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Low-budget Christmas decoration ideas

Christmas is coming! One lovely holiday that makes kids and grown-ups happy and excited. Everyone loves to walk down the street that sparkles and shine with so many Christmas decorations and colorful lights! Spending time and enjoying a view of a wonderful and a huge Christmas tree, placed in the middle of our town square is a new experience, for each one of us, every year. The happiest ones are certainly kids! Writing a letter to a Santa and getting plenty of presents is something that kids love the most. We all want to decorate our homes as best as we can, and we don’t have to spend a lot of money doing it. That’s why we will give you some low-budget Christmas decoration ideas!

Low-budget Christmas decoration ideas – what do you need to know?

For starters, try to save some money. Do not spend on new decorations for Christmas if you have some left from the previous year. We can assure you, if you search for them, you will find them! Check some of the boxes in your garage or basement, or, if you are renting a storage place, Christmas decorations can be there also!

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You can also make some of those decorations yourself. It’s a wonderful idea to sit down with your family and make some nice decorations. This is one of the things you can do with your kids because they will love it and enjoy the experience very much.

As we said, you won’t need a lot of money to make your home look wonderful. For low-budget Christmas decoration ideas, you will need things like:

  • Paper and paint
  • Glue, threads, scissors
  • Candles
  • Bottles
  • Ribbons
  • Branches etc.

Christmas Tree

No matter how the tree looks like, is it small, big, huge, it will always bring light and freshen up your home during the Christmas and New Years days! Every home has a Christmas tree, and it looks special because every tree is decorated differently. You can put all kind of decorations on a Christmas tree, different shape, size and color, colorful lights and on top, you can add fake snow. As fake snow, you can use cotton wool or styrofoam. 

Personally, I like to decorate my Christmas tree in two colors. Some of the nicer combinations are white-red, red-green and white-blue. However, you can choose colors that you like the most, you won’t make a mistake. Christmas tree always looks wonderful!

Christmas tree brings us thrill and excitement.
Christmas tree will always put you in a good mood, no matter what kind of decoration it has on!

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Christmas Wreath

Another one of low-budget Christmas decorations ideas, that you can actually make yourself. You can hang a wreath on your entrance door to welcome your guests but you can also use it inside of the house. Use a plain pine needle wreath or add some ornaments or Christmas decorations. 

One simple and easy idea for the wreath is just to use pine needle wreath, wrap a red ribbon around and add one or two golden or silver colored bells on top of it. Looks classic, simple, but also beautiful.


Candles are fantastic things for making a low-budget Christmas decoration ideas. Whether they are placed on the table or any other piece of furniture, they will give a really nice touch to your home. Plenty of candles can also put you in a good mood during the Christmas holidays. You can also find candles that smell differently, just pick a smell you prefer, apple, cinnamon, strawberry!

Other than that, you can always add some of the decorations around candles, or wrap ribbons around. And there you go, getting fantastic decoration without even spending a penny!

Searching for some low-budget Christmas decoration ideas? Candles are perfect!
Candles will give your home warm and nice touch during the Christmas holidays!

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Decorations made of paper

Who said you can not make low-budget Christmas decoration ideas out of paper? They were so wrong! Make coffee, tea or hot chocolate for your kids, sit down and get to work. You will definitely have some good family time and make a lot of Christmas decorations. Use paper, scissors, paint, glue, threads etc. You can cut paper in a shape of heart, star, sun, moon, you name it! Use decorations on doors, walls, windows. You can also hang them up at the end of the ribbons and place them next to each other on the window. That would look like a splendid decorated Christmas curtain. And again, you won’t spend almost anything!

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Wrap up gifts

Wrap up all your Christmas gifts and put them under the tree. There are so many different wrapping papers. If you use different color and style for each of your presents, it will give a nice touch and lovely decor to your home. You can find really cheap wrapping paper in dollar stores. After packing, you can add some ornaments to your gifts or a nice ribbon.

Make your kids happy by placing wrapped up Christmas gifts under the tree!
Wrap your gifts and put them under your Christmas tree!

However, if you like simple things, buy brown craft paper, wrap your gifts and add a ribbon or a Christmas card to them. Also, you can put colorful stickers on each present with a name tag on it.

A Professional moving company

If you have a lot of decorations and you want to keep them, you should rent a storage space. That’s why you should call your local movers St. Paul and ask for storage units they can provide. Also, except for the storage space, a professional moving company can provide a lot of other moving services. Truck and transport, storage spaces, packing and unpacking, security, insurance. These are just a few services that they can provide. If you decide to move, you should certainly consider hiring them!

As you can see, even low-budget Christmas decoration ideas can look wonderful! You have no reason to spend hundreds of dollars on something that you can make and enjoy it with your kids! We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!