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Always get a precise moving estimate

How much does it cost to move home? Is it expensive to move an office? A business? The answer to these questions depends on so many factors. However, what’s the same for all people, no matter what kind of relocation they are conducting, is the price they’ll pay. To help you calculate your moving costs, we decided to give you a few tips on how to get a precise moving estimate from a moving company.

Why do you need a moving estimate from movers?

This information, at the right time, is essential. Having an idea of how much your move will cost helps you a lot. It helps you compare moving companies, decide when is the right time to move, prepare a sufficient moving budget etc. Besides, who wants to do something and not know how much it will cost? The most important component of overall moving costs is the cost of your movers. This is why you must get a precise moving estimate.

How to get a precise moving estimate?

Moving quote - what does it consist of?
Components of a moving quote

There are different ways. Some companies offer fixed prices based on a number of movers and hours they work for. Others base the estimate on the distance of your move or the volume of your relocation. Some offer moving estimates online, the other over the phone, yet the others come to an in-home inspection. No matter which way your moving company provides you with the estimated cost for your relocation, here are the essential things to know:

  • Set a moving date – The date of your move directly influences the moving estimate
  • Be completely honest – No honesty – no precise moving quote
  • Decide what moving services you intend to use – The more exactly you communicate the required services with movers, the more exact moving quote you will get.
  • Be aware that different movers provide moving estimates differently – So you could know what estimates are more precise than others.

A moving date influences the moving estimate

Moving during summer might cost several times more than moving during winter, for example. At least, it’s a bit more expensive to move during a moving season than to move out of it. Setting a moving date will help with getting a precise moving quote. If you are flexible with dates, you could prepare a couple of dates to inquire about before you contact a moving company, so you could know when’s the best time for you to relocate.

Without honesty, no moving quote can be precise

Honesty is a key to a precise moving estimate
Your goal is getting a precise moving estimate – so be honest!

What does this mean? Well, no matter how your moving company is professional, attentive and ready to put an effort in making your relocation as affordable as possible, if your dishonest, you will be unhappy at the end. How? The moving professionals will ask you different things. Such as what items you are moving, what is their size and number, what’s the moving distance, or are there some difficulties connected to your relocation (for example no elevator, lots of heavy items, additional moving assistance etc.). If you don’t answer these questions honestly, you will probably get a more affordable moving estimate than the real cost of your relocation truly will be. Say you don’t mention the lack of elevator, or you don’t mention some items you’re moving.

How does this end? Well, the movers will come, they will conduct the relocation (some of them will warn you of additional costs, the others won’t), but eventually, when you arrive at your new home, you will have to pay for the real expense, and not the one based on the estimate. To avoid this problem, and prepare a sufficient moving budget, having a clear picture of your moving costs, we suggest you make sure to mention every single detail that might seem important to you. No matter whether your movers asked you about it or not.

What moving services do you intend to use?

Naturally, the more moving services you use, the higher the price for your move. Providing your movers with a precise information on what you intend to hire them for, you will get the more precise price. Some moving companies offer more moving services included in the basic package, the others offer a small basic package with lots of additional services. For instance, if you need FF&E services, you should mention it at the very beginning. First, the movers would charge you significantly more for your relocation than they estimated. Second, they might not bring the right tools for the job. Anyway, you will be the one who loses at the end. Either you will be mad for paying more than you expected, or you will be disappointed for not being provided with the moving services you need.

How different movers provide moving quotes?

  • Choose the best option for getting the most precise moving quote estimate
    Be aware there are different methods of getting a moving quote estimate

    Moving quote calculator – The most innovative moving companies offer to provide you with a moving quote by simply filling the quote form on their website. This way, you can get a precise moving quote in just a few minutes. Let’s mention again, you need to mention separately everything that might be important for your relocation.

  • In-home estimate – The moving company sends their representatives to your home. They have an insight of what items you are moving and some potential difficulties they might face, so they can provide you with a precise moving quote. However, we suggest you mention all items that you plan on moving, but they are not currently in your home.
  • Video estimate – All you need is a camera. You just go around and make a video of everything you’re moving. The company representatives then contact you with moving quote estimate.
  • Over the phone – This is the estimate you should trust the least. No phone conversation could end up with a precise moving quote. Or the conversation would last for hours.

In the end, we want to mention another thing. There are so many moving scams nowadays. Having that in mind, require an estimate in writing. Make sure it’s signed by a company’s representative. And check whether or not there is everything you agreed to. This is the only way to get a precise moving estimate you can rely on.