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Downsides of packing by yourself

There are many downsides of packing by yourself. Do not rush into anything and be smart about it. Packing your belongings for a move is a tedious task. It’s not something you’d do for fun, and the pressure of packing everything correctly and in the best possible way is something you’d surely want to avoid. If this is your first time moving, the chances are you are already losing your mind in the entire process of preparing for a move. There are so many questions that you might ask yourself, and it seems that you can’t find any answers.

Here is where we step in, to give you some insight into this complicated process. If you asked anyone who had some experience with moving, they would tell you to hire professional help. There is no reason to place all the pressure on your shoulders. Instead, leave it to the pros to do it the best way possible. You might think about how much will it cost, and you will consider packing yourself. Check out our guide and see for yourself is it better to pack everything by yourself or hire professional packers.

Downsides of packing by yourself

There are many downsides of packing by yourself. It is of the highest importance to be aware of them before you decide to do anything yourself:

  1. You will lose time and money on making mistakes
  2. The safety of your items is number one priority
  3. Avoid any delays caused by the mistakes when packing
  4. With a reputable moving company, you don’t have to worry

Save time

In this busy world, you don’t have the luxury to waste time. That would be our number one reason for hiring professional assistance. This entire process requires a lot of planning. You will make mistakes at some point, and overlook essential steps when packing. Every mistake spends a lot of time. If you didn’t pack something correctly, you would have to unpack it, toss away used packaging material and start all over again.

Time is money, do not waste in on mistakes during packing for a move

Furthermore, who is to say that you are not going to make another mistake at some point. These unnecessary mistakes waste time and cause you nothing but problems and stress. Professional packers know how to pack quickly and with minimum effort.

Money as a factor

Let’s be honest, it will cost money, nothing good comes free. You might consider saving a couple of dollars, but is it worth it? Hiring professionals will not be a waste of money, you are purchasing quality service. Is it a smart choice to wager the safety of your belongings so that you could lower your expenses to a minimum? With a refutable packing company, you are getting more than just packers. A wide range of services is at your disposal.  To illustrate, let’s think of an example:

You are moving to Minneapolis within a couple of days. You need to pack your stuff and organize transportation. The day arrives, and you are loading boxes to the car or a truck. Here is where you find out that you cannot move all boxes in one go, there is not enough space. Are you going to postpone your move? Is it possible to find another truck on this short notice? Can you maybe repack and save some space?

Why go through all of this at all? With professional help, you will have your mind at rest. They will pack everything for you, do a free estimate of the size of your move and provide enough vehicles to move all your stuff. Or, you can use storage units MN and keep some of your stuff there until you are ready to unpack. The downsides of packing by yourself become clear once you start considering all the alternatives you have.

Keep your belongings safe during a move

Safety of your belongings

As we mentioned earlier, it is not smart to gamble with the safety of your belongings so you could save some money. Packed boxes are going on a bumpy ride, and it will not be pleasant when you find out that some of your possessions got damaged during a move. With this in mind, consider hiring professional packers. All your fragile items will be taken care of with proper attention.

No disassembly of furniture

Have you ever tried to disassemble a couch? You have to take care of all parts, pack them separately and make sure they stay safe during a move. Furthermore, you have to lift a heavy couch, which can result in lower back injury. Consequently, you have to postpone your move to go to the doctor. Even if you pull it out without hurting yourself, no one is going to assemble it for you once you arrive at your new place. Furniture movers Minneapolis are a smart choice, as they will do all the heavy lifting for you.

Disassembling furniture
Disassembling furniture is one of the downsides of packing by yourself


One of the biggest downsides of packing by yourself is that there is no liability coverage. Even if you pack everything correctly, you can never know if your possessions are safe enough. The moving company will cover this. They take full responsibility for the safety of your belongings.

The bottom line

If you think about all the possible downsides of packing by yourself, the choice should be clear. It is true that you will have to give up the control of the entire process, but that shouldn’t frighten you. There is a reason why professional packers are the best option. You will save a lot of time, and the entire transition will be smooth and quick. You will know that all of your items are safe during a move. The weight of organizing relocation is off your chest, and you can relax and enjoy the ride!