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Moving Alone to Minnesota

Are you debating moving alone to Minnesota? As you could already imagine there are pros and cons to this, but we’re going to try to keep a positive note on this conversation. We would like to cover some things you should know about Minnesota and about the entire moving process to Minnesota before you reach a final decision.

First and foremost, the majority of Minnesota is a combination of rural areas and water surfaces. Most of the action will be, however, in the south-east parts. The thing I like to say to people who ask, Minnesota is more leaning towards the outdoor, nature and sports kind of people. This does not mean that it will be bad for people who don’t fit this description. It just means that it will just accommodate more outdoor activities, for those who like them.

Moving Alone to Minnesota – About the Move

Before we talk more about Minnesota itself, let’s spend a few words on the move. The information presented will be generalized and will not stick to a specific city or area, but rather about the state as a whole.


Regardless of which part you are going to make sure you first find information about any potential parking permits you might need. It may sound trivial, but it could turn your move into a nightmare if you have nowhere to place your truck. The simplest way to learn about these is on the state’s website. Here, you also might find any other permit needed in order for you to move to Minnesota.

Heavy Winters

1Winters in Minnesota can be heavy. So prepare yourself to desnow your car each day!
You will be moving to a wintery area, for sure.

Minnesota has extreme winter conditions. It is because of this that you would want to move only during spring, summer or autumn. Any other choice would result in you battling extreme weather conditions. Even when it’s not winter season, other seasons tend to be chilly as well. However, if you can’t help but move in the winter make sure you read up on the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources website where you will learn how to battle such harsh winter conditions.

Hire Movers vs DIY

The limitless clash of hiring professionals that cost vs saving money and doing it yourself. Our advice is to always stick with the pros. Even though it may seem more expensive at first, if you drop your UHD 60 inch TV and break it, you would end up losing far more money. Just make sure to ask your professionals all the right questions. Professionals know what to do and how to do it, and you’re stress-free. If you do decide to hire professionals, make sure you are looking strictly for licensed and bonded companies offering full US moving services. Just make your move enjoyable and hire professionals.

Moving Alone to Minnesota – About Minnesota

Ok, so now that we’ve figured out the essential knowledge you need in order to commence the move, we need to figure out where you wish to move to. We will continue talking about Minnesota in general, and if you like what you hear – you know where to and you know how to!

Minnesota is a fast paced, urban and sleepless place.
If you’re looking for urban – you got it!

Urban Parts

The good part about Minnesota is the fact that it covers for both a city, urban life as well as nature-loving, outdoor type. So you can get the best of both worlds if you love both! If not, you can choose the lifestyle you want for yourself.

Given that you will be moving alone to Minnesota, we will assume that the city life is more like something you’d want. You can choose between several cities, all of which are pretty lively and fun, as well as full of potential step-ups in your career growth!

Price of Living

It is difficult to select one average price of living since these prices will vary greatly from one city to another. The life expenses such as taxes for property, income, state, etc. can be quite expensive in big cities such as Minneapolis or St. Paul. However, the income in these cities is also far higher, so it absolutely evens out.

Pricy or nay?
Pricy or nay?

When comparing to the rest of the country, taxes food and housing costs are somewhat higher than the rest of US. On the other side, costs such as utility, electricity, water, sewer, and garbage are significantly lower. Add to this the fact that winters are cold and last forever, lower utility bills make a big difference.

The Weather

Minnesota has four seasons. But this doesn’t mean that the four seasons are equal. Winters are as if they are from Game of Thrones, long and cold and full of danger. In some extreme cases, winter can last up to 6 months. If winters are Game of Thrones, the summers are the Fast and Furious, speeding by you pretty fast leaving you in awe. Oh yeah, and the rainfall is intense. Springs are nothing special, however, in some cases, they could bring forth thunderstorms or even tornadoes.

Long winters equal to a lot of winter sports. From downhill skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, ice skating and ice fishing, you will never have a dull moment. In spite of being long and cold, the winters are usually sunny and thus you have that subjective feeling of warmth. Having this said, please don’t think you can get away with not dressing up properly. Use layers of clothing and be smart.

Minnesota is a beautiful state, and I loved every second spent there. I always keep it amongst fondest of memories. If you are considering moving alone to Minnesota I strongly stay behind the fact that you will not regret it. Embrace it, have fun and go explore! Who knows, after some time you might not be alone anymore either. Best of luck!