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How to meet your new neighbors?

Do you feel a bit alienated in your new home after you moved to Minnesota? Are you able to come up with some ideas on how to meet your new neighbors? Having just done the stressful moving process, you probably feel exhausted from all the tasks. Packing, loading into the truck, traveling, unloading and settling in can take to much energy. Because of that people are sometimes too tired to just meet new people. Here are a few ideas that will help you settle in and find new friends!

Be polite when you meet your new neighbors

The best thing you can do when settling in is to be polite. This is not only what’s good for you but also leaves a good impression on them. In today’s modern and fast world people often forget to just smile at others. But, do not take that as something negative. After all, we can be surrounded by a lot of problems in our daily lives. You do not have to share the same interests and hobbies with them. What’s more important is, just to be friendly with them. Right after you are done with moving and all the frustrations around unpacking, take a rest. Moving to Minnesota is not a simple task. Especially if you are moving from another state. It can be difficult to settle into a new way of life. And after all, you are probably overwhelmed with all the phone calls and bureaucracy. Once a certain way of welcoming new neighbors is to do a simple „hello“ from time to time. Try to go and introduce yourself so they know who you are! Sometimes some people may be very surprised by new neighbors and get some concerns. Take it to yourself to present you in a friendly manner! A good friendship is based on pleasant relationships and saying hello the moment you meet each other!

Polite people shaking hands when they meet your new neighbours
Be polite when you meet your new neighbours

Walk around your neighborhood and explore it

While taking a rest, make sure you take a walk around the block from time to time. Even if it is not during the break, make it your daily routine. Morning or evening walks are very good for meeting new people and for your health after all. Search the internet about local places you can visit. Or simply use the topic as an opening liner you can talk about with your neighbors. Having a pet also helps! Simply because your pets will be a kind of a cure for that small dose of anxiety. It may occur because you are in a totally new surrounding! And also, you will meet other pet owners like yourself! Now, one of the best things you can do is to bake cakes, pies, and cookies as an offer of goodwill to your neighbors. The time spent outside in the outdoors whether in the garden or a park is a good stress relief. Use it as a way out of everyday stress and relaxation, as well as meeting new people! Always have that in mind before moving to Minneapolis. As it is a very vibrant city with a fast-paced kind of lifestyle. You can easily get tired quickly if you do not spend enough time for yourself!

A girl crossing the street
Take regular walks around the block

Don’t be afraid to ask for help or lend a helping hand

We all know how hard it can be to unload and unpack your things. If you have a chance, ask your neighbors for help. While they are helping you, you can take that chance and get to know them more. Most of the time people will gladly help you. But remember, do not ask for something difficult! Although they will gladly help you, it is a bit impolite to ask for some big favors. Instead, ask for some tips and tricks about the block or local quart. Or how is life in your new neighborhood, building etc? If they agree to help you with unloading, give them smaller boxes they can carry. Nothing too much, but it is still helping and it is still bonding. Now, there is always the other side of the story as well! It does happen more often than you know, but people remember what they did for you! Out of pure respect and friendship, return the favor whenever they ask you! Always be an active part of the community and help your neighbors. This is especially important if you want to settle in as a foreigner! Meet your new neighbors through the help you provide to each other. Often it is some small tasks such as to collect their mail while they are on vacation. Do those little things, they mean a lot to them! And it is the easiest way to get good with your new friends!

People asking for help
Feel free to ask them for help

Throw a party!

One of the best ways you can meet your new neighbors is to throw a small party! It doesn’t have to be something grandiose! Nor you should focus on one group of people! Instead, make a party that is welcoming to all neighbors of all ages and interests. With that in mind you will have things like:

  • Moderate amount of drinks with alcohol
  • Food is a must here! Nothing gets people closer together as much as the food! Meet your new neighbors by sharing the same taste for spicy food, for example!
  • Some soothing music to take away the everyday stress they all encounter
  • Enough place to sit for everyone that might come around!

Now, remember you should have some interesting stories to tell as well! A good conversation can tell a lot about the person! So have that in mind when you think about how to throw a party for your new neighbors.

Food on the table
Get to know your neighbors by throwing a small party

 There are certainly a lot of different ways you can meet your new neighbors! Some of them include being active in the community, or simply approach and talk to them! That ice-breaking moment is nothing hard! Everyone can do it, and some wonderful friendships can come out of it! So do not be afraid to get out and meet some new wonderful people! Share with us your experience and interesting stories you heard!