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What's to know before moving abroad

Sometimes relocating can be an issue, especially if you are planning on moving abroad. But do not worry. We searched and compiled a guide on what you should be aware of when planning your international move. After reading our article, you won’t have any problems with planning, moving and settling into your new home.

Visit the desired country as a tourist

This is not something you really must do. But in the end, it can help you a lot. Visit the country you wish to live in and see all the significant sights and cultural monuments.  Museums, theatres, stores and even nightlife can give you a real insight into what you can expect of life in the new environment. Also, it will give you a pretty precise picture of how hard will it be to adjust as a newcomer to your new city. This is something you can do to figure out whether you will like your new home or not. You really do not want to be disappointed or have any remorse after moving abroad. Sometimes you won’t be able to move all the items at once. That is why it is a good thing to find a City Moving and Storage MN good enough to store your items before moving abroad.

Tourist girl taking a photograph
Before moving abroad visit the desired country as a tourist

Feeling homesick and lonely is a part of a new life 

This is simply something you must accept. After moving abroad and setting for a new life, you will inevitably feel alone and homesick. It will take time until you meet new friends and get well into friendly terms. Although, all your former friends and family are only a Skype call away, sometimes you will not be able to call them due to the time zone difference. It will take time until you find someone you can spend quality time with. And we are not talking about „Hey, let us go grab a drink“, we are talking about having someone you can share your problems with. Just be patient.

A man siting on the beach watching sunset
Feeling homesick is completely normal

When it comes to being homesick, this is something that comes unexpectedly. Even in multicultural places like Minneapolis. You think you can’t wait to move to your new home, but deep inside that homesick feeling is brewing. And in no time you will find yourself in a situation where you are at a party feeling very sad and missing everything and everyone.  This is something that just doesn’t go away like some kind of illness. Unfortunately, this is something you have to learn to live with after moving abroad. Try to find out what would be the best course of action in adopting before relocating home to Minneapolis and starting a new life there.

Relationships with people will change for sure

Obviously, all of your old relationships will change right after moving abroad. We advise you to be prepared for it. Every kind of friendships and relationships evolve or devolve in their own certain way. Some will hear from you almost every day, some will barely say hi anymore. And some friends will make a positive surprise and end up being quite good friends you never knew they are. In the same time, as your old friendships change, you will start making new ones. Don’t let it get to you as something bad. You will find someone new, and you will make very good friends.

Couple holding hands after moving abroad
It will take time to adjust to new people

Dating, on the other hand, will be something weird. Your friends will probably say something like „you will meet someone new“ if you are single. Now, that is not impossible. But, it will be somewhat hard. Dating someone from a different country and culture will require some time to adjust. This doesn’t have to be an issue with Minnesota. There are perfect places for singles in Minnesota you can visit!

Before moving abroad, sell everything you do not need

Now, that you are 100% sure you will move abroad, comes the time to prepare yourself. Have in mind you probably do not need all the items you currently have in your household. Also, bear in mind that some items you probably won’t be able to move with you. Some of the laws and regulations may prohibit certain items, depending on the country. Do a little research on prohibited items and see what you can and can not carry with you. When it comes to excess stuff, you can either donate them, give them as gifts and organize a yard sale. Organizing a yard sale is a good way to get more money you will need after moving abroad. And this is the best way to get rid of items you really won’t need.

Plastic figure holding "home for sale" sign
Sell everything you don’t need before moving

Language will not be the only barrier

Living a life in a completely new country is not that simple. Do not take it to heart when people tell you will learn a new language with ease. Never expect you will just „pick it up“ as something easy. You really can learn a language once you move abroad, but it will take quite an amount of time. You will have to put a real effort into learning not only a new language but culture, day to day lifestyle and other things as well. Be prepared to learn things that you might think are something you would never do, but also have in mind that you are in a totally new country. Their culture does differ to yours.

Words written in different languages
It takes time to learn a new language

Summary of basic thing you should know

After we talked about basic social and cultural things you might expect, let us give you a summary of things you should do before your move:

  • Learn about visa requirements before moving abroad
  • Figure out whether you should rent or buy property
  • Make plans on how to adjust to your new place
  • Learn about the new tax requirements
  • Figure out what to do with your property and items in your home country
  • If you have pets, make plans on how to relocate them
  • Think about the items you will put in storage
  • Make sure you chose a good international moving company
  • Find out about driving license requirements
  • Sort out your bank accounts and see what financial planning options you have
  • Make sure you turn off all the utility bills
  • Find the best mobile, internet, and landline provider in your new country
  • Inform the authorities in your home country and the new place that you are leaving/arriving

Leaving the country for a new life can be hard if you do not know what to do. Hopefully, after reading this article you will have a basic idea on what to expect after moving abroad. This should make adjusting to a new setting easier and stressless. If you have any experience whatsoever on this topic, please leave a comment in the comment section down below. We can’t wait to hear from you!