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Planning a house-warming party - how to do it?

Congratulations on your relocation! It was a hard process and now you deserve to rest! If you are considering a house-warming party and don’t know where to begin then you are in luck! We can help you by giving you a few hints on planning a house-warming party for yourself and your friends! Everything will go smooth and you will have a great time in your new place!

Take time when planning a house-warming party

As with everything, it takes time to plan a party. When planning a house-warming party there are a lot of things to decide first. First of all, what kind of a party are you throwing? Throwing a theme party takes a lot of effort, but it will pay out in the end. There are numerous themes you can choose from such as, rock theme, pirate, Star Wars, or whatever comes on your mind. But it can’t happen overnight. You will have to prepare your new place for the party so everything comes in place in the end. You must be sure that you can actually find everything you need for your party if it is themed.

Inform your friends in time

 Remember to respect other people’s time! Tell them in advance that you are planning a house-warming party, so they can plan their free time as well. This only shows that you care about their schedule and that you are not prone to some chaotic behavior. Maybe some of them are planning a long distance move. This will give them enough time to plan their relocation with their long distance movers Minneapolis There are a few ways you can invite people to your party Some of those ways are:

  • By an e-mail. This is the quickest and the most efficient way of contacting your friends. Sending them e-mails with time, date and theme of the party is a good thing if you do it in advance.
  • By phone. Not everyone checks their e-mails regularly. So make sure you call those friends and tell them that you are planning a house-warming party.
  • Sending them cards. Yes, this is kind of old-fashioned, but it is still pretty, cute and cool at the same time.
E mails
E-mails are the best way to inform your friends that you are planning a house-warming party

Don’t ever exceed your budget

We can’t stress enough how important is to not over exceed your budget for your party! You still want to have some money left for living in your new home. Be modest with yourself and your financial abilities at the given moment. We are sure your friends will understand if your party is not that expensive. Mostly knowing that you already had relocation expenses. When buying items for parties, check out the regular discounts and sales that happen from time to time. And try to stockpile to those items that have a long expiration date. Those are mostly alcohol and small snacks. For everything else, you should buy them a few days before the party. Sometimes parties can become very expensive, especially after a moving is done. That is why we recommend you to find out the moving quotas with your City Moving and Storage MN relocation. When you figure out the best price, you can even save some money for the house-warming party.

Pennies used when planning a house-warming party
Don’t overexeed your budget

It’s ok to have house-warming party later

There are a couple of reasons why this is such a good idea. First thing first, you are now probably financially exhausted. You will need time to recover and get back on your feet. To be honest this is probably a totally new place for you and you need time to adapt to it. Those processes take time. SO while you are getting used to your new hometown consider finding a new job. A reliable and steady source of income is a must if you live in a big city. Not to mention how many other expenses you will have. Take your time to adapt and stroll around the town for a while. You might even land a well-paid job in the meantime.

Meeting new people 

We already mentioned why it is important not to throw a party momentarily. Take your time with the planning. Because in the meantime you might even meet new people who prove to be good friends. Not to mention that you can possibly meet a new love interest in your new hometown. This is a perfect chance to meet new people in your new hometown.


Friends talking
Become friends with locals before you throw a party

Party games

Once you are stacked on drinks and food, you should figure out what kind of entertainment you are having. Depending on what kind of people you are having as guests, you should choose the music as well. Try to focus on something that everybody knows. Nothing beats that feeling when you see that everyone is enjoying and are happy to be there. As for party games, you can always search the internet for new and interesting ones. There are literally numerous party games to play with your friends. Make sure you learned about them and share the most interesting ones with your new and old friends.

Planning a house-warming party is a great idea when you want to relax from the stress of the relocation process. This simple guide will give you a general idea of how to plan it stress-free. Make sure you follow our steps and we wish you the best house-warming party ever! You know you deserve it! Have any other ideas? Cool! Contact us in the comment section down below! We are happy to hear from you with your new and exciting ideas!