How to plan hotel relocation

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Business relocations often bring a lot of problems! The number of tasks you must complete before you plan a hotel relocation vary depending on the size of the hotel. Not to mention if you are already established a name in the hotel industry! You will also have to run your business as if nothing is happening. A key to a successful business relocation is having a proper preparation and a plan. Follow our guide and you will relocate your hotel in no time!

Always plan a hotel relocation months in advance

This is not as simple as home moving. It takes months of preparations and careful planning to achieve something this big. No matter the size of the hotel you are relocating, you will have to plan it right and on time. Create a good plan and follow it through! This plan must include some of the important steps of your business relocation. The first step in creating a plan is to have a meeting with your staff members. Try to get them all involved with this relocation and listen to their ideas. Always be down to earth and real about your intentions. Things like this can’t be done in a hurry! Hostels, motels, and other small business can take up to four months to prepare and move. Other medium-sized, or even large hotels, need almost a year. The best way to make sure you will relocate with utmost efficiency is to start early and take your time! Make sure you know how much hard it is to move furniture from the hotel. This is very hard work that requires a lot of skill and patience. It is a good idea to hire professional furniture movers Minneapolis to do that job! This way you will be sure your furniture is in the right hands.

It takes time to plan hotel relocation

Analyze and design the new office/hotel space

If you plan a hotel relocation then this is something you just have to do. When you plan this type of relocation it is important to walk around the new office space. Seek advice from interior designers, especially those who specialized in hotel designs. They will help you to turn your ideas into reality. Compare and write down old and new office space, and figure out what can and can not be changed.  This is especially important when you have to deal with utilities. These components need a lot of dedication and patience to deal with. So in the end, before you fully relocate your hotel, hire professional FF&E services that can fix and upgrade any installations your new office building have. After you collected all the info you need, hire interior designers to plan your new office. You can locate important parts of the building on the blueprints and floor prints. Remember to compare plans of the old hotel with the new ones. Also, it is important to note any possible problems that can occur. Some places are smaller, some bigger or there is no space at all. Adapt to the current situation and overcome those problems with your interior designer.

Man designs his new workplace before he plan hotel relocation.
Make a design of the new workplace

Find a reliable storage unit

While you are preparing to relocate your hotel, find a good storage unit. These units are very important since hotel relocations take time. And if you can’t move your items instantly to your new place, you need to store them somewhere. When you search for a unit make sure you follow these simple steps:

  • Measure the unit so all of your furniture and office items can actually fit
  • Storage unit must be resistant to weather. That means, there must be a constant flow of air, no leakings and fireproofing.
  • Storage unit must be in close proximity to your new desired location. If not close, then at least half the way. This way if you plan a hotel location you will be closer to your items.
  • When you are looking for a good storage unit for office then you need good

Storage units are not that hard to find. Because, if someone wants to rent a unit to you a unit, they need to pass a lot of laws and regulations. These laws and regulations regard safety, security, location and many other things. So, in the end, you will be safe knowing that your items are stored in good storage units. There is a simple guide on finding a storage unit you must follow. After all, you want to avoid any possible frauds and scams. Because even though there are strict laws, some people find a way to swindle you of your money.

storage units
Storage units are important for hotel relocation

Hire the moving company

After you are done with these preparations, it is time to find a reliable moving company. If you plan a hotel relocation, then it is important to find someone who can handle your items. When it comes to business relocations, you will have to tender it. There will be several applications from different moving companies, but remember, the cheapest solutions are not always the best. After you open all applications, you will see who offers what. Then, research the companies by looking into their website and read the reviews. If they have a lot of positive feedback from both civil and office customers, then this company is for you. Remember, there are a lot of factors that influence whether or not you will hire that specific company. And you must know them all. Besides, if you hire the cheapest company, there might be some hidden costs they are not talking about. Learn what raises the moving cost and try to avoid unnecessary payment. When you learn about that, the rest is as good as done.

Movers packing items
The cheapest moving companies are not always the best


Plan a hotel relocation with ease and without any stress! The professional moving companies are always there to help you with your office moving. Although it takes time and a lot of planning and patience, you will end up with complete success. Leave us your feedback if you already did relocations like this! We would love to hear your side of the story!