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Alternative in-house packing materials

When it comes to moving, it is very important to have proper packing materials. This way we will make sure that our belongings are protected and ready for relocation. Although purchasing brand new packing supplies sound like the safest solution, you should also consider using some alternative in-house packing materials. Not only this is way cheaper solution, but it also requires less effort and it is also eco-friendly.

Alternative in-house packing materials. Pillows on the bed.
You can use all kinds of pillows instead of bubble wrap.

Alternative in-house packing materials

  • Did you know that blankets, towels, and bed linens are amazing in filling gaps and preventing items from moving around inside boxes? Also, they are an eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap. It can successfully protect fragile items while in transit.
  • Surprising alternative in-house packing materials are the thick socks.  They are a great substitute for packing paper. You can use them to protect glasses or other fragile items. Just pop the glasses straight into the sock, and then into the box.
  • Pillows and cushions make great protective padding to line your boxes with fragile items in them. From bed pillows to throw pillows and even your pet bed, you can use all kinds of pillows. Place them on top of the box to keep the pressure off the contents inside. This way you will have extra protection.
  • Old newspapers or junk mail can be scrunched into balls and used as packing paper and gap fillers.

Clothes as packing material

When it comes to commercial moving, clothing is a big part of your household. Also, clothing boxes are ridiculously expensive. Although it’s nice to roll up to your new place and unpack things straight into your closet, clothing can save you big bucks as the alternative in-house packing materials. They are a very convenient substitute for bubble wrap. If you don’t want to wash or iron everything again, you can use bulky items like sweaters or scarves. Therefore, this will help in protecting your fragile and breakable items.

Zip Top Bags

As you know, plastic bags are great at holding air. And if they have been sealed with a line of tape in addition to their closure method, they are perfect alternative in-house packing materials. Zipper storage bags are great for protecting the glassware and things that need pressure without any points that could press too hard on something fragile. Remember how Amazon ships things, you’re just making your own inflatable pouch. Also, if you happen to have a vacuum sealer, don’t hesitate to use it for this purpose.

Alternative in-house packing materials. Suitcase with flowers and camera on top.
Suitcases are a great substitute for moving boxes.

Pantry Goods

Even if you’re not keen on the idea of keeping your food mixed in with other things, you should consider your pantry goods as alternative in-house packing materials. Packets of rice, pasta or dried beans can fill small nooks and crannies in boxes where items might otherwise shift. Just don’t forget to put the packets in plastic bags just in case they spill. Plus, they probably won’t be in your emergency food box anyway. Save the peanut butter and your favorite cereal for that box. Interestingly, popped popcorn and peanuts in the shell are a brilliant substitute for packing peanuts. This way, you can let your kids help with the move and packing. They will be thrilled by these unconventional packing materials. Also, you can still eat the snacks later while unpacking your boxes.

Packing boxes and the items you can use instead of them

Did you maybe save some cardboard boxes from your previous move? Or did you consider picking some up at the local grocery store? You can always ask friends who have relocated recently if they can spare some of them.

Storage Bins

Whether you are already using some of the storage solutions Coon Rapids MN, or not, storage bins are a great and permanent solution. You can use them for both moving and storing your items after the move. You can keep them in your pantry or garage, and use for tools, sports equipment or some of your projects.


And if you don’t have storage bins and you don’t feel like buying them, you can always use your bags and suitcases. Since you will carry them anyway, you may also carry your clothing inside them. Also, if you have travel suitcases with little wheels at their bottoms, you can use them to pack your books. They are much heavier than you imagine, so if you can roll them instead of carrying, that is a great advantage.

Beer boxes

Beer boxes are both, very strong and designed to hold fragile glass bottles. And the best part is that they come with handles, which are convenient for safe lifting and carrying. Therefore, take a good look around your home for these boxes, especially if you’re a beer lover.


You probably did not think of your plastic or metal buckets as possible moving containers. But if you are taking some of your clean pails with you, why not fill them up with your clothes and other items that will fit in them?


You probably have not thought of that, but large baskets or laundry hampers can be packing material as well. They can comfortably fit clothes, pillows, bed sheets, shoes, kitchen utensils, children toys, and many other things.

Alternative in-house packing materials. A basket with book and towel inside.
Baskets and buckets can be very useful for carrying your things.

Trash cans

Yes, it sounds a bit crazy, but don’t roll your eyes just yet. If you think about it, clean garbage cans, the ones that you have used for recycling papers, for example, can be also alternative in-house packing materials. Hence, they can effectively hold cleaning supplies, detergents, bathroom items, and toiletries. They are especially useful for the ones that can be easily spilled.


Spending a lot of time in preparations is one of the downsides of packing by yourself. But one of the advantages are all the alternative in-house packing materials you can use. And only you know all the things that you own and that you can use for packing. And one of the best packings hacks when moving house is using drawers as packing boxes. Consequently, you can either leave specific drawers full as they are inside the furniture or take them out and wrap them in stretch tape without taking out their contents. If you are leaving them inside, make sure to tape them in place to avoid their accidental opening.

If you simply want to leave the packing to professionals, you should consider hiring some of the top movers Coon Rapids MN. Also, you can make a nice arrangement with your movers, so they can use your alternative in-house packing materials and provide the rest if something is missing. However, using the supplies you already have is an amazing idea for you and our planet. Good job!