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Top educational opportunities in Minnesota

Do you want to attend college in Minnesota, but you are not sure which one? Or maybe you are looking for a perfect high school for you? Minnesota is the answer to both of these questions. There are several top educational opportunities in Minnesota that you should check out. Maybe one of these places will be your future school. For this reason, let’s see what are the top educational opportunities in Minnesota.

Education in Minnesota

Moving to Minneapolis implies having good school districts and respectable universities. The state of Minnesota is ranked 13th on the Morgan Quitno Smartest State Award for 2007. Additionally, people from this state are well educated, and 90 % of them hold at least a high school diploma. It does not come as a surprise that in 2007 students from Minnesota had the highest average score on the ACT exam in the whole country. This is yet another reason why you should choose one of the schools in Minnesota. Furthermore, apart from 20 private colleges and universities, the state has two public universities. Among the private ones, six of them are among the top 100 liberal arts colleges in the United States.

High School in Minnesota

When we are discussing top educational opportunities in Minnesota, we have to mention a couple of high schools. These schools will offer a great base for your children to succeed later in life. You might even think about moving to Minnesota. If that is the case, long distance movers Minneapolis will help you with the relocation as they offer the best service for the reasonable rates.

  • Minnetonka Senior High School
  • Wayzata High School
  • The Blake School
  • Mounds Park Academy

Minnetonka Senior High School

Let’s start our list of top educational opportunities in Minnesota with the best public high school in this state. Minnetonka Senior High School aims to give to their students the best possible education. Almost all students graduate while 90 % of them are college-bound. Teachers are more than willing to help their students to learn new interesting things and to prepare them for college and university. Furthermore, the school is set in the stunning Lake Minnetonka region, it offers Chinese and Spanish language classes, research program, online learning options, and many more.

Wayzata High School

One of the top educational opportunities in Minnesota is in Plymouth. Wayzata High School is the best public school in this city. It has more than 3000 students and an impressive number of high school graduates. This school offers many advanced courses that are excellent preparation for college. Additionally, the school itself is quite impressive, it has many facilities including gyms, a large cafeteria, and numerous fields for almost every sport. Furthermore, this school has more than 150 clubs and activities, so every student can find something that interests them.

football field
Sports as an important part of a school life

The Blake School

If you are interested in private schools, the Blake School is the ranked first in this category. It has around 1200 students, which means the teacher-student ratio is 1 to 11. This means teachers can dedicate more time to their students and help them with their academics. For this reason, this school claims that all their students enrolled in various universities. However, since it is a private school, you will have to pay a little bit less than 30k.

Mounds Park Academy

Mounds Park Academy is the last high school we are going to discuss. The priority for these schools is not the only academic success, but also to help their students to find their voice and confidence.  The teachers are highly motivated to help their students if they can. Furthermore, this school has a 100% graduation rate and offers great preparation for college.

girl reading in a school that is one f the top educational opportunities in Minnesota
High schools as a good preparation for college

University and Colleges

We cannot discuss the top educational opportunities in Minnesota without mentioning universities and colleges. If you are planning to move here for college, then you should see what are the best music venues in the Twin Cities. This is also a part of student life.

  • Winona State University
  • Minnesota State University Mankato
  • Carleton College
  • University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota

One of the best universities in the state is the University of Minnesota. This university has everything, a prime location with a good research institution. Because of its location, students have plenty of opportunities to explore the city, meet new friends and overall to enjoy their university life. Additionally, it has the best educators in the state, the great professionals in their respective fields. Economics, Psychology, and Computer Science are the most popular majors among students but you can choose the one you like the best.

students throwing hats
Choose the best university for you

Carleton College

Carleton College is quite popular with a highly selective acceptance rate, only 23%. However, if you manage to enroll in this college, you will work with engaging educators who want to help their students. It is a bit more expensive than the University of Minnesota but it is worth the price. When you graduate, you can choose to live in one of

Minnesota State University Mankato

Minnesota State University Mankato went through many name changes until they selected this one. Initially, it was teaching college but gradually it grew bigger. Now it offers more than 130 undergraduates programs, and students have the chance to work alongside their professors. Additionally, this college has a diverse population of students, it was even named as the best campus for LGBT students.

Winona State University

We are going to conclude our list of the top educational opportunities in Minnesota with Winona State University. This university has two campuses, one in Winona and the other one in Rochester. Similarly, as the previous college, the initial vision of this university was to improve education in Minnesota. Now it has 65 undergraduate programs but the vision remained the same.

Top educational opportunities in Minnesota

As you can see, there are many educational opportunities in Minnesota. Whichever school you choose, you will not be disappointed. So, take a pick and choose the option that suits you best. Good luck!