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Top cities for IT experts in Minnesota

Every generation today has its own interests. Whether in life, career or any other case, every generation is specific. Which isn’t any different from people born in the early ‘90s. We witnessed the birth and development of the modern technology as we know it. We grew together and learned together. Now in our mature year, and with technology rapidly evolving, it is a smart move to find a job in IT sector. In this article, we will discuss what we consider our top cities for IT experts in Minnesota. This information is not only good for us ‘90s kids, but for any future generation. They will grow up in a world with already developed technology. Chances are they will surely look for a job in IT sector when they grow up.

Things to do before searching for a job in IT field

Before we continue to list our top cities for IT experts in Minnesota, let us mention some of the things you can do before searching for a job. One of the basic things is to polish your CV. In today’s world, your future employer doesn’t want to spend too much time reading irrelevant pieces of information from CVs. That is why you should keep it short and precise. On top of the things, you should list is what are the highest form of education you have and your biggest achievements. Of course, wanting a job in IT sector means you should also polish your online profiles like on Upwork, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

Resume on a table before sending it to top cities for IT experts in Minnesota
Polish up your resume

About the IT Minnesota IT services

Minnesota is one of the constantly thriving states when it comes to IT sector. They figured that investing in the technology sector is very profitable. Thanks to that, there are top cities for IT experts in Minnesota now. But sometimes moving to Minnesota for a new IT job doesn’t come without stress. Especially if you have some delicate IT equipment to move with you. That’s is why Minneapolis movers will help you a lot in your transitional period.

Minnesota possesses one of the most diverse and stable job markets. There are over 2,500 employees in Minnesota IT Services currently. Some interesting facts regarding the IT sector are:

  • IT network is now connecting over 1000 locations in 300 cities
  • There are multiple excellent benefits for employees. With working hours and social hours balanced, paid paternal leave, health benefits.
  • If you work in the IT sector in MN, you can easily pay off your student loan in a period of 10 years. You can find out more about student loans on studentaid. Only top cities for IT experts in Minnesota can offer you such a benefit.
  • It sector is currently supporting around 3000 applications, 2000 back up jobs on daily bases and processing over 2800000 emails per week.
Virtual connections with neon lights
IT network in Minnesota connects more than 300 cities

Benefits of working in IT sector

Have you ever wonder why more and more people move to Minnesota and consider their future in IT sector? Working in IT sector has its own difficulties, that is why moving to Minnesota stress-free should be your top priority. You really do not want to have another unnecessary stress before you start your new job in IT. Not only do you have a chance of getting a high salary, but also, your work can influence a lot of lives. Your programs, applications etc can change someones life across the globe. A lot of people find that very rewarding by itself. But to be honest, that is just a small benefit of working in IT. Simply put, biggest pluses of working in top cities for IT experts in Minnesota are:

  • IT sector provides you with opportunities to work in the variety of technical environments
  • A good work and social life balance
  • Continuous opportunities for constant education and development of IT skills
  • Great health care benefits no other company can provide you with
  • A well paid and good retirement plan
Girl siting in front of the PC writing codes
Your IT skills can change peoples lives for better

Minneapolis is one of the top cities for IT experts in Minnesota

Being just behind Chicago, Minneapolis is considered to be on a second place as largest economic center located in the Midwest. Although Minneapolis’s economy is largely based on, finance, rail, trucking, healthcare, industry, and commerce, with technological advance, IT experts are now in deficit in all these industries. Whether as web designer, graphic designer or software developer. There are also smaller industries that are now on the rise such as:

  • Food processing
  • Graphic arts
  • Insurance
  • Education
  • Milling
  • Publishing

Minneapolis’s industry mainly produces automotive parts and products, metal, agricultural products and chemicals, electronics, computers etc. Which is enough of a reason you can easily find a job opportunity as an IT expert in MN.

A man sitting in front of a PC writing codes
Minneapolis has well developed IT sector

Bloomington, MN

Although a small city, Bloomington provides more than 90000 jobs. They ow that benefit to the near location of Minneapolis – Saint Paul International Airport. Bloomington is also a large center for tourism and hospitality, having almost 8000 hotel rooms. One of the major employers in Bloomington are:

  • Express Scripts
  • General Dynamics
  • Barr Engineering
  • NCS Peason
  • Toro
  • Seagate Technology
  • Donaldson Company
  • Health Partners
  • Mall of America tenants
graphic showing numbers
Bloomington gets a lot of visitors

Minnetonka, MN

This small city located just 8 miles west of Minneapolis is a perfect place if you are searching for a small town with great IT opportunities. Carlson Company’s HQ is located here together with Cargill. There are also other companies here that are mostly based on textile industry. Top employers in Minnetonka are:

  • UnitedHealth Group
  • Cargill
  • Medica
  • St Jude Medical
  • MTS

As you can see, most of the jobs here are revolving around medical practice. We already know that medical practice is constantly developing and in need of not only doctors but other staff as well. Which only means that IT experts are needed in larger companies and medical centers as well.

Lap top and a stethoscope
Developed medicinal technology requires IT experts

Minnesota wasn’t always considered as a technological center in the US. But, with a couple of smart moves, research and investment, the state grew up to be one of the greatest employers of IT experts. That is why in this article we described to you what we believe are top cities for IT experts in Minnesota. If you have any experience yourself, or some new information you would like to add, please share it with us! Leave your comment in the comment section down below. We can’t wait to hear from you!