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Top things to do in Minnesota this fall

Minnesota, the land of 10000 lakes has many fun outdoor as well as indoor activities to offer. Whether you plan on moving to Minnesota or have been born and raised there, you can still be surprised with the entertainment options the state has to offer. Therefore, we recommend you take a few days off and make some time for fun quality time with your friends and family. Creating the list of top things to do in Minnesota this fall hasn’t been easy. So, we will try to narrow down the best choices and help you decide.

a man throwing leaves
Get to know Minnesota during the fall while having fun

Are you moving to Minnesota?

If you are new in the area or plan on moving to MN you might haven’t got the time to get to know the amazing outdoors and breathtaking views of Minnesota. The moving process can get overwhelming and make you feel exhausted.

Even though planning a road trip might not be your top priority in the middle of the relocation process, keep in mind that getting to know your moving destination in advance will help you settle in and adapt to the change. Therefore, make sure your moving plan and the timeline have some time dedicated for researching and getting to know your new neighborhood.

Choose a fun outdoor As moving is a time-consuming process, ensure you avoid any stress and have enough time for enjoying the process by choosing the right mover. With a professional moving company like City Moving and Storage Minnesota, you won’t have to worry about your relocation. Each step of your move including packing and storage can be taken care of. Therefore, you will have the time and energy to focus on planning your new life. As well as on getting to know your future hometown and explore things to do in Minnesota this fall.

Which are top things to do in Minnesota this fall?

Whether you are looking for free fun in Minneapolis or want to clear your mind and get out of the city and enjoy the outdoors, MN has a lot to offer. Choosing between spending a day hiking or visiting a museum might be a tough call. However, Minnesota has great venues and fun activities for you to enjoy year round.

Get to know the area and plan family quality time by choosing an activity from our list of top things to do in Minnesota this fall:

  • Plan a day of fun outdoor activities.
  • Go apple picking.
  • Attending a harvest festival is one of the top things to do in Minnesota this fall.
  • Visit an Oktoberfest.
  • Plan a road trip.
  • Visit a museum or go see a show.

Enjoy the outdoors

Minnesota has the amazing outdoors. Therefore you can find many great hiking trails to explore the nature. Whether you prefer to hike or cycle, you will be able to find great parks and trails just outside the city limits. There are even great opportunities for outdoor fun in Twin Cities. Therefore, if you don’t have a few days time to plan a trip to a secluded area you can spend your weekend exploring MN right outside of your neighborhood.

cycling , one of the top things to do in Minnesota this fall
Find a trail close to your home and explore the outdoors

Just as you may expect, the land of 10.000 lakes is a dream place for anyone that loves enjoying sunsets near the water. Whether you like to fish, canoe or just simply enjoy the view, MN lakes and rivers will offer perfect outdoor spots to relax.

Planning a fun camping trip might be just what you need after a week at your new job and the move. Don’t worry if you are not a big fan of setting up tents. There are many cozy cabins you can rent. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy camping while having the house amenities you need.

Pick some apples

Even though you can buy fruit at almost any corner shop in MN, apple picking might be an activity you will enjoy.  There are many great orchards all throughout Minnesota that offer many additional activities. Therefore you will be able to go on a hayride or visit a corn maze while picking your own apples.

an orchard
Apple picking is a great thing to do in MN this fall

Halloween is coming. It is all about the pumpkins!

Pumpkin muffins. Pumpkin pies. And of course, the pumpkin spiced lattes. Should we go on? Fall is all about the pumpkins!

You can visit a pumpkin harvest or go to one of more than 100 pumpkin patches in MN. Choose your Halloween centerpieces from locally grown products.

Did you know there are Oktoberfests in MN?

If you like beer, visiting an Oktoberfest must be on your list of the top things to do in Minnesota this fall. And yes, we did say Oktoberfest! There is more than one in MN! Therefore you can choose the location and date to enjoy pretzels and quality local craft beer.

The Oktoberfests happen in September and August at multiple locations. As people of Minnesota love craft beer, you can expect to try some of the best ones from the area.

Drive around Minnesota

Fall is a beautiful season. Get to know Minnesota by planning a fun road trip. Plan the route and make sure you visit the lakes. Therefore you will be able to enjoy the colors of fall and get to see the amazing outdoors of MN.

a road during fall
Plan a fun road trip and get to know MN

Visit the cultural venues

Minnesota has great entertainment options when it comes to theaters and museum. The state also has a vibrant music scene. Therefore, on a rainy day, you can still find countless ways to have fun and enjoy the arts. Many of the venues charge no entrance fees. As moving can turn out to be quite pricey, finding free fun in MN can help your budget after the relocation.

Make sure you visit the best museum in MN, such as the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Also, get familiar with the theaters in your area. You will be surprised by the amount of quality cultural events MN has to offer. Therefore, whether you prefer going to a concert of theater you will, for sure be able to find the top thing to do in Minnesota this fall after the move.