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How to let your kids help with the move

Coping with relocation is very hard to even for adults. Not to mention how hard it is for kids, especially when you are preparing a relocation to Maple Grove. People often make mistakes when moving with children that will only result in difficulties and problems. You must know how to let your kids help with the move. This is one sure way that they will feel included in the process and cope with the upcoming changes. Follow our steps for a stresses relocation with your children!

Talk to your children

The first thing you must do if you plan to let your kids help with the move is to talk to them. Present them with the idea that you are moving to a new home.  More importantly, do it at least month in advance. Depending on our child’s age they can react differently. While it is easy to deal with toddlers and babies, preschool kids and teens can be a difficult bunch. Try to explain to them why is moving such a good idea. Start with things like how much room they will have, then with a better school and more friends.

If they are preschool kids and teens they will have it a bit rough. Mostly because they already have their own world set. They are comfy where they are and probably do not understand why they move. Remember, they are young and you must use simple and plain words with them. Although Maple Grove is a wonderful place, you have to explain it to them why it is beneficial to you all. Include them when you start to prepare for relocation before your expert movers Maple Grove MN arrive. This is a huge step for their acceptance of this life-changing event.

Mom talking to her son
Talk before you let your kids help with the move

Let your kids help with the move by searching for the house together

Once you settled the idea with the kids, it is time to start with the house hunting together. Bring your kids with you when you visit potential new homes! Don’t forget, bring their favorite toy with you. As you visit new homes, you can let them play and they feel start to feel like home. Also, take walks around the house and neighborhood with them. Get them to know the location they will live in the future. A great process if you wish to include them in your relocation.

Furthermore, it can prove to be a very good idea if they really like their new home. They will be eager to move as fast as they can. While you are looking for a new home, you can bring them to look for a storage unit as well. Explain to them why storage units are important for relocation. There is where their items are kept safe until you arrive at your new home. So, once you found a new home head out and search for storage units Maple Grove MN. After this, you can let your kids help with the move with other tasks!

A couple walking with a child
Search for a new house together

Make a moving plan

If your kids are too young to handle some serious tasks, then give them easier jobs they can do. Do not let them handle fragile items or use scissors! They can seriously injure themselves and damage your items! Instead, make a to-do list with simple tasks on it. Those tasks must include things like:

  • Gather boxes for packing
  • Get wrapping material
  • Label boxes
  • Pack your stuff

There are a lot of other simple tasks they can do. The point is to let them do it and at the same time not get hurt. They will probably help you a lot with these things. And if you let your kids help with the move this way, they will feel included. They are young, and they still do not understand why people skip them when they make important decisions. We know, their ratio is not at an adult level, but try to listen to them. Sometimes they give very useful ideas and advice we can actually use.

One of the best things you can do together is to make a “first aid kit” for relocations. This is a bag you will keep with yourself when you travel. Try to work out with them what a first aid travel kit must contain before you relocate. Let them think about it and figure it out!

A paper and pen you use to make a plan before you let your kids help with the move
Make a plan before anything else

Clean the house before movers arrive

The last thing you can do together before you move is to clean the house. This is a simple but a big process because you want to make room for movers and clean at the same time. When you pack everything, dust off and clean those places you couldn’t reach before. If you include your children with this task, then give them something simple to do. Dusting a room or bringing you fresh mops and rags is a simple job for them, yet they will have a sense of accomplishment.

Children do not demand a lot of things, just recognition for their work. However small or big it can be. Give them attention when they seek it and they will repay tenfold! This is a difficult period for them and they need some sort of guidance and approval. If you wish, you can find more about preparing kids for relocation. How to guide kids through the moving process is not a simple matter. Find what you can do for them to make this transitional period easier!

A mop
Remember to clean the house before you move out

There are a bunch of ways you can let your kids help with the move. We just selected few we think are most important. They include a process that will help your kid adapt to the idea of relocation, to actively participating in the relocation. This simple guide should give you a head start when you start packing. Did you already move with kids? Do you wish to add something to this guide? Feel free to type down your opinion in the comment section below! Other parents will appreciate any kind of advice, we are sure of it!