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Should you help your movers?

Before anything, congratulations on your decision to move to a new place! Now that you organized and planned your move, the last thing that remains is the moving process itself. And when the moving day arrives, you probably wonder how can you help your movers? And should you? Have in mind that movers are professional workers and they work as a team, so if you think you can do anything special, you will probably just be in their way. But, there are some things you can do to make your move more stress less and efficient.

Do not lift and move big items

Remember, your hired movers are trained team which knows what they should do and more important, how to do it. You can easily get your furniture damaged if you can’t handle them, lift or pack properly. Not to mention getting injured as well. You should let professionals deal with ff&e installations. They will disassemble, pack, move, and reassemble your furniture with ease. That the only way you can be sure your furniture is safe in the hands of professionals, and you are not getting some back injuries.

To avoid injuries do not lift heavy items yourself

Do clear the way for them

You probably know from your personal experience how hard it is to work in an unwelcoming workplace. Especially if there is stuff everywhere. Pack yourself in time, and make sure every room is clear so the movers can move freely. The best help you can give them is to make sure nothing obstructs them. Especially when they begin to pack and lift your furniture and other bigger and heavier items. If you have doubts about it and you do not know what to do with items, consider finding a storage. There are a lot of City Moving and Storage Minnesota units you can use to store your items when the movers arrive. You can also help your movers by getting your family members out of their way. Most importantly if you have toddlers. They can easily fall or get injured by hitting something. But always have in mind, that if needed, movers will ask for your help. If not, let them do their job, they did it a lot of times already.

Help your movers by clearing the way for them

Do not bring everything with yourself

Help your movers by not overwhelming them with all the stuff you have in your household possessions. There are certain things you probably won’t need in your new place. Among those things are:

  • Clothes you barely use
  • Half used make up or make up that has expired
  • Old towels, rags, blankets
  • Books you don’t plan on reading
  • Stuffed animals and other toys

Important thing you should always ask yourself is: „Do I really need this?“. And if the answer is no, get rid of it. There are a lot of ways you can declutter your home before moving. You can always donate your items to those who need it the most or give them as presents to your friends if you do not wish to throw them away. In the end, you can always arrange a yard sale and try to sell them. That way you can get some extra money you can use for some emergency expenses that may occur during the moving process.

Give away books you know you will not read

Do help your movers with refreshments 

You know how working during hot summer days makes you thirsty and exhausted? Well, that is no different with your movers. They are humans too. Especially if the weather is harsh and not reliable. Of course, it is not mandatory to bring them refreshments, but you understand their situations. And if you truly want to help your movers, this is the best help they can get. Offer them cold water or juice, and they will absolutely appreciate it. Ok, you might not help them with actual moving and packing, but they can have a grateful and caring client. A small gesture like that will quench their thirst during summer and give them the necessary energy they will need to finish their job quicker and better.

Bring refreshments to your movers

Do not leave anything on the walls

Help your movers by taking everything off the walls. We know, it is bothersome and you already have a ton of other work to do. But this could be done as a small task you can finish before moving day arrives. Whenever you can, take the pictures and mirrors off the wall and place them in some safe box. You can always wrap them in old newspapers or some other old clothing such as blankets, towels etc. This can save your movers a lot of time they can use in moving and packing some serious and heavy items. Do not forget to have a small bag where you can collect all those nails and hanger clips. They will come in handy when you get to your new home and start decorating again

Take everything off the walls

Do make room for items not meant to be moved

It is quite normal to have some things that movers shouldn’t move. But it isn’t normal to leave them everywhere. Clean empty some room and leave all the items not required for moving there. The movers will appreciate if you figured out which items are for moving and which are not. That saves a lot of time for them and for you. Also, there will be no stress and pressure involved there. Chose some space to place those items, like the kitchen counter or a small box where you can put items like medicine, phone chargers, wallets etc.

Gather all the items not meant for moving on one place

Do tip your movers

Use that extra money you got from selling your unwanted items. Trust me, they will feel more appreciated if you give them a tip. Working a hard job such as moving requires a lot of muscle and heavy lifting. And they are all doing it instead of you. A small tip may not change much, but it will mean a lot. Tipping your movers will show them you really care, and they will answer it will giving more attention to your items as well.

Always tip your movers

It is not always easy to decide whether you should help your movers or not. Certainly, there are a lot of pros and cons, but most importantly, they revolve around difficult tasks. Do make their work easier by doing all the small tasks that can take a lot of time for them. Do not lift or pack heavy items yourself. You can get seriously injured and your items damaged. Remember they are not professionals for nothing. If you have are experienced and have something more to add feel free to leave a comment down below. We really want to hear from you!