Do you tip your movers?

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It is time to address that kinda awkward question.. should you tip your movers?? I know moving is expensive but moving heavy furniture is not an easy job. My parents tip everyone. My dad even tips the guy at the baseball game that takes you to your seat. However, it never occurred to them that they should tip their movers. They even had movers move furniture into their house on Christmas Eve and still no tip. Since it was Christmas Eve, the owner had his family help move us in. That’s right.. his 14 year daughter was help moving boxes in our house on Christmas Eve and still no tip?? Dad you definitely got some bad karma for that one! I just don’t think it occurs to people that they should tip their movers if they do a good job.

There are pretty much 3 ways that a move plays out.

  1. Everything went perfect. Your movers were friendly, fast and efficient. They took care of your furniture and nothing was damaged.
  2. Your movers were not friendly. They were lazy and did not take good care of your things.
  3. Your movers were friendly, efficient and worked hard. However, something small did not survive the move.

Moving is a really tough job. I have been moving for six years and if I say so myself, I was pretty good at it. I only broke one piece in my day but I do not want to talk about that.. too soon (maybe one day). Anyway, sometimes accidents happen on the job. As the day goes on, furniture gets heavier and you become fatigued. People make mistakes. Basically, what I am saying is that there are two different kind of moving mistakes. One mistake is where there is an accident because something is heavy. The other mistake is when something goes wrong because you were negligent. The second mistake is unacceptable.

Anyways, if you were satisfied with your move then it would be a nice gesture to tip. I know moving is expensive but think about it. These guys take care of your house and everything you own. They break your backs for you. I mean we tip bartenders for filling up our beer. I think it is only right to reward your movers for working hard. It doesn’t even have to be that much money. Even if it is like $10-$20 person. This makes a huge difference in the life of the movers. Nobody really wakes up in the morning excited to be a mover. You know when you are heading to your job that your day is going to be a grind. A small tip makes a mover appreciate the work they do. As a mover, you feel like you made a difference in someone’s life. You get a little more satisfaction in breaking your back for the next people. However, do not tip bad movers… that would make a good mover like me mad!

-Justin Bonanno