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How to prepare for moving to Coon Rapids

It is never an easy decision to move. The whole process can be overwhelming and tiresome. You will experience a major life change and the transition itself will bring more ups and downs. Moving to Coon Rapids was a good idea, no doubt. This northern suburb of Minneapolis is beautifully built around its history. The Red River OX Cart Trail, which helped build this city, is still there. Nowadays it’s hiding under the Coon Rapids Boulevard, maintaining its importance for the town.

We hope you’ll leave your own piece of history in Coon Rapids, but before you reach that point in your life, you need to prepare for the move itself. Starting on a  good note will make this move a lovely part of your first ever memories in Minneapolis. Therefore we strongly suggest hiring movers from Coon Rapids to handle the job skillfully. They will know the ins and outs of this town.

Moving to Coon Rapids begins way before you think it really does!

Moving is a laborious and stressful event which starts months before you even consider setting up a moving date. How ever exciting it might look in the beginning, chances are your motivation will evaporate in the last two weeks before the D day. So before you start researching best sports bars in Minneapolis, there’s work to be done. Everyone’s needs and experiences regarding moving are individualized, the basic method is pretty much the same.

Moving to Coon Rapids woman researching online
Do yourself a big favor and start planing early.

Moving to Coon Rapids won’t be any much different, therefore our list of tips and tricks is very generalized. One thing is the same during every relocation-the process is difficult. Do yourself a big favor and start planing early, prepare and try to make your move as organized as possible. It will all pay off down the road! Or, even better, hire licensed professionals to handle the difficult side of relocation for you, so you can focus on the more meaningful aspects of transition.

Plan ahead and prepare

Your cross country Minnesota move will require some planing ahead. Any type of move requires prepping and planing. This is a very complex process that needs your full attention. Therefore, to get the best result, allow your self at least two months time prior to moving day. This time period will be sufficient enough to achieve the desired outcome and minimize the stress.

Sorting & Purging

This is a wonderful, psychologically rewarding part of any relocation-you get a fresh new start somewhere else. Therefore, you don’t get to keep every little trinket from your old house. Set a weekend aside for this and start going through each room. Make a list of things you need and things you need to get rid of. Moving to Coon Rapids is a chance to get your home just the way you want it and that means clutter-free. Therefore, you should purge relentlessly. Don’t forget that the less stuff you have the less expensive the move is going to be. In the moving industry, weight equals money.

Moving to Coon Rapids with a pet
You might wanna get rid of your old couch and lighten the load.

Research moving companies

This is an important step that you need to take to ensure a safe and professional moving job. With big and well know companies like ours City Moving & Storage MN, there is little to worry about. We are highly experienced and offer a full package, everything from local moves to storage facilities. When researching a moving company, make sure to read other people’s reviews and experiences. After you have narrowed it down to at least three companies, ask for a written moving quote. Make sure it has a USDOT number. Other places to check the credibility of a moving company are: your states moving association and Better Business Bureau.

Moving to Coon Rapids
When researching moving companies, make sure to read all the reviews.


Once you have your moving company all lined up and a moving date on the calendar its time to start preparing your relocation. Moving to Coon Rapids starts with transferring your utilities, organizing your mail forwarding, canceling your cable and other subscriptions. You’ll soon learn that moving itself is the easiest part. The utilities, change of address, canceling subscriptions, transferring your medical records and canceling your cable and internet is the difficult part that requires a lot of planing ahead. Keep a checklist of things you need to do and start early. This way you will secure a smooth transition.

Checklists, checklists and more checklists!

Finding cheap packing supplies is the next step in the process of preparing for a move. There are three ways of acquiring these:

  • Get it on the cheap or for free (the most time consuming)
  • Going out and buying it yourself or ordering online (requires some knowledge and skill)
  • Letting your moving company provide the packing material (the easy way)

Pack for the move

Once you get to this point, there’s no turning back. Some people do it last minute, others start super early and take their time. If you decide to do the packing yourself, to secure a smooth experience you need to do your research and have a strategy. There is more to packing than just stuffing things into boxes. For example, which labeling method are you going to use? Are you ready to create a full inventory of your household? How about different types and sizes of boxes you will need? If you decide packing is a bit too much, maybe it’s better to leave it to professionals and avoid damaging your belongings. Companies like ours offer the full package. We can even unpack you once you get to your new home, and take out the accumulated trash for you. If you ask us, you don’t have to lift a finger!

“Moving to Coon Rapids was a great idea”. You will find yourself contemplating this thought in your new home, after a smooth and successful relocation. You’ll look at all of your belongings, fitted in their new spots, and you will start falling in love with your new home. Now the only thing left for you to do is relax and start settling in. Welcome to Coon Rapids!