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Tips for renting a storage unit 

Renting a storage unit is not an easy task. Especially if you are new to this sort of renting. It doesn’t matter if it is your first moving, commercial moving or you just need a storage unit for your own business. What does matter is that you need to know the basics when looking for a unit to rent. These simple tips lead you in finding that perfect storage unit that suits your needs. Remember, a good unit will preserve your items the best way they can.

Types of storage units

What you must always have in mind when renting a storage unit is that there is a difference with almost every unit you encounter. Whether or not how and where it is placed or how exposed to the elements it is, you should always consider that before searching for a storage unit near you. This especially comes in handy when you are searching for storage units in Twin Cities. Basically, there are two types of storage units, which are:

  • Full-Service storage units. These services consist of storage company workers coming to your home and delivering the items you wish to store to the storage unit. Also, while the smartphones are constantly developed you can find good storage companies apps. Therefore making it much easier for you to plan your move in and move out of the storage unit. Besides picking up and storing your items, full-service storage companies will also document and make a list of items you are storing. They do this in order to help you remember what you put in storage unit.
  • Self-storage units. Unlike full-service storage units, these are not that expensive nor do they offer such services. Renting a storage unit like this will require you to come and bring your items by yourself. All the services these types of storage companies provide is a unit, lock, and security. Other things such as making a list, photographing and moving in and out lies on you.
Hand holding a smartphone used for renting a storage unit
Use your smartphone to better organize renting a storage unit

Search for a storage unit near you

One of the most important qualities of a storage unit it’s the location of the unit. You must be at least a 20 minutes drive from it in order to respond quickly if something bad happens. Now, that doesn’t have to always be a case, but on another hand, better safe than sorry. Also, that short distance between you and your desired storage unit means less driving and expenses. This will come in handy if you are planning regular trips to the storage unit. When you are renting a storage unit make sure the location is safe from natural disasters. Many times floods, fires, and strong winds damage if nearly destroy units in their path. Also, avoid places that are prone to burglaries. That is why it is a good idea to commit a good search for storages in your area. Especially if you are moving to Minneapolis. Make sure you know everything there is about City Moving and Storage MN companies offer to you, before choosing the right one.

Open road
To avoid long trips rent a storage unit near you


Deciding the size of the storage unit

Another important tip in finding a good storage unit is to find one with a perfect size. What people tend to forget is that bigger doesn’t always mean better. It all depends on what you are planning to store in storage units. Also, bigger storage units cost more. So do not plan on renting some huge unit if you are only storing some basic items there and taking a small amount of space. There are some good guides on preparing items for storage units that you must be aware of. Consider the size of the items you are storing and take measures. Visit the desired unit at least a few times before bringing your items to it. And plan carefully! You must use all the space you can in the most efficient way. But do not forget, leave at least a small space for the air to flow. This will easily prevent mold and moisture from happening and damaging your items. Especially if we are talking about furniture. One other important factor in preserving a good condition of your items is air condition. Consider finding a unit with AC installed. The AC provides additional air flow through the unit. Making it almost impossible for mold, moisture and other things from happening. Remember, bugs also like moisture molds and warm stale air. They could prove to be a risk factor for your items.

Measuring tape
Measure the items you wish to store

Security and insurance of storage units

After you found the perfect location and the size of your desired unit comes the security and insurance part. Don’t shy away from buying a good security lock for your storage unit. Yes, it may be a bit expensive, but in the end, it will save you from burglaries and other unwanted problems. Getting a good lock will give you a peace of mind that nothing will happen to your items. But, that is not all you should get. Do not consider getting it! Just get it! As a perfect tool for protecting your belongings using a legal aid. Basically, full-service storage units will provide you with insurance, while self-storage units provide you with optional use of insurance.

Finding and renting a perfect storage unit was never an easy task. A lot of things can easily go wrong especially when you do not know what you are doing. Therefore it is in your best interest to follow our basic tips and tricks in finding a perfect unit for yourself. Use this to avoid possible frauds, scams, and loss of your items when renting storage across the country. Hit us up if you wish to add something on this guide!