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Best music venues in the Twin Cities

Coming to the Twin Cities is always a good choice, whether for business or to have a good time. This beautiful metropolitan area lies on the bank of Mississippi, Minnesota and St. Croix rivers. There is a diverse choice of exciting activities you can enjoy while visiting. Both Minneapolis and St. Paul are known for their music scene, so whenever you are passing by do not miss the opportunity to check out all the places. It is difficult to name which are the best music venues in the Twin Cities as it all comes down to one’s music taste. Here are our top picks for this season!

Best music venues in the Twin Cities

There are a lot of amazing attractions in Minnesota, but we are going to stick to the music scene for now. As this will be a vast topic to cover, so we are going to stick to the best places you can check out. We pick out the hottest locations from hundreds of choices, bringing you the good and the bad sides. These amazing music venues offer great fun, quality music and a fun night to remember. We will talk about both cities separately, so whether you find yourself in the Minneapolis or St. Paul you will not miss out on the great experience. These are our top picks for you:

  • 7th St. Entry
  • First Avenue Mainroom
  • Icehouse
  • Palace Theatre
  • Turf Club
  • The Fitzgerald Theater

Best music venues in Minneapolis

We are starting our list with Minneapolis. As a top location for a great night out, it is abundant with music venues, each offering a unique experience. Not only for fun or tourist activities, but this great city is a fantastic place to live. If you decide to move, do not overlook to check out moving companies Minneapolis, as they will offer professional help and make the transition smooth and fast.
And now, let’s dive into our list of best music venues in the Twin Cities and see what The Mini Apple has to offer:

7th St. Entry

The first on our list of the best music venues in the Twin Cities can be found on 701 First Avenue. This small place will get your excitement up. It can be crowded as the venue is not that large, but the atmosphere is just right. If you are an avid fan of small, tightly packed places full of exciting people eager to have some fun and dance all night, you are in the right place! But, be ready to get there on time! The capacity of 250 people fills out in no time, and you’ll quickly find yourself in search for another place. Still, have no fear, if you miss out on this opportunity, check out our next pick!

First Avenue Mainroom
First Avenue offers an amazing experience, and above all, it excels in great music performances

First Avenue Mainroom

This neighboring venue has the capacity of at least six times the size of the Entry. You will be in awe looking at this fantastic music scene. The high-quality staff will make you feel like a real guest, whether you are just a visitor or a regular. The prices rise with the popularity of this place, so do not be surprised when the bill arrives. Nonetheless, the experience you will receive will be one to remember! It is definitely worth the money spent! For our next suggestion, we move out of First Avenue and bring you the…


A true jewel of Minneapolis. This place creates an intimate feeling, and it will captivate you very soon with its ligneous decor. It can fit around 300 people, and it fills fast so try to be there on time. The music scene has a diverse repertoire, ranging from twee pop and blues, all the way to the DJ parties. The stage is full of top quality musicians, and you can expect a lot of jazzy combinations to spice up the night. Icehouse is on 2528 Nicollet Avenue, so if you are close by do not miss it out!

Best music venues in St. Paul

The music venues in Minneapolis will have you return for more. However, if you choose to stay in the capital of Minnesota, there is plenty to see as well. Let us remind one more time if you decide to take a more significant step and move to St. Paul, do a thorough search for movers St. Paul. Any help in your transition will relieve a lot of stress from your back.
To continue with our list of the best music venues in the Twin Cities, we go straight to one of the more prominent clubs.

Frankie Lee plays at the Palace Theater
One of the best music venues in the Twin Cities, Palace Theater

Palace Theatre

This newly renovated theatre can accommodate a whopping number of 2500 people. Its opening dates to a full century, and with the new refreshed look, it revived the nightlife in St. Paul. Located on 17 W. Seventh Place, it connects to the rest of the city, and there are a lot of other clubs in its vicinity. You will experience spectacular rock atmosphere.  However, if you decide to take a little rest, you can enjoy the balcony view. Since the place has multiple levels, you can relax and enjoy without the fear of becoming bored.

 Turf Club

You can find this small, cozy place on 1601 University Avenue, and it has enough space for about 350 people. With great food and music repertoire, it is a must-see location. The stage is raised higher so everyone could see the show, even in the farthest corners. The place is crowded most of the times, nevertheless, the atmosphere is always great, and you get a feeling of closeness. It gets you excited very soon, and it is a perfect way to enjoy a busy night out and mingle with the locals.

The Fitzgerald Theater

This intimate and historic club of St. Paul can make you feel like watching a photo from an old album. It is a large place, built for around 1000 people and wherever you find a seat you will enjoy the night. It can be a bit troublesome as all the bathrooms are on the upper floor. Nonetheless, you will find yourself captivated with the perfect atmosphere. The place is on 10 East Exchange Street, so take some time to visit it. It will be a night to remember!

Party in the best music venues in the Twin Cities
Captivating atmosphere of a great musical performance will give you a time to remember

Get ready and go have some fun

No matter what place you choose to go out, we guarantee a good time. It can be a bit pricey but it is worth it. With captivating music and exciting atmosphere, the best music venues in the Twin Cities will have you come back for more. Take your time and visit as many places as you can, we can safely say that each offers a unique experience that mustn’t be missed out!