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How to pack for storage?

Moving process can be stressful. There is no doubt about that. Especially if you do not know what to do first and how to do it properly. That is why in this article we will discuss how to pack for a storage unit. Further below you will find tips and tricks on preparing your items before storing them and proper use of a storage unit. If you follow this guide through, you will have no problems with packing and at the same time, your items will be in peak condition before you get them out of the storage.

Separate and categorize your items 

This is very important if you wish to properly pack for storage. Separate items either by color, density or how often you use them. If you are going to store items in the storage unit, then you are probably storing ones you won’t use any time soon. Try to separate them by how sturdy they are. Do not pack together easily breakable items and hard ones. They can tumble or damage each other during storing and packing.

Graphic showing separated colored boxes
Separate and categorize items before you pack for storage

Choosing the right storage unit

One of the main reasons people get their items damaged or in bad shape is because they do not pick the right storage unit, to begin with.  It all depends on what kind of items are you storing. Perhaps wooden furniture, metal, electronics, fabrics or if you have to store food for some time. Every item requires special treatment. Make sure you searched and found appropriate storage facilities in the Twin Cities before engaging in packing. The very important thing about the storage units is that there should always be a flow of fresh air. Having a good air flow means you will avoid getting any moisture or mold on your items. Also, every storage unit should pose set of sprinkles to protect items in cases of fire. Not to mention secured and monitored entrance. Before you decide to move to your new location, you should always consult with your Minneapolis movers about proper storage units you can use. They can surely give you more than enough information on them.

Image of google website
Take your time in searching for the best storage unit

Pack for storage with the right materials

Essential thing when packing items for storage units are to chose the right material for packing. Always, if you can, go with sturdier boxes that can last longer than regular card box ones. This will save you from the stress of worrying will your items get damaged during storing. You can always ask your movers for help in finding the right boxes. For a bit more money they can even provide you with proper ones. If you decide to search for them by yourself, there is a simple guide to finding boxes for packing items.  When it comes to materials, there are numerous ways you can use your everyday household items, such as:

  • Old newspaper – Use them to wrap your fragile items before you pack for storage
  • Old fabrics – like blankets, pillows, T-Shirts are very good at protecting wooden furniture from being damaged during the moving process and storing.
  • Using nylon and plastic garbage bags – if you wish to protect your items from dust and dirt this is perfect. But it is not a long-term solution since they can easily create moist within them. Use them on items that can’t get damaged by moist.
  • Sponges, foam or any other fabrics – They are perfect items you can use to fill the oddly shaped empty spaces left in boxes. They can stop items from tumbling and moving during the transport and protect them from scratches and damages.

Finding proper packing materials is not that hard if you know where to look for. Make sure you gathered enough before you start packing.

a sponge
Use sponges to fill oddly shaped spaces

Packing your items for storage units

Now that you categorized your items and separated them, found proper boxes and gathered all packing materials used to wrap and protect items, it is time to actually start packing. When you pack for storage make sure your boxes are not heavy. You must be able to move them with ease and lift without problems. Boxes should keep their square shape without getting dented or damaged. Try to avoid bulged on top of the boxes since you will need a stable and flat surface for stacking. As it is important not to over pack boxes, it is important not to “underpack” them as well. If you leave empty spaces, items can tumble, move, fall and get damaged. Also, boxes can get dented and lose stability. Try and use materials like foam packing peanuts to fill those empty spaces like we mentioned before.

pile of boxes used as an example on how to pack for storage unit
Use sturdier boxes as a base for stacking

Label boxes

If you think this is not that important, you are making a mistake. The last thing you need when you come to pick some items from your storage is to not know where did you pack certain things. Use permanent markers to label boxes. It won’t hurt to make another list of the items you packed with yourself. This can save you time when you search for items you might need. Remember to write what kind of items are packed in boxes as well. Write “fragile” or “sturdy” on them to know how to stack boxes in storage units. Sturdier boxes should be used as a base and more fragile one should be on top.

Markers on the table
Permanent markers are great for labeling

How to stack boxes in a storage unit in the most efficient way?

When it comes to stacking boxes in storage units, there are few steps you can take before you start storing, such as:

  • Clean your designated storage unit from any dust
  • Cover the floor with blankets or pallets
  • Keep the center part of the storage unit empty to let the flow of fresh air circulate the unit
  • Take precise measures of the units and your boxes. Most storage units have the same size, but for some few extra bucks, you can get bigger ones. It is better to have few extra spaces than to pack everything tightly.

To pack for storage unit means to have a well-organized plan on what to do and what items to use. We hope this guide helped you to better prepare your items for a storage unit. Make sure to contact your local moving company for any information you might need on storage units. Do you have any more tips for us? Do you think we should add something more to our guide on how to pack items for storage units? Leave us a reply in the comment section down below. We would love to hear from you!