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All you need to know about moving insurance

Planning to move can be a stressful process! Especially if you are a type of person that worries too much about the items being moved. This is why here we will present you with all the facts on why moving insurance is a good idea for you. This is the best way to make sure you are at ease with your items, while you are focusing on other things in your life at that moment. Don’t let yourself get dragged into thinking that you can save money by not getting insurance. Maybe you would, by constantly worrying about your items is never going to be worth it.

 What is moving insurance

Moving insurance stands for protection from any damage that can occur during the transportation or any loss of your items. Your moving company will provide you with the moving insurance if you are willing to pay for it.  There are events we can not predict, especially during the moving process. Especially if you are planning to move on your own. If you chose to move by yourself then all the issues that can happen are on you. But, if you chose to hire a professional Minneapolis movers company then you should know that they will give you an option to buy an insurance. Sometimes the insurance is mandatory and it will be a part of the cost of movers services.

Covering the costs of potential damage

The thing about moving insurance is that it doesn’t only cost you a bit more. It is also a key to being at peace until the moving process is completed. While packing and transporting, there are possibilities that your items can get damaged or even worse, lost. Why these dreadful things can happen, if you paid extra for an insurance then the moving insurance will cover all the costs of damaged or lost items.  Every reliable moving company will come to you to make a list of inventory. Then they will give you an overall estimate of the costs of your relocation. This value is later used to calculate the precise costs of moving insurance that you will be offered to get. Most of the times reliable movers in St. Paul will make moving insurance a necessity in order to „seal the deal’’.

hand holding a house in a buble
Moving insurance protects your items from possible damage

Moving insurance and moving by yourself

If by any chance you opted for a do-it-yourself moving, then there are certain things to do to make moving process stress. Always invite your friends, and ask them for their helping hand in packing and moving your items. Do not forget to reward their help with some drinks and/or barbeque at your place. Next step in your relocation is to find and rent a reliable truck. Now, there are two ways to get an truck insurance. First is to see if your rental company can provide you with one, or to add endorsement 27 to your policy. The endorsement will give you coverage for your rented truck, and you can also decide on the deductibles and amount of coverage. But, there is one rule, the insurance must cover the value of the truck.

blue cartoon truck
Insurance must cover the value of the truck

Any real issues that can happen are your friends getting hurt while helping you. In this case, civil liability coverage is your best choice. The second issue is, what happens if your friend breaks your stuff? This depends on what kind of coverage you opted to have. In order to avoid possible injuries and damages, make sure you know all about the techniques of lifting. There are certain ways to lift heavy objects in order to avoid getting injured. Make sure you know them all!

man holding boxes
Learn how to lift heavy objects


Moving by hiring a moving company

Deciding to leave it all to moving companies might be a very smart idea. Sure, it will cost you more, but in the long run, you won’t have to worry about anything. This means your items are in the hands of capable professionals. Now, there are a few options you can choose from your moving company. That all depends on what options they provide you with. You may just hire them to move you from point A to point B, or just leave them to plan, pack, transport and unload your items to your new home. Whether or not you decide to leave everything to them, there are certain ways to help your movers. The first thing to do is to hire a professional and reliable moving company. There are a number of ways to hire a company and the same amount of criteria. One thing is the same for all of them, they will all provide you with insurance coverage. Some of the movers can offer you some basic moving coverage that is based on the weight of your items. It goes around $0.60 per pound. It doesn’t matter what kind of items you are transporting.

A man posing with boxes before purchasing moving insurance
Your items are safest in the hands of the professionals

Additional coverage

But some other times you can choose for additional coverage. This usually costs around $7 per pound. You can still choose higher amounts that are still based on weight. Remember that coverage cannot exceed the value of your items. Before you even begin to move, ask your moving companies to provide you with the copy of their insurance policies. Make sure to double check your items before the move. Just to make sure they are packed and transported in the same condition.

There are a lot of reasons why we believe a moving insurance is a good idea to get when moving. To simply put it, you are not buying an insurance, you are buying a peace of mind. This might be the best solution to the problems that can occur during the transportation. Tell us, what other methods did you use to ensure your item’s safety! Leave us a comment and we will certainly reply to you!