivals during spring and summer. There are a lot of attractions here in Como Park and Como Lake, but the most memorable one is Como Park Zoo and Conservatory. It is very popular among tourists and locals.

Lake with ducks
Como lake spreads on 68 acres

Making a list of the best parks in Minneapolis & St. Paul came very hard for us since there are a lot of parks to chose from. And every single one is specific for something. These are what we think are the best getaway parks from daily stress and hardships you can encounter. Enjoy them with your loved ones, partners, family and your pets. If you have any hidden spot you wish you inform us about please leave a response in the comment section below. We are eager to hear from you!