How to physically prepare for moving day

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The moving process takes a lot of time. You will have to make plans, checklists and organize your time. Except for the mental preparations you will have to think of your physical health too. People think they won’t need physical preparation and they will be able to manage without any problems. But, when the moving day comes, they realize how easier everything would be if they were exercising beforehand. Of course, you can always hire a professional moving company to assist you, but what if you need to do everything yourself? So, let’s see how to physically prepare for moving day!

How to physically prepare for moving day – workout and exercises

In order to physically prepare for moving day, you should start with workouts and exercises at least a month before the moving day. Some fitness trainers claim they can get you in a good shape for only one week. However, to be fully prepared and to avoid injuries on a moving day, it’s highly recommended to start working out at least a month before the moving day comes. Search for the exercises for:

  • Arms
  • Wrists and hands
  • Legs
  • Core and Back
  • Neck and shoulders
  • Full body workout

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Biceps and triceps are really important if you want to physically prepare for moving day. Carrying boxes and items will take a lot of energy and that’s why it is very important to do exercises for your arms. So, in order to prepare and be ready for a moving day, add some curls and pull-ups to your regular daily workout. Also, some tricep dips and bench presses will help to get you in shape for the moving day.

Wrists and hands

You will also carry a lot of items up and down the stairs and at some awkward angles. This is why you need to stretch and exercise your wrists and hands. One of the easiest workouts for your hand is to squeeze on a stress ball. You can do this while you are at work or while you are watching a movie. Also, you can practice throwing the ball from the wrist. Keep your hand down, keep it static and throw the ball using the wrist only. This can be fun because you can spend some time with your kids or friends and working out at the same time!

Stress ball will help you exercising your hands!
You can use a stress ball at your work or while you are watching a movie!


Whenever you are lifting, you should use the power of your leg muscles. Since our thigh muscles are the biggest ones in our body, it’s logical that they are the strongest ones. So, whenever you want to lift something, use your legs! That’s how you prevent spine and back injuries, and pain. Perfect exercises for your legs, to physically prepare for moving day, are squats, running stairs and lunges. Don’t forget to take care of your knees while you are doing squats, use some knee protection. If you make your muscles stronger, you will prevent joint injuries on a moving day.

Even though you are physically prepared for lifting on a moving day, you may also need some tips on how to prepare your car for relocation!

Core and Back

Most people have already learned that it’s better to lift up things with your legs. But, even if your legs are strong, you will have to stretch and do exercises to prepare your core and back for the moving day too. For starters, try to do planks and check how long you can hold in a push-up position. Also, you can take Yoga or Pilates classes focused on strength. Working out and making your core strong will help you prevent injuries during the moving day.

How to physically prepare for moving day? Make your core and back stronger by doing some planks.
Plank will make your core and back stronger! Check out how long can you last in a push-up position!

Taking care of yourself and avoiding injuries is a very important thing. Therefore, you should check how to move large items without getting injured!

Neck and shoulders

If you are planning to physically prepare for moving day, you can not skip exercises for your neck and shoulders. Whether you are lifting heavier items or small ones a lot of times you will need to prepare your shoulders for that kind of work. One of the best exercises, in order to prevent injuries in your neck and shoulders, is swimming! Even if you are moving during the winter, you can always go to some of the fitness centers with indoor pools and prepare yourself for the move.

Full body workout

The best workout is a full body workout. Try to work out as much as you can to stay healthy! It’s good to prepare a few weeks before the move, but in order to stay healthy, you should exercise all the time and at least a few times per week. Pilates and Yoga are great, but you can also try kickboxing, Crossfit or spin classes. If you would like to boost your cardio fitness, you can always take Zumba or any other dancing related classes.

 Choose between Kickboxing, Yoga, Pilates or Zumba, and stay in a good shape.
Work out a few times per week to stay healthy and be in shape!

Hire a professional moving company

Even if you are in a good shape and ready to do everything yourself, do not rush! Hiring a professional moving company can reduce the moving stress and save up some of your precious time. Also, a professional moving company will answer all of your questions related to the moving industry. Search the internet and check the reviews of different moving companies and you will easily choose the one that suits you the most. Check on some frequently asked questions about moving!

Every professional moving company has years of experience and well-trained workers. Most of the companies will offer plenty of services and, occasionally, discounts. Also, a good moving company will calculate all moving costs in advance and inform you about the price. Let’s mention some services that moving company can provide:

  • Good communication
  • Packing and Unpacking
  • A big pool of Trucks
  • Moving insurance
  • Storage units etc.

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Workout and exercises can really help in order to physically prepare for moving day and to avoid injuries. Also, it’s highly recommended to work out a few days per week if you have time, that’s how you will always be in a good shape and healthy!