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Make Moving Enjoyable and Choose a Professional

The sale has gone through and you must be out.  Many of us have multiple moving experiences to recount, some positive, and some not so positive.  Packing up all of your belongings yourself may seem at first to be cost-efficient.  But combined with the potential for injury, how time-consuming it is, and relative expense (time is money), hiring a moving company should be a no-brainer.

Arranging for a moving company’s services is the easy part.  The next step is to organize your belongings.  Where do you start?


You never really realize all of the stuff that comes into your life on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.  It slowly creeps in and you put it somewhere.  Rather than shoving all of this into a box that will be opened at your abode and then possibly shoved into a drawer, closet (read: space to hide objects), de-clutter right then and there and make a donation pile.  This way, you reduce what you have to pack and you reduce the clutter in your life.

My back…and My bond with my friends

Moving has a special way of helping you possibly break both of the above.  Moving clothes, kitchen items, electronics, and knickknacks are no match for the real heavy lifting: couches, beds, chest of drawers, mattresses (really, why don’t they put handles on those things), just to name a few.  And hardly anyone resides inches from the moving van, with no stairs, no tight door frames, no hills, and other usual moving obstacles.  Let an experienced professional do the literally back-breaking work for you.

As for the friendship bonds: does precariously balancing, pivoting, and shoving an extremely heavy piece of furniture with a friend sound familiar to you, and during this “piece of fun,” perchance was there some yelling, cursing, etc.?  Tensions get heated during moves.  Relieve the tension by hiring a moving company.

I was told there would be no math

Getting the furniture out of the house, apartment, etc. is only half the battle.  You have to get it all into the truck, and get the door to close securely.  Fitting furniture, televisions, and boxes is like a puzzle, an expensive and time-consuming puzzle.  Professional moving companies specialize in having the answers to these puzzles before they even start.

Make a list and check it twice (or more)

Once you have de-cluttered your home and have fully decided on what to bring, make a list of everything and assess its condition.  This way, you know exactly what is going on that moving truck.  It will reduce the amount of stress you feel when all of your stuff needs to be unpacked at your new home.

Moving can be both exciting and nerve wracking.  We want to make your move as uneventful as possible.  City Moving & Storage has 25 years of experience.  Our “Movers with Integrity” will ensure that when they move your stuff, it is like they are moving their own.  Contact us today for a free quote.