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How to make new friends after moving home?

Moving is a common phenomenon in today’s world. Whether for work, family or just better life opportunities, people are constantly relocating. Making big decisions like moving to Minnesota and making it their home. But sometimes, circumstances are such that we are not going to somewhere new, we are going back. Going back home to be precise. Now moving back home has a bad reputation nowadays. But if you sit and think about it, it doesn’t have to be such a bad thing. Sometimes we need to get back to our roots in order to grow back more healthy. One of the big mistakes people make once they come back home is to get drowned in their past. That is a bad thing, a very bad thing, which can easily lead you to depression. After you get safely unpacked you should go out and meet new people in order to not get stuck in the past. Here is how to make new friends after moving home.

Sad person on a wall
Moving back home doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Go with your interests

Once you come back home you will notice that the place hasn’t changed much, but the people have. New experiences have changed old residents and new people have moved in. How are you to find new friends? Well, let’s start with pursuing your interests.

Organizations or clubs

While you were away from your hometown, you probably developed certain hobbies. Now is the time to pursue them. Try finding online where you can find organizations and clubs that are interested in your hobbies. Once you get there it will be easy to meet and talk with other people since you already have that hobby in common. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice. Start talking about your common interest, and then let the conversation develop into something completely off topic. Just be open and acceptive. If you manage that you can easily meet people in the streets or parks in Minneapolis.

Team sports can help you make new friends after moving home

If you aren’t proficient with conversation skills there are other ways in which you can associate with your fellow residents. A good way is to start playing sports. Join local games and just play around with them. Soon you will causally start chatting and discussing different strategies for your sport. Avoid individual sports. You should try and be active in team sports. Once you are with them, try and see what’s their attitude about the game. Some people like to focus on the game and don’t like fooling around. Other’s like to relax and don’t care all that much about winning. They just want to have a good time. Knowing what’s the situation around you, you will know how to approach your fellow team members. As we said, a lot of these interactions will not be verbal. But if you do it right, you will make new friends after moving home in no time.

People playing backetball
Sports are a great way to make friends after moving home.


If you have certain professional skills, or just want to make your city a better place, you should consider volunteering. Your community will be grateful for you plus you will have the opportunity to meet other people that are volunteering. Interactions will everyday people will relax you and make you easier to talk to. Soon you will be right at home and your city will be full of acquaintances who are happy to see you. You can even organize help and advice on moving outside of the city like finding good Minneapolis movers and organizing and recycling packing equipment. Use your experience to make new friends after moving home.

How to present yourself in order to make new friends after moving home?

A big obstacle to overcome is to talk with strangers. Now, this isn’t an easy matter to do. Depending on their openness, some completely confident and relaxed when talking to a complete stranger while other have almost panic attacks. Problem is that a lot of what we say isn’t purely by words. Sure, we are interacting but our body language, the tone of voice and manner of talking all impact strangers perception of us. And it is all done subconsciously, so it is very hard to correct it. But there are some things you can look out for in order to make new friends after moving home.

Starting a conversation

This one just takes courage. If you really think about it you will see that there is not much to be afraid of. Sure, you may worry that you will look ridiculous of that you will somehow shame yourself. But consider this, if you are nice and not pushy you will either have a nice conversation with someone which is a win, or they will turn you down. Now, you don’t know why they turned you down. Maybe they are having a bad day or they are not nice people. If they have a bad day, no problem. You may meet them again, and try again. If they are not nice people, hey at least you know. So now it is easy to avoid them, which is a win. So there are two wins and one draw. No, lose! Just relax and slow down. If you pay attention you will notice if you are doing something wrong.

Women talking.
We all like talking to positive people.

Smile and relax

You should present yourself as welcoming, and to do that you need to smile and relax. Now don’t be plastic and try to look like that constantly. Meet people when you feel like it, not because it has to be done every day. Relax and just talk to them. Try to enjoy the conversation, nothing else. Try to be interested, and to show that you should relax, breathe and smile.

A man smiling to make new friends after moving home
An honest smile is always welcoming.

Make get-togethers

Once you have a few acquaintances you should try and go for the next step to make friends after moving home. Organize a party or a barbecue. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just invite them for a little get-together. Most of the people like going to them, just hate organizing them. This way you will be the nice person who bothered to organize one.