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Most popular jobs in Minneapolis & St. Paul

With the population growing constantly and job markets getting overflown with potential employes, it is a constant struggle to find a good paying and popular job. Whether you are planning on learning a new skill, further your education or simply searching for the most popular jobs in Minneapolis & St. Paul, it will matter if you know what to search for. This is why we compiled a list of the best jobs you can apply to in Twin Cities. After reading this you will have a basic idea of what are the most desirable jobs you can find there.

What having a good job in Twin Cities means

Minnesota has recovered gradually since the end of the 2009 Great Recession and massive job losses what swept the nation. Moreover, Minnesota state thrived from the ashes of this crisis and became one of the most robust job-creating figures in the country. Over 40,000 jobs were added in the 2015 year alone. The unemployment rate in Minnesota currently is around 3.5 per cent, and it is among the lowest in the nation. This happened because jobs opened are the most popular Jobs in Minneapolis & St. Paul. If you decide to move to the Twin Cities, you can rely on professional Minneapolis movers to do all the work while you are searching for the dream job!

Dollar bill as payment from the most popular jobs in Minneapolis & St. Paul
Having a good job means steady income

Twin cities and the unemployment rate 

Recent studies revealed a great amount of information about the most popular jobs in Minneapolis & St. Paul. More specifically, what makes a job great. The information gathered revolves around what industries are providing these jobs, and what is the role of government, businesses, non-profit organisation and any individual in the creation of these jobs.

What kind of jobs you can expect to find in Twin Cities 

When it comes to Twin Citie’s job market, it offers opportunities in biotechnology, health technology and life science companies, such as Boston Scientific, Upsher—Smith, Medtronic and the National Bone Marrow Donor Program. When it comes to the clean technology industry, the employers are Xcel Energy, Andersen Corp and M.A. Mortenson Construction. Twin Cities provide you with the best job opportunities, and if you wish to fully dedicate yourself to them, leave your relocation process to movers in St. Paul.

Along the science-based employers, the others are based on retail and manufacturing industries. They are very successful in Minneapolis and St. Paul, with a vast amount of their headquarters based in this area. When it comes to manufacturing companies, Cargill, and General Mills employ a great number of residents, while on the other side Target and Best Buy are offering corporate positions in retail management, merchandising and marketing.

Cartoon people having a meeting
Consultants are highly demanded in Twin Cities

Industries that offer most popular jobs in Minneapolis & St. Paul 

To start with the biggest industry that offers a good job, we will begin with health care. In recent years, health care shows a remarkable growth. These healthcare occupations are ranked as the state’s most needed in-demand jobs:

  • Registered nurses
  • Nursing assistants
  • Personal care aides
  • Licenced practical and vocational nurses

When it comes to paying for these occupations, there is a quite a difference. For a registered nurse, the median wage in Minnesota is around $73,000 (or $35 per hour), while medical assistant’s pay is $35,000 (or $17 per hour). Medical secretary makes around $39,000. Right after health care, the most proficient industries that make most popular jobs in Minneapolis & St. Paul are occupations in information technology (IT), construction, manufacturing and truck driving.

Nursing assistants are one of the most popular jobs in Minneapolis & St. Paul

How to find a perfect job in Minneapolis and St. Paul

It is good to know what are the best jobs in Minneapolis and St. Paul, but it is very important to use right tools and techniques when searching for a job. You can increase your chances of finding a perfect job if you do the following steps:

  • Search for the best job listings. Find out what are the best search engines you can use for your search, use them and try to find a suitable position.
  • Focus on your search. It is very important to have a good focus on what you are actually searching for. To find the most popular jobs in Minneapolis & St. Paul you will have to narrow your search in fewer fields of your interest.
  • Polish your CV and online profiles. Every potential employer likes to see well maintained and precise CV. They do not want to spend to much time on it. Also, having a good online profile on LinkedIn, Facebook etc surely helps a lot.
  • Use your contacts. You will never know when will someone come in handy when searching for a job. Perhaps someone knows someone who is hiring and they can recommend you for the position.
  • Use proper jobs search apps and tools. There are a lot of apps, widgets and search engines you can use, but to make it best for you, try to find the most popular ones with a high rating.
  • Prepare yourself for interviews. There are a lot of tips and tricks online you can use to ace that interview and score the most popular jobs in Minneapolis & St. Paul.
cartoon CV
Keep your CV updated

List of the most desired jobs in Minneapolis & St. Paul 

What makes a job well desired is how interesting it is and how much does it pay. Depending on the current industry in the city, the job offers can vary from medical, engineering, scientific to simple part-time jobs. One of the best jobs in Twin cities are:

  • Financial and other managers earn around $120,000 per year
  • Lawyers are paid $116,000 annually
  • System software developers with a $96,000 pay
  • Computer System Analysts earn around $87,000 a year
  • Mechanical Engineers will earn $86,000 per year
  • Registered nurses with $75,000 per year
  • Loan officers earn $73,000 per year

As you probably noticed, a lot of job opportunities in Twin Cities revolve around finances, laws, medicine, science and engineering. Knowing that you should know what courses you can take to further your education or learn a new skill that will help you find the most popular jobs in Minneapolis & St. Paul. Do you have any suggestions you can share with us and our readers? Please, leave them in the comments and we will respond as soon as we can. We are happy to hear from you!