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Top cities in Minnesota for young adults

Have you decided to move and you are a young adult? It is difficult to be a young adult these days. You are still quite young but you have to make serious choices. Moving is also difficult because it implies saying goodbye to your parents and to your old house. However, you can choose your own home in any city that you want. If you do not have any specific destination in mind, you can read our suggestions. Additionally, if you have set your eyes on Minnesota, but do not have a particular city in mind, also keep reading. You should check out our list of top cities in Minnesota for young adults. You will not be disappointed!


Minnesota is a state in the Upper Midwest and borders with Canada. With a little bit over 5.5 million people living here, Minnesota is ranked 22nd most populated state in the US. More than 60% of its population lives in the Minneapolis–Saint Paul metropolitan area, also known as the “Twin Cities”. The nickname comes from geographical proximity of Minneapolis, the most populous city in the state, and Saint Paul, the state capital. Because of the large number of lakes found here, Minnesota also bears the nickname “Land of 10,000 Lakes”.

Top cities in Minnesota for young adults

Even though most of the population lives in the Minneapolis–Saint Paul metropolitan area, there are several cities to take into consideration. Before we start with top cities in Minnesota for young adults, there are a couple of things to consider when choosing a city.

  • Affordability
  • Job opportunities
  • Housing prices
  • Commuting
  • Crime rates


Minnetonka is one of the top cities in Minnesota for young adults. Bearing the name of the lake, this city is home to 50 thousand people. The average wage is around 80k, which is more than enough for a quite comfortable life. Minnetonka also has a good school district, for any young adults who want to settle here. It is quite close to Minneapolis if you wish to have an exciting night out to the big city. Additionally, you are going to need help from moving companies Minnetoka MN in order to move to this city. Get in touch with them for the best moving rates.

Image of a woman on the shore
Enjoying numerous lakes

Eden Prairie

Next on the list of top cities in Minnesota for young adults is Eden Prairie. This town has a population of 60 thousand people and a quite diverse community. Median house income is a little bit under 100k, which suggest that citizens of this city lead a quite good life. The proximity of Minneapolis gives you an opportunity to experience the excitement of the big city. If you decide to move here, you should check out affordable movers Eden Prairie.

Falcon Heights

Falcon Heights is also one of the top cities in Minnesota for young adults. The main reasons are the University of Minneapolis that is located here and the low renting prices. If you choose this small city, you will pay only 800 dollars for rent, which is below the national average. Additionally, Falcon Heights has a low crime rate, so you will be quite safe here while surrounded by other students.


Shorewood is technically a suburb of Minneapolis but it almost functions on its own. You can find a good house here for 400k or for even less depending on what are you looking for. If you like outdoor activities, then this small city is for you. Shorewood is next to Lake Minnetonka. Therefore, you can spend your time doing fun water activities. Alternatively, you can enjoy a day out in nature. Camping in Minnesota is just one of them.


Obviously, the list of top cities in Minnesota for young adults is not complete without Minneapolis. It has a population of 420 thousand people and an abundance of water. Water surfaces include Mississippi River, 13 lakes, creeks, wetlands, and waterfalls. Minneapolis has a diverse population, perfect for any young adult. It has noteworthy universities and colleges for young adults who wish to continue with their education. If you are a student, you should also read about moving discounts for students. Because it is the cultural, educational, and economic center, Minneapolis is categorized as a global city.

Minneapolis bridges
Top cities in Minnesota for young adults – Minneapolis

Saint Paul

Saint Paul is the capital city of Minnesota and the second most populated city in the state. Together with Minneapolis, it creates the Minneapolis–Saint Paul area. While generally known as Twin Cities, both cities are quite different. Minneapolis is more urban with many skyscrapers, while Saint Paul has neighbors of well-preserved Victorian architecture. However, this city will also be interesting for young adults because of its culture and history.


Plymouth is a quite popular city among young people who want to settle down. It offers good schools and many diverse job opportunities. Plymouth has numerous lakes, which is a plus for someone who likes spending time outdoor. You can find spacious houses with a huge garden for a pretty good price. You will not regret moving to Plymouth!


This city is one of the most beautiful cities on the list of top cities in Minnesota for young adults. It has a breathtaking nature with several lakes. This is perfect for many activities in nature that will keep you fit. Victoria is also quite a safe city, which is important for raising a family. It is close to Minneapolis if you wish to commute to work. You should check out how to prepare for a job interview if you are about to go on one.

Outdoor activities for young adults
Trekking is one of the outdoor activities for young adults

Mendota Heights

Last on our list of top cities in Minnesota for young adults is Mendota Heights. Falling on the south side of the Mississippi River, Mendota Heights is one of the greenest cities on the list. It has a beautiful Fort Snelling Park, perfect for hiking and exercising. Mendota Heights is close to the Twin Cities too where jobs are abundant.


If you want to move, do not hesitate and choose the best city for you. Any of these top cities in Minnesota for young adults have something to offer. You will not regret if you decide to move to any of these cities in Minnesota.