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How to find decent small moving specialists in Minneapolis?

It was always hard to decide on what moving company to hire before moving. Especially when it comes to small moving specialists in Minneapolis. This is why we wrote this article, hoping it will provide you with enough information on finding the right movers for you.  After reading this you shouldn’t have any problems with finding and hiring a reputable company.

Check companies reviews and comments

This is one of the must do things if you plan on hiring a professional mover. Often all necessary information can be found in the comment section and the feedbacks of their customers. Make sure to read them all and try to search on internet more about the company you are interested in. Also, one of the most important things to check is whether the company ever had any legal issues with someone or not. This could be crucial information because then you will know what kind of people you would (preferably not) work with.

Cartoon image of monitors
Check internet recommendations for small moving specialists in Minneapolis

Research about the legality of the moving company

This is no joke! Any reputable small moving specialists in Minneapolis has licenses and permits required to do business. You wouldn’t want to end up hiring some shady looking company that can just cost you more than you would ever expect. All legal companies should be listed in Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Visit FMCSA website and enter the companies USDOT number in the search bar. What comes out  should basically look like this:

  • Name of the company and any other name they use for doing business
  • E-mails, phone numbers, addresses, website addresses,
  • Contact information and names for the company references
  • License numbers
  • License for doing business, interstate or local.
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Check the legality of the company to avoid being scammed

Reputable small moving specialists in Minneapolis provide good service and latest equipment

As with any moving company, the most important thing is how well trained their staff is and what kind of equipment are they using?  Every reputable moving agency will provide every information they can on their website about their staff and their equipment. Trucks, vans, pickups, tools they use, and previous experience of their workers should be an available information on their web presentation. When it comes to long distance moving, you surely don’t want your items to be handled by someone without experience and bad trucks. Not only that can cost you even more since the older trucks use more gas, but you can end up with damaged belongings as well. Local moving companies in Minneapolis will surely give you all the information you will need for any long distance moving. Make sure you ask their customer service everything you want to know.

Cartoon woman holding a sign contact us
Customer service will give you all the information you need

Ask them about the estimated costs

One of the biggest issues people can have when trying to find perfect movers is the estimated costs of moving. You should „interview“ at least 3 companies before you decide which one is the best suited for you. Every company should give you the precise price of the move. There are a number of reasons why is asking for estimated costs a good thing to do. One of them is knowing about all the costs of the move and possibly about some of the hidden costs that can occur. But, in the end, no respectable moving company is going to cheat on your money with some hidden costs. They value their customers more than a few extra money they would get. After you gathered some information from the top companies of your choice, ask them to come to your home and give you on spot costs of moving. Make sure to ask them about the costs revolving around the following factors that can influence the price:

  • Acces to elevator
  • Acces to the parking lot can influence the cost of moving when hiring small moving specialists in Minneapolis
  • The width of stairs
  • The size of furniture and can it fit in the elevator
  • The distance between point A to point B. Make sure you ask your long distance movers Minneapolis about the costs of long-distance transportation.

Bad companies will try and rush you to seal the deal without mentioning hidden costs of moving and without providing precise estimates. Also, if they offer to estimate over the telephone, they will probably rig the bigger price.

Picture of cars on a parking lot
Parking proximity influences the estimated costs of moving

Common mistakes to avoid before hiring movers

Every now and then some company will try to scam their way into your wallet and take some extra money from you. Those shady movers often do not have the legal requirements to provide transporting services nor are they in any legal yellow pages. Most of the time they are some local „ I know a guy who knows some guys“ type of movers. A man with a van etc doesn’t necessary means you will get what you want. Hiring small moving specialists in Minneapolis doesn’t have o be that hard if you know what to look for if you do not want to be scammed. Some of the common mistakes you should focus on avoiding are:

  • Getting an overall estimate of the moving process. That way you will avoid any unwanted hidden costs, especially those that can happen last minute.
  • No legal company will ever ask you for your budget and build up the moving plan according to that.
  • After checking online for reviews and feedbacks, make sure there are no complaints against them.
  • Search for companies that are working for at least couple of years.
  • A good mover gets mostly positive feedback on their web pages
  • A professional moving company will never give you an estimate over the phone.
  • Be wary if the moving company is asking you for a bigger deposit than 20%. There is a rule that you should deposit only a certain amount of money. If they are going for a higher amount, they are probably going to scam you.
Cartoon chat box showing positive feedback for a small moving specialists in Minneapolis
A good moving company will have positive feedback

After reading what we think are the best ways for finding perfect small moving specialists in Minneapolis you should have a basic idea on what to do and to avoid. The process of searching doesn’t have to be stressful if you have a basic knowledge of the moving companies you want to hire. Take your time when planning your relocation and with finding that perfect relocating company Minneapolis has to offer. If you have any experience yourself, please share them with us. We are happy to hear from you!