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Outdoor fun in Twin Cities

Sometimes there comes a time when you need to go out to the great outdoors and just relax in nature. With all the trees, open sky, grass, flowers and animals, you will surely find peace there. But sometimes, it can be difficult to find such a place while living in big cities. You shouldn’t worry though. We compiled this list so finding outdoor fun in Twin Cities won’t be a problem.

Biking can also be outdoor fun in Twin Cities

Biking in the city as a mean of transportation is a good choice for your health, time and money. You can save a lot because you won’t be buying gas or paying for public transport. But you do not have to use your bike only in the city. There are a lot of parks that allow cyclists. Some of the biggest and best parks you can go cycling are:

  • Lake of The Isles – Beautiful park with Cedar Lake and Lake Calhoun within in.
  • Fort Snelling park – A large park with a lot of cycling tracks
  • Como Lake and Como Park – Outdoor fun in Twin Cities wouldn’t be the same if you don’t go cycling in this 68-acre park.

There are also a lot of benefits from cycling. Among them are:

  • Weight loss
  • Muscle building
  • Improving lung health
  • Strengthening immune system
Cycling is good for your heart

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For older generations, archery was introduced by the legends of Robin Hood, while younger generations saw it from Hunger Games. If this noble sport is your hobby, then moving to Twin Cities is the right choice for you. Before packing and moving, make sure you found reliable Twin Cities movers to transport your equipment safely.  Archery became more and more popular during last decade. It is one of the favourite outdoor fun in Twin Cities people chose to spend their free time on. You will be surrounded by a lot of nature, peace and tranquillity. Archery can improve your life with great results. This activity largely influences things such as:

  • Socialising – You will meet a lot of people with the similar mindset such as yours. Those who seek peace and love nature. They will surely know a lot more places you can visit.
  • Archery boosts self-confidence – As with any sport, you need to be confident in your skills. Archery is no different. It will improve your relaxation and self-confidence to such a level you will hardly recognize yourself after.
  • Patience and coordination are a must have if you intend to practice archery
  • You will gain a lot of strength. Depending on what type of bow you will use, it will require a lot of strength
  • Control – all that strength is nothing without proper control. A good instructor will teach you all you need to know about it.
Archery improves concentration

Kayaking is a great choice as an outdoor activity

If you are into water sports, rivers and lakes then you are at the right place. Twin Cities are very popular because there are a lot of parks and lakes within them. Choosing kayaking as an outdoor fun in Twin Cities is a good opportunity for you! Learning a new skill was never this easy. Because kayaking doesn’t require hours and hours of exercise and practice. Since you probably won’t go into wild rivers to kayak. After just a few hours of practice, you should be able to kayak on your own without any problems. Health benefits kayaking brings are:

  • Weight loss – this is a benefit we can give to any activity on our list, but in case of kayaking, it is very efficient. Because you will use your whole body both for rowing and balancing.
  • Reducing stress – Being surrounded by nature and lake influences people a lot. In a way, they will both exercise and lose any stress they got from city life.
  • Improving mental health – Every exercise makes the brain release chemicals that will make your mood better. Especially if you are surrounded by nature as well.
  • Kayaking is a great source of Vitamin D – since you will spend a lot of time under the Sun, but do not forget to bring a hat!
Find your outdoor fun in Twin Cities in kayaking


If you are a more of a hiking type of person then this is the best choice for you. Sure, you will spend more time doing this but you will get closer to nature than doing anything else. Going for a hike is a great activity besides other preferable activities in Minnesota. Also, Twin Cities are abundant in hiking trails suited for everyone. One of the best trails are:

  • Minnesota Valey National Wildlife Refuge
  • Hyland Lake Park Reserve
  • Lebanon Hills Regional Park

When it comes to benefits of hiking, among increasing fitness and controlling diabetes, there are also lowering blood pressure and cholesterol and tones your whole body. So, next time you think about some outdoor fun in Twin Cities, let hiking be on top of your list.

Hiking lowers the chances of getting diabetes

Yoga, aerobic or meditation in the outdoors

After a long day at work, you must find a way to get all the stress off and just relax. There are a lot of free outdoor courses you can attend during the spring and summer. It is scientifically proven just how much yoga, aerobics and tai chi can influence your life. The main goal of these practices is to lower the stress and heart pressure. We all know what the price can be for living in an urban city with fast lifestyle. Most of the time tai chi is practice by seniors, but don’t let that distract you from doing it. It is meant for all and it doesn’t require any particular amount of strength. The pros of these practices are great. Not only mental but also physical.

Tai chi is perfect for your mental health

Look out for possible dangers

Outdoor fun in Twin Cities is not only fun and games. There are some things you should be aware of when deciding to hit the great outdoors. Mosquitos, spiders, ants and other insects that might harm you. Not to mention wild animals that might feel threatened and attack you. This is why it is important to wear bug repellent when staying outside for a long amount of time. Also, if you encounter some wild animal, stay at the safe distance and don’t make sudden moves. Let it go away,  then continue with your activity.

Watch out for mosquitoes

Outdoor fun in Twin Cities is not hard to find. Try to plan them on every weekend, if you are not able to do it during the working week. These activities are very important for a healthy mind and body. Make sure you check out other ways to have fun in Twin Cities. Have any other ideas on activities in nature? Share them with us, let us know about them!