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Best cities for singles in Minnesota

Hiring long distance movers in Minneapolis was just the first step towards your new life in the North Star State. Let us assume you went through a major life change and a string of decisions. The next natural step is to settle down in your new home and what better way to start a new life than to fall in love? According to expert research the number of Americans who have remained single is growing by the day. Even better, Minnesota ranks in the top 10 when it comes to number of people over the age of 18 who are still single. Therefore, you could not picked a better place to search for love. Let us direct you a little bit with this list of best cities for singles in Minnesota. 

Our list is here to aid you in starting a new chapter in our beautiful Minnesota.

The list of best cities for singles in Minnesota

The list was created using American Community Survey Census data for the state of Minnesota. The experts from HomeSnacks crunched the numbers for us, looking at every single city in the state. They paid special attention to following parameters:

  • Population density
  • Percentage of population that’s male vs. female (closer to a 50-50 ratio is better)
  • Percentage of households with kids
  • Median age
  • Number of unmarried people in each city

HomeSnacks than gave each city a “singles score”, the higher the score the better your chances of finding another single person in that city. And yes, you don’t have to frequent top events in Twin Cities to meet people, there are plenty of singles in other towns as well.

1. Minneapolis

Sorry St. Paul, Minneapolis wins this one. With a median age barely over 30 and married households well under 50%, Minneapolis takes the cake. This is also the larger of the Twin Cities with a population slightly under half a million. Don’t forget Minneapolis is a university town! Hence you will find a ton of places to go out and mingle with students. We don’t have to point out that you will find an array of places and opportunities to meet other singles in Minneapolis.


This is a town in Minnesota with an even younger population. Median age is 25 and married households are well under 40%! With a population of around 50,000 it represents a perfect setting to meet new people. You have great chances they will all be single. Even though Mankato scores high on our “Best cities for singles in Minnesota” list, it is only the 22 second on Minnesota’s biggest city list.

3.St. Paul

The Twin Cities divided by Mankato, left Saint Paul in the close third spot. You would think the capital of Minneapolis should take the best position. If you just moved here and are looking for affordable storage units in the Twin Cities, maybe you should hop over to St.Paul and check out its dating scene. The median age here is barely over 30 years old and there are not so many married households. There is a large student population as well making it a very lively dating scene.

Minnesotan men have that lumbersexual look to them.

4.Columbia Heights

Columbia Heights is a city in Anoka County in Minnesota. Surprisingly, even though it has a population of less than 20,000, it found it’s spot on our list of best cities for singles in Minnesota.  This romantic little town is a perfect setting for meeting people. Actually, if you research it a little bit online you will find all this dating services and opportunities to meet singles. Even though the median age is well over 30, Columbia Heights has less than 40% married households and even less households with kids.


Richfield is a city in Hennepin County, Minnesota, United States. An inner-ring suburb of the Minneapolis/Saint Paul region. Maybe what makes it great for singles is the fact Best Buy has its headquarters here. Imagine all the single employees and tech experts living in the area. The population of almost 40,000 has a median age of 36 and and 40% of the households are in possession of married people. Even if you don’t find your match here, Twin Cities are near by with plenty of best parks and cool bars to go out and mingle.

The other 5 spots are taken by St. Louis Park, Hopkins, Duluth, Fridley and North St. Paul. What is mutual for all these cities is the rather young “median age” and a relatively low percentage of married households. The very top of the list was taken by Minneapolis and St. Paul which are university towns with a big student population. Top colleges in Twin Cities are all over the place. This also plays a big role in creating Twin Cities dating scene. And when there are students, be certain you will find bars and parties as well.

Minnesotan’s are outdoorsy people no matter the weather condition.

There are plenty of reasons to date some one from the Twin Cities, one of them is the fact they have that Norwegian, lumbersexual sort of look. Don’t forget Minnesota was established by Scandinavian immigrants. People here are fit and young, they love to stay outdoors no matter the weather and best of all, they have the accent! When you came here to find out about best cities for singles in Minnesota, we gave you a chart. But, the truth is, any city in the North Star State will prove to be great for finding new love. Why? Because, the bottom line is,  they are all made out of Minnesotans.