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Red flags for moving scams

If you’re going to be moving house, you should definitely know how to spot a fraudulent company. Hence, as reliable Minneapolis long distance movers, we want to help you learn about red flags for moving scams. After reading through this article, you will have all the necessary information you need to spot a bad deal. Then, finding quality moving services in Twin Cities will be a matter of time. So, without further ado, here is everything you need to keep an eye out for when it comes to moving companies…

There are a few essentials which every reliable moving company in MN has

A check mark for each of the criteria that warns you about red flags for moving scams.
Here are a few things which every good MN moving company will have available.

First of all, you will need to check if these movers are an actual company. One of the most common red flags for moving scams is an invalid license or the absence of one. As a local moving company in Twin Cities, we can assure you that a reliable relocation specialist will have available proof of these for you to see. But, you can still do the checking up yourself. By entering the company’s USDOT number into the website you can see if their license is valid. Also, you will be able to see the update on their insurance. If this number isn’t available to you or it shows an invalid license, it’s definitely one of the red flags for moving scams.

Another thing which every mover in Minnesota should have available is a website or a social media page. If you can’t find one, or it looks suspicious, you may need to think about another company. Unless you can easily find a Yelp page, one social media and an official website it may be a warning sign. So, we consider the absence of an internet presence as one of the red flags for moving scams.

The absence of a legitimate business address and brand presence is one of the red flags for moving scams

As we’ve briefly mentioned already, a legitimate moving company in Twin Cities will have a proper website. But, here, we don’t mean only a page online. What is definitely one of the red flags for moving scams is the absence of a brand presence. So, every legitimate moving company will have their own logo, motto and color scheme. Don’t stop at the online brand presence, either. Check for the same logo on their packaging supplies, moving vans and workers’ shirts. As a side note, be sure to look for a legitimate address on the company’s pages. It is the first sign of a moving scam.

Good rating, reviews, and reliable references are sure signs that your moving company isn’t fraudulent

When it comes to checking for red flags regarding moving scams, reviews are the best place. Go online and see the comments from previous customers on the company’s pages. If you notice a recurring theme of unsatisfactory services it’s probably one of the red flags for moving scams. Hence, take the reviews with a grain of salt, yet don’t overlook a large number of bad comments.

Next, you also ought to check out the company’s rating online. On websites like BBB, good ratings will be a sure sign of a reliable mover. While an absence of one is red flags for moving scams. Finally, be sure to also ask for references. Give the company a call and see if they can give you a few names and numbers to call. Their previous customers should be able to tell you plenty about the moving services.

A company demanding payment upfront is another one of red flags for moving scams

When you get a moving quote, you should always pay attention to the demands for a large upfront deposit. While some legitimate companies might ask for some money in advance, they won’t demand a large sum. It will simply be an insurance that you will choose their services. However, one of the red flags for moving scams is definitely a demand for the whole payment upfront. No good moving company in MN will demand that. So, we suggest that you ask the representative about payment methods during an on-site quote. But, let’s talk a little more about that…

Over the phone quotes are good, but they aren’t reliable…

Phone scams are common - so they are on the top of our red flags for moving scams.
Movers that give you only a phone estimate should set off your red flags for moving scams alarms.

Every legitimate moving company will offer you a way to get an accurate estimate. And, the best way to do this is with an in-house one. Hence, when you call the Minnesota movers you’re considering, they should definitely offer one. Usually, this is done completely at no charge and at a time of your convenience. During the on-site estimate, there are some red flags for moving scams you should keep an eye out for, too. For example, if the representative isn’t asking any questions, it isn’t a good sign. The on-site estimate should be a two-way conversation. They should ask you about your belongings and access to your home. They will need to know if there is anything fragile or valuable which the workers should pay attention to. Also, you will have the chance here to ask about any dilemmas you may have. Find out more about the company and the moving services they offer. If you need a run-through of the moving day or a price breakdown, it shouldn’t be an issue.

A binding estimate is another thing any reliable MN moving company will offer you

Two people closing a business deal after checking for all red flags for moving scams.
When you’ve found a good and reliable moving company in MN it’s time to sign the quote and relocate.

When it comes to on-site quotes, they are usually binding. This means that on moving day there won’t be any additions to the costs. Hence you won’t be blindsided by a high quote you aren’t ready for. Instead, you will have a budget plan in place which will be completely planned out. Some moving scams use this loophole in order to pile on charges for a higher quote on relocation day. So, when you do get an in-house estimate, be sure to ask if it’s binding. The representative will tell you about the details of the quote and why it is or isn’t so. In case you’re booking packing and unpacking services, too, you will definitely need a reliable binding quote.