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Tips for storing Christmas decorations

Do you love Christmas? Well, who doesn’t? Christmas time is really a magic time of the year. All the shiny lights, glitter, presents and a big tree with lots of ornaments! But when holidays are over, many of us have a problem where to store The Christmas decoration. You want to keep it for the next year but you don’t want it hanging around the house. You won’t have to throw it away, I promise. Check out tips for storing Christmas decorations!

Tips for storing Christmas decorations, such as tree and bells.
Shrink wrap your tree so you can easily reuse it.

Tips for storing Christmas decorations

  • Archival ornament storage box is perfect for storing Christmas decorations. However, if you don’t want to buy, an egg carton can do as well!
  • Plastic box with removable dividers keeps ornaments and other holiday decors safe. Also, you can customize each tray according to the sizes of the ornaments you’re storing.
  • You can use cardboard boxes in different sizes for storing artificial Christmas tree and decorations as well.
  • Old laundry basket can be ideal for keeping decoration safe and dust-free.
  • Also, you can use suitcases and bags you don’t use. You can place them conveniently under the bed.
  • Rent a storage unit for your decoration, you can go with a small one, or share it with a friend.

Ornaments, ornaments

If you kept the original boxes your tree ornaments came in, that’s perfect, use them. But if you haven’t, you have a few options. There’s a wide range of stackable store-bought solutions, in several sizes. On the other hand, if you would rather go the DIY route, there ate plenty of easy tutorials for making ornament storage. You will need just 4 things: a large plastic storage bin, plastic cups, cardboard, and a hot glue gun. You just need to glue the cups to the cardboard and fill the cups with your ornaments. and if you want a little extra protection, add tissue paper or bubble wrap above. Also, a hot glue gun is a great investment, you can use it for presents and all sorts of decorations later.

These boxes can go in your garage, closet or even under your bed. Of course, hiring some of the storage units Savage MN, for example, would be an ideal solution. Also, beside storing Christmas decorations, you could keep other belongings there as well.

Its Highness, the wreath

Looking for an easy way to store your wreaths? And you don’t want them getting crushed, of course. It’s simple, you probably have all you need for storing Christmas decorations at home already. Get some dry cleaning bag or trash bag, and a hanger will do the trick. You can use a zip tie or twine to hang the wreath around the hook of the hanger, and then cover it with the dry cleaning bag. Or you can poke a hole in the middle of the bottom of the trash bag and cover like you would with a dry cleaning bag. You can then hang your wreaths in your closet, storage closet or garage.


Tips for storing Christmas decorations, such as balls and bells.
Archival ornament storage box is perfect for storing Christmas decorations.

Artificial trees and how to keep them fluffy

We all love our faux greenery, but they are little dust collectors. Of course, real greenery can be recycled. But fake greenery, not so much. Therefore, try to buy a quality item and take care of it in the off-season. Even if you have kept your tree’s original box, returning it to that box is a bit complicated task. You should completely take apart your artificial tree to put it back, and that can be a big challenge to take on. Instead, you can shrink wrap your tree. The benefits are many. It will not take up much space, and most importantly you don’t have to take it apart. Also, you can leave the lights on it! Therefore, next year, you can just cut open the shrink wrap and fluff the branches back into places and voila! No more assembling and light stringing.

Shiny lights

Seem that string lights are always the most challenging thing to store. And it’s not just about finding space for them. You also need to make sure cords don’t get tangled and bulbs don’t get broken. But with a few household tricks, you can store your lights easily and painlessly. If you have cardboard scraps lying around somewhere that ideal. If not, you probably will after opening gift boxes. You can use them to keep your lights tangle-free, just wrap them around. The best part is, you can then neatly stack them in a box or a storage bin to keep them safe. As an alternative, you can also wrap your lights around a coat hanger, or around a cardboard paper.

Gift supplies

To keep wrapping paper in a good condition for use again, you’ve got quite a few options. For the quick and easy hanging solution, you can keep in your closet. We suggest lining up all your wrapping paper tubes inside a zip-up garment bag. And if they are not in a roll, you can hang them on a hanger. And did you know you can use old Christmas ornaments to pack the presents? Acorns, ribbons and ball ornaments can make a simple wrapped present look exquisite! This is just one of many low budget Christmas decoration and present ideas. Also, hot glue gun we mentioned earlier will help you in that.

Tips for storing Christmas decorations and presents.
You can use old Christmas decoration for wrapping presents.

Moving with decoration

If you are moving, you should consider leaving some of the decoration behind. As you know, when hiring movers such as movers Savage MN, you are usually paying by the weight. Therefore, you don’t want to increase that weight by moving old Christmas decoration, that you won’t even use next year. Better sort it before the move and decide what to keep, what to toss and what to recycle or donate. Or you can consider hiring a storage facility for storing Christmas decorations and all the other items you use from time to time. If you choose to be practical now, it will be much easier for you to reuse your decoration next year!