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Top colleges in Twin Cities

Many students travel far to enroll in one of Minnesota’s fine schools. There is plenty to choose from, over 200 colleges and universities. The largest concentration is in the Minneapolis–St. Paul metro area. There is a quarter of a million students attending Minnesota’s public schools as well. They are being drawn in with offers of sophisticated curricula, low costs, and open admission policy. Hence top colleges in Twin Cities aren’t hard to find. We will do our best to bring some of them closer to you.

Top colleges in Twin Cities
We wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors.

What should students know

These days moving to Minneapolis or St. Paul for school is on many student minds. Therefore the bulk of them are moving from their homes for the first time thus, things might look daunting to them. That’s why we, here at City Moving & Storage, decided to help out a little bit with some basics. Let’s begin with the most important rule of relocation-plan ahead! Start organizing your move at least 8 weeks prior. As most of the colleges are located in St. Paul, make sure to research and hire St. Paul moving experts. Because they are most knowledgeable about the area and how to maneuver it.

Once you have your moving company all lined up you are ready to start. Therefore the next thing is to create a checklist of everyone you need to notify before the move. This includes water, gas and electricity, cable company, home security, magazine subscription etc. If you are not sure what to put on your checklist, you will find plenty of draft checklists online. Let’s assume you won’t need much furniture for your dorm room or your apartment with roommates. Pack light and smart. If you don’t want the moving company to pack you, which we highly recommend, you will need a whole new set of skills. You need to know where to find cheap packing supplies for example. How to properly pack boxes and load a truck.

Top Colleges in Twin Cities start with The University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota is one of the largest research centers in the USA, with over 30 000 students. This highly valued educational institution is willing to pay undergraduates to conduct research. Not only does it take the cake on the list of top colleges in Twin Cities, it is also one of the most prestigious public research universities in the nation. Almost 90% of the students live on the campus, which is divided by the Mississippi River into two portions, East Bank and West Bank. The university takes pride in its ambitious students, the fact that they helped invent the pacemaker. The “U” has spent $900 million on research which made them number 8 in the country.

Top colleges in Twin Cities
The University of Minnesota is in the nation’s very top positions.

Metropolitan State University

Metropolitan State University launched in the 70’s as a nontraditional university for employed adults who decided to go back to school. Since then its standard grew substantially and today it takes a place on our list of top colleges in Twin Cities with ease. Even though the Metropolitan State University is more traditional these days it still accepts working adults and is proud of its College of Individualized Studies. The college is famous for letting students design their own studies and majors. The University is praised for its 100% acceptance rate.

Macalester Liberal Arts College

This is one of the top liberal arts colleges in the nation. The place is proud of its long history, longevity, and nationally recognized faculty. The famous school was founded in 1800’s and since then it has been providing top education, preparing its students for global economics. Macalister is proud of its well-known faculty and diverse student body from some 90 countries. The school has a long list of its famous students. It’s located in St.Paul and features a beautiful historic campus.

Liberal Arts College: Hamline

This is another St.Paul university and is actually the first college in Minnesota, founded in 1854. Therefore it is also one of the first educational institutions in the nation. hence Hamline University is on our list of top colleges in Twin Cities not only because of its historical background. It took a spot because of its cutting-edge degree programs as well. The college insists that its students get involved on local and global levels. More than half of the volunteer every year to help the community.

St.Catherine University

St.Catherine University is a private Catholic university founded in 1905. The school has campuses in both Minneapolis and St.Paul and it serves diverse students. This is actually home to one of the nation’s largest colleges for women. “St. Kate’s”, as their student like to call it, offers programs in both traditional and weekend or online formats. The University and its highly skilled faculty strive to prepare its students to make a difference. St.Catherine is proud of its impressive alumni which include congresswomen, state supreme court justices, ambassadors and leading businesswomen.

Augsburg College

This is another reputable college in Minneapolis founded in the mid 19 century. The school is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America but it’s not just another religious school. Augsburg College educates both traditional and nontraditional students, making it a very diversified university. “Auggies,” said it best: “A safe and welcoming campus in the heart of Minneapolis, Augsburg offers undergraduate and graduate degrees to more than 3,500 diverse students”. The Minneapolis campus surrounds city’s oldest park – Murphy Square. It’s well connected with the greater Twin Cities area and just a few blocks away from the Seven Corners theater district.

Top colleges in Twin Cities
The common thing for all these colleges it’s their diversity.

As we mentioned at the beginning, there are over 200 universities and colleges in Minnesota. It is not fair to even try and compile the list of top colleges in Twin Cities. They are all good schools and some are just better than others. One thing is mutual to all these amazing institutions and that is their diversity. If you are one of the aspiring foreign students looking to fit in in Minnesota, this is a good starting point for you. Apart from exceptional moving services, we can only wish you the best of luck!