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Best places for couples in Minnesota

Welcome to Minnesota to all newlywed, engaged or those seeking the next step of living together in their relationship! If you’re thinking of relocating together and getting a new place, there are going to be plenty of decisions you will need to seek a compromise on. But, we want to give you a few tips to get you on the road. As reliable long distance movers Minneapolis we’re going to give you the top cities for couples in MN. Also, if you’re thinking of moving to Twin Cities we’re going to give you the best places for couples in Minnesota as reliable locals here.

Eden Prairie is definitely one of the best places for couples in Minnesota

If you're looking for one of the best places for couples in Minnesota to move to, here are some suggestions...
One of the best places for couples in Minnesota to move to is…

When it comes to moving house with your significant other, there is no better place than Eden Prairie. This is a small place with a suburban feel right next to the Twin Cities. And, as local movers in Eden Prairie, we can tell you that it’s quite popular with couples and families. The numerous parks and walks in nature here make it one of the best places for couples in Minnesota. The good job market, great schools and affordable prices for homes are another. All in all, whether you’re aiming to test out the next step in your relationship or start a family. But, here’s our suggestion. Instead of reading online about the place, go and see it in person. A small weekend getaway to Eden Prairie will give you a chance to get a feel for the city and check out any open houses you may be interested in.

Falcon Heights is another great city for you and your significant other

When we’re talking about Falcon Heights, it’s one of the places which has topped the best towns to live in MN for a while. And, for good reason, too. It is a suburb of St. Paul which gives it great access to the lively buzz of Twin Cities. Though, Falcon Heights is a great city for families. It has plenty of good schools, a safe neighborhood and a good community. Altogether, it has proved numerous times as a great city for couples in Minnesota. As local St. Paul movers we’ve helped a number of couples relocate here. But, again, we suggest taking some time and going to Falcon Heights as tourists. It’s the best way to get a feel of the suburban neighborhood.

Another great place for couples in Minnesota is Edina

This is the only bigger city on our list. It has a little over forty thousand residents and it is still quite close to Minneapolis. Despite the fact that the city is quite affluent, the median rent and prices of homes are quite affordable. Edina is a place which was built on the principle of ‘if you work hard, you will gain luxury’ and, it still stands up to that. There are plenty of good job opportunities which make the daily expenses affordable. If you’re looking for one of the top places for couples in Minnesota, this city should definitely enter the list. Pay it a visit and see if you would enjoy living there.

Now, we also want to talk about the top romantic spots in Minnesota

As a state, MN is great for any couple that’s looking for a day in nature or an active weekend. Though, it also has plenty of places for couples in Minnesota which will let you experience the old times. So, here are some of the best spots and activities for couples to check out for the perfect getaway.

When it comes to top places for couples in Minnesota you should consider...
And if cuddling until sunrise is your idea of a romantic getaway, here is a good spot.

First, you should consider the Boyd Lodge

Privacy, romance and nature all wrapped in one comes together here. The Boyd Lodge is located on the banks of Rush and Whitefish Lakes. The cabins are private and give you a chance to show off your grilling skills and have a romantic dinner. Though, if you’re more of a picnic person, enjoy an afternoon or evening on the banks of one of the lakes. The sunsets and sunrises and definitely worth the drive, too. The other options of activities included here are the hiking trails all around the lodge as well as a number of things you can do on the lakes. The Boyd Lodge offers canoes and fishing boats, accommodating couples of all ages. All in all, you can’t go wrong with a visit to this place for couples in Minnesota.

For a hassle-free stay, Lost Lake Lodge is one of the best places for couples in Minnesota

If you’re among the couples who prefer simply packing up and going, this is the spot. Lost Lake Lodge is on the Lake Shore, in Minneapolis. And, it is one of the places for couples in Minnesota which gives you a feeling of completely leaving MN behind. Lost Lake Lodge has the policy of ‘bring your clothes and favorite people and we provide the rest’. Hence, it is an all-inclusive service. If you’re in need of a romantic getaway which provides it all, this is the spot. Check out their website and see for yourself if the activities offered are something you’d enjoy.

The final romantic getaway which we suggest is the St. James Hotel

If you're looking for a spot where you can stay inside and have some alone time...
And for a romantic evening inside we suggest…

While lakes and nature are great, we also understand that allergies are a thing. Hence, we suggest this as one of the best places for couples in Minnesota looking to avoid rashes and coughing. The St. James Hotel is located between Minneapolis and Rochester. It is the perfect place for an intimate cuddle in the lounge with a book and a visit to the spa. If you take a look at the St. James Hotel website you will see the rustic feel which the whole place has. It is the perfect place for a romantic getaway among locals, too. And, the best part is, you will have your privacy along with a great time. The staff is friendly and will give you plenty of suggestions in case you get a case of cabin-fever. Give them a call and check their availability!