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Free fun in Minneapolis

Whether or not you moved to Minneapolis for education or a new career, the whole moving process can take too much of your money. This is why we came up with an idea of providing you with the list of top free fun in Minneapolis you can do. This is the best way to save some money and to relieve yourself from the stress caused by moving here. We assure you all these activities are free and 100% sure to charge your batteries and make you ready for challenges that lie ahead.

Have free fun in Minneapolis by checking out its art scene

The art scene of Minneapolis is so rich with its varieties that it would take some time to visit and look at all. Not only is this particular scene home for local artists, but for foreign ones as well. Not to mention that it annually hosts galleries from famous artists from across the world. After Minneapolis movers are done with your moving process, you could check out some of the art exhibitions here, such as:

  • The Guthrie Theater – One of the most beautiful architecturally designed buildings and also one of the most renowned performance center. You can always explore this magnificent place with an audio and visual tour.
  • The Museum of Russian Art – For 16 years, this places serves as a peek into a Russian culture, art, and history. The tour here lasts an hour, and you will see that the building itself is a piece of art. It is a renovated historic building. There are multiple levels filled with various galleries inside.
empty castle room black and white
Visit free tours in museums as a free fun in Minneapolis

Bob Dylan Mural

Right after you are finished with your moving find a reliable storage units Minneapolis to store items you are not going to put in your home still, it is a perfect opportunity to check out the local neighborhood and visit some sightseeing places. One of those wonderful places is Bob Dylan Mural. It is located on Hennepin and S. 5th Street. Created by Eduardo Kobra in 2015 its main purpose was to revitalize the downtown’s Cultural District.

Bob Dylan and Joan Baez
Bob Dylan has its own mural here

Take a stroll in Minnehaha Park

One of the great things Minnehana Park offers you are hiking or biking. In this park, you can find beautiful plants and a waterfall. The reason why you should have free fun in Minneapolis by visiting this park is that it is one of the biggest and most beautiful parks in Minneapolis. This beautiful city carries the title of „city by nature“, which is not a surprise. Having in mind there are a lot of other parks in Twin Cities as well. Pergola Garden is filled with woodlands, wildflowers and prairie plants. While Longfellow Garden is promoting pesticide free „living“ soil. Take this chance to visit and tour the popular „Princess“ Depot. This is where the railroad once ran. There are numerous other beautiful parks in Twin Cities you can visit in your search for free fun in Minneapolis.

people walking in the forest
Walking in parks are good stress reliefs

Visit Como Zoo & Conservatory

The best thing you can do for yourself and your family is to visit Como Zoo & Conservatory. They are opened throughout the year and the commissions are free to the public. Go and take a look at the vast array of both domesticated and wild animals such as tigers, bears, wolves. They also have plenty of farm animals as well. There are a lot of indoor and outdoor exhibits that includes primates, large cats etc. There are also a large number of big aquariums in Como Zoo. But if you are more into plants and nature then The Marjorie Mcneely Conservatory is the right place for you! Filled with permanent tropical and seasonal flowers and plants it is also a home to a lovely Japanese garden. Although entrance is free, you can donate money as an entrance fee.

you can see tigers and other big cats here

Mill District

As we said before, Minneapolis is considered as a „city by nature“ which means a lot of free fun in Minneapolis is connected with the outdoors. This is why most of the things we are mentioning here are held within the parks.  When it comes to Mills District, what is peculiar for him is that he hosts a seasonal farmers market with a lot of food samples and live music on every Saturday. If you have kids, bring them with you. There are a lot of activities for children in Mill District. For adults, there are free games, yoga and cooking demonstration. Be sure to visit Mills District on a Tuesday Night, while the night market is held. When winter comes, all activities are moved indoors. So all the farmers market are held on select Saturdays within the Mill City Museum.

Toddlers playing by the pond
You can find a lot of activities for children here

The Walker Art Center

The Walker Art Center is one of those places that promote established and new artists. Revolving mainly around contemporary art, this museum has proved to be one of the must-visit places in Minneapolis. Although this is not completely free fun in Minneapolis, you can visit it for free on every first Saturday of the month from 10 a.m. till 3 p.m. Thursday nights from 5 p.m to 9 p.m. are also free.  Kids under the age of 18 are free to enter. There is also a cafe included here, but if you do not want to eat or drink there, you can bring your own meals. Eat them in the lounge of the Walker Art Center.

Sometimes finding a perfect place for free fun in Minneapolis can be hard. Since there are a lot of activities you can attend and do in your free time. Once you are settled, try to check out more of these top places. You can spend some quality time with your family or new friends. Tell us more what you think about our humble list. Make sure to leave a comment in the comment section below if we forgot to mention something. We are happy to hear from you!