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Reasons for relocating to Rochester MN

There are a lot of reasons why people relocate to other towns. Whether to start a business, continue their education or simply because they want to. It really does revolve around your personal choices. But, give us an opportunity to present you why relocating to Rochester MN is a very good idea. Starting from housings, education and the job market. You will find that Rochester is a great place to live right now!

Housing and neighborhoods

When we talk about neighborhoods we only have positive things to say. Nothing rises desirability for relocating to Rochester MN as low crime rate. This is one of the reasons why Rochester is a great place to raise a family. One of the most desirable places to live now in Rochester is The Elton Hill. Not only are they very clean and quiet, but they also lie just next to Indian Heights. A very beautiful park where people go for a walk or any other outdoor activity. Local residents love this please because they leave it to stress-free and very relaxed. One other neighborhood that is dedicated to families is  Bryon Neighbourhood. It is slightly more expensive but it does pay off. The prices of homes are stable and affordable for those who want to buy them. They are also very easy to take care off. This is exactly why relocating to Rochester MN is such a great idea. So if you plan on moving to Minnesota any time soon, consider Rochester as your new hometown.

A door of the house and a bike in front of them
Affordable houses are one of the reasons for relocating to Rochester MN

Finding a job after relocating to Rochester MN

If you plan to make such a huge step in your life, then you must consider all the options you have. And one of those options is how easy is to find a job after moving to Rochester? There are a lot of different fields of work in Rochester, but the biggest one is health care. This is largely made possible because one of the best hospitals in the US is located here. That hospital is The Mayo Clinic. This is exactly one of the biggest traits of relocating to Rochester MN. The Mayo Clinic is the biggest employer in Rochester right now. Home to over 30.000 students and staff member. There are plans to open another 40.000 job openings within Mayo Clinic. But The Mayo Clinic is not the only big employer here. The health care here is perfect, but the other fields of work are promising as well. Those fields are in technology and education. IBM and Rochester School District are great employers as well. Let’s just say that the current unemployment rate in Rochester goes just below 3.5%. If that is not one of the reasons why relocating to Rochester MN is a good idea then nothing is. It is so easy to find a job in Rochester now, especially if you work in one of the fields we mention. Such a throwing and successful city surely attract a lot of professionals and other people who are eager to work. And at the same time, make their community a far better place. But take extra steps and first, find a job before moving here. Plan your relocation with your long distance movers Minneapolis after you are sure you landed that job.

A wrench in the back pocket with a note saying job search
There are a lot of job openings in Rochester

Rochester is a pet-friendly place

You can say a lot about a city by the way they treat animals. If you ever wonder how will your pet adapt to this city, then you shouldn’t worry. Rochester is one of the most pet-friendly places you can find. You can literally find dozens of parks you can take your pet to. Not to mention that the great majority of restaurants are pet-friendly restaurants. Where you can take your furry friend and have a great time. Also, if you need a daycare for pets, there are a lot of options to chose from. In other words, know that your pet is in good hands after relocating to Rochester MN. But that’s not all. Owning a pet helps you overcome the anxiety of moving. So, if you own a pet, you will settle in after moving a lot faster.

A puppy lying on the floor
Rochester is a pet friendly place

There is a lot of fun things to do in Rochester

After relocation and work are done, think about having fun in Rochester. There are a lot of different things you can do here throughout the year. Either work on your ski skills and take a trip to Welch Village or try out some golf terrains. In the end, if you are more for peaceful activities, then go fishing at Silver Lake. Rochester is filled with a lot of art places as well. You can enjoy Rochester Symphony Orchestra & Chorale or. Or on the other hand, try out Thursdays on First & Third Summer Market & Music Festival. Whether or not you like peaceful activities or something you can rock your socks out, Rochester have it all. But, while you are on your way to Rochester, check out other fun activities you can visit in Minneapolis, on your field trips and vacations.

A couple having fun together
Rochester is filled with fun things to do

Like we mentioned before, there are a lot of reasons why relocation to Rochester can turn out to be a good thing. But, we present you with what we think are the most important. Before anything, you must know who are the biggest employers, current housing prices and how good education is. After you know these facts, moving to Rochester can come naturally. If you have anything to add, please feel free to do so. You can do it in the comments, and we will surely reply to you!