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Questions You Should Ask Your Moving Company

Moving is a huge deal. A lot of preparation and anxiety go into the process. To help eliminate moving headaches, many homeowners choose to hire a moving company. However, not all moving companies are created equally. To help find the best option for your needs, here are a few questions you should ask your moving company.

What if Something is Missing or Broken?

It’s difficult to get through a move without something becoming broken. Make sure you know up front how your moving company handles these types of issues.

What is the overall cost?

Movers tend to have a certain price they will quote, but you should also ask questions about additional costs. For example, most moving companies charge so much per mile in addition to the cost per hour.

Do you have References?

Getting information about the company from people who have used them in the past can help you make a better decision.

Are you Licensed and Insured?

Using a company that is both insured and licensed is critical. It can help you protect your belongings from accidents during the move.

What are My Responsibilities?

Some moving companies supply everything from boxes and tape to special packing equipment for delicate items. However, other companies require homeowners to provide these items themselves. Asking this question will help you determine what you need to provide and do before the move.

Do you Contract your Moves?

Some moving companies use subcontractors to complete moves and others hire movers for their own company. This question could be important when it comes to quality work and safety for the people moving your items.

Asking these questions is something you will want to do before you agree to allow a moving company to move your belongings. In the end, these answers can help you determine which company will work best for your needs and which will provide quality work.

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