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How to store collectibles & furniture

Trying to preserve a top quality of our valuables is never an easy task. As a collector myself I always encounter the same problem. The question on how to store collectibles & furniture. This process is not that simple since every type of furniture and collectibles have their own way of packing and storing. Let us discuss the basic steps every collector takes to preserve the quality of his belongings.

Gather the proper packing materials

Before you store collectibles & furniture, your first task is to find all the materials you need for this. Depending on the size, weight, girth and overall value, there are different techniques for packing them. But in the end, it all falls down on what we consider collectibles. Whether you are collecting cards, actions figures, music records, DVDs or some expensive furniture, there are different ways. First things first, you must find a proper packing box. Collectables are usually stored in plastic hard case boxes or wooden crates. Make sure you padded the boxes as well, so there won’t be any stumbling in them. Furniture, on the other hand, requires much larger boxes, or crates. Most of the time, people use wooden crates to store furniture, but that is not a long-term solution. Wooden crates can get moldy and damage your furniture instead of protecting it. The best solution is to find plastic or metal crates that you can make on the spot. When it comes to packing materials, the best ones are:

  • Sponge pads
  • Packing beads
  • Special fabrics made especially to store collectibles and furniture.

Packing expensive furniture requires experience and professionals. That’s the reason enough to hire furniture movers Minneapolis. Whether they are moving your furniture to your new home or storage unit, they know how to handle it properly.

A sponge pad people use when thez store collectables & furniture
Sponges are a good protection when you store collectables & furniture

Meeting the requirements of storage units

Packing your furniture and collectibles are just a first step. Once you are done with proper packing and protecting, your next job is to find a storage unit. Or to make perfect storing conditions in your own home, to preserve the quality of your items, Now, storage units are usually very spacey and with an constant air flow. One of the few requirements they have to meet for storing expensive valuables are:

  • Constant airflow. This will prevent mold from happening
  • Temperature control is very important if your collectibles and furniture are heavily influenced by cold or heat.
  • Unit’s insulation must be in perfect condition.
  • Good units have a good fire and water protection system.

Once all the requirements are met, you can start storing your items. One of the best tactics for storing items is to store them by the hierarchy. Try putting those items you do not need that much in the back of the storage unit. All the while putting items you often use in the front part. Make sure to leave enough space between the items for the air to flow. In the end, you can always hire movers Minneapolis and let them arrange you a proper storage unit.

insulation in walls
Insulation is very important for storage units

Keep the original boxes and receipts of your collectibles

This is a very important note to remember, always keep your collectibles in original boxes. Who knows, you might want to sell them one day. And you can easily get a hefty price if they are in mint condition in their original box. Collectors all around the world prefer original boxes instead of some other ones. Receipts are important if you want to get your money back. It is a form of guarantee that you actually bought the items and are returning it. Also, receipts are proof of the value of your collectibles and expensive furniture. Something bad might happen during the transport and damage your items. Then this comes in handy as a proof of their value. This is especially important if you are storing some collectible art. Do not try to transport it by yourself. Try to look for an art moving company that can help you transport them. When searching for art movers, note that there are certain traits of art transportation companies you must know about. Knowing them will help you chose the best art movers.


Bunch of receipts
It is important to save receipts

Store collectibles & furniture in clean storage units

Once properly packed, your items are ready for storing! But there is just one last step you must do. And that is to clean your storage. Make sure you cleaned all the dust from the unit before storing. Collectables and furniture can get dusty and that can only lead to damages. Also, never leave fluids and food on the floor. In time, they can get moldy and create an awful smell that can ruin your furniture. This is perhaps the most important thing you must do before storing your items. Also, it is a good idea to clean the storage unit from time to time. And let the fresh air flow a bit. Try to keep that freshness of the unit from time to time. Good units are hard to find, especially when you are searching for custom units. There are guides for finding perfect storage units you can follow. They will help you find a unit that will be perfect for your valuables, as well as protecting them from other factors.

Keep your storage clean

There are a lot of guides that can help you to store collectibles & furniture. But most of the time they overlook certain basic facts you must know before storing. This article we presented provides you with those basic facts you need to follow. Knowing them will surely help you prepare your valuable items for storage units. Are you an experienced collector? Share with us your thoughts and ideas on how you stored those items safely away. We will all appreciate it!