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Best high schools for athletes in MN

When your kid has aspirations towards successful athlete career it is imperative to find a good place for them. We as parents must always give our best to find the perfect schools that can develop their talents. When it comes to young athletes then it is crucial for them to head to specialized schools. Here you can find out more about the best high schools for athletes in MN. So, when you decide to move for your kid’s education, you will know where you are headed.

Wayzata High School is among the best high schools for athletes in MN

This public school, that is located in the Plymouth MN is highly ranked among high schools! Especially as a high school with tremendous achievements in the sport! There are over 3,200 students and they are all in grades 9 till 12. As for the student-teacher ratio, you can rest assured there are a lot of teachers. Especially those who will make sure your child gets the proper training and education. And develop the necessary skills it will need later in life. Wayzata holds the first place among best high schools for athletes in MN. And second places as college prep schools and as a best public school in MN. This is just one of the reasons why moving to Minneapolis is such a good idea.  Of 100%, 96% of them graduate annually, with the average SAT score of 1400. What also makes Wayzata High School on the list of the best high schools for athletes in MN is livability in the area. Although the cost of living is not that low, the area is very popular with families. It is a suburban region with a median household income of $91,000.

First place trophy representing the Best high schools for athletes in MN
Wayzata High School holds the first place on the list of the best high schools for athletes in MN

Minnetonka Senior High School

This particular senior high school holds the first place as the best public school in Minnesota. As for sports, Minnetonka Senior High school takes the third place on the best high schools for athletes in MN list. This senior high school puts its focus on the best educational experience. The education children receive here is top-class and everything revolves around their development. Graduation is around 98% and a whopping 90% enroll in college. Minnetonka Senior High School is located in the magnificent Lake Minnetonka area. Serving over 3,100 students it is also one of the most desired schools. Among other things they offer, they also provide with Spanish and Chinese immersion, a variety of AP and IB courses, computer coding and many more.

There are also a very good advanced professional studies programs, online teaching etc. Among success in sports, Minnetonka Senior High School proud itself on many awards in art and music program.

Their address is 18301 Hwy 7 Minnetonka, MN 55345. You can call them and get more information by dialing (952) 401 – 5700. It is good to know about this great school if you plan to move from St. Paul. If you plan this move, consider finding St. Paul moving companies that will give you the best and fastest relocation.

A graduate
98% of the Minnetonka Senior High School students graduate

Mankato West Senior High School

This particular Senior High School holds the top rank among the best high schools for athletes in MN. It is a public school with over 1.100 students in 9-12 grades. There are 19 teachers of 1 student and the students are more than proficient in math and reading. Mankato West Senior High School is the second best place for athletes.  With an average graduation rate of 94%, this school ranks as one of the top educational facilities with that kind of success.  The average SAT score is 1,340 and over 90% of students enroll in some college. The area around Mankato West Senior High School is good for families, but the housing is bit expensive. But that doesn’t mean all services in this area are. If you by any chance look for a good storage unit for your sports equipment then this is the place. Your sports items will be safe and secured here.

The area is suburban with the median household income of $45,000. The school is very safe and all of the students say they feel safe and secure there. Among other things that make this place on the list of the best high schools for athletes in MN is their great health care. They have a good team of trained physicians who take good care of their athletes.

A cartoon boy showing thumbs up
Students feel safe and secure in Mankato West Senior High School.

St. Michael-Albertville Senior High School

As one of the highly ranked senior High Schools, St. Michael-Albertville is number 4 as one of the best high schools for athletes in MN. This public school in MN has over 1,700 students in 9-12 grades. The student-teacher ratio is 22 – 1. And here, students are very much proficient in both math and reading. St. Michael-Albertville Senior High School has the most naturally graduated students. With over 98% of students graduating here, they know the importance of education. The average SAT score is 1,380.  The area of living around the schools is suburban, and the median household income is over $100,000. The place is great for living and families, but the prices are a bit off. But, that is all compensated with the quality of education and opportunities this school provides to the athletes.  All these information are here to help you help your child to prosper. But, have in mind that maybe they will feel lonely after the move. In the end, they are leaving some of their friends behind. Understand their situation and teach them few tips on meeting new people after the move. They will appreciate it very much!

The address of the school is 5800 Jamison Ave NE Saint Michael, MN 55376. Their phone number is (763) 497 – 2192.

A cartoon family
This area is well suited for families.


Finding the best school for your athlete child is not an easy task! There are also other factors that influence your final choice. The likeability of the location of the school, prices of housing and utilities are just one of them. Not to mention how good the school is in terms of education and opportunities for your athlete kid. This list of the best high schools for athletes in MN will surely help you chose the best one for your child!