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Highest paying jobs in Twin Cities

Moving to a new location without proper preparation can be really difficult. Especially if you didn’t start searching for the highest paying jobs in Twin Cities. This article will provide you with all the information on jobs with the highest pay. Also with demand in Twin Cities so you can casually prepare yourself for a job hunt.  Having a proper information can lead to finding a job easier! And depending on your qualifications you can know what kind of job you can search for.

Polish your CV before searching for highest paying jobs in Twin Cities

In order to find a proper job fast and easy, you need to update your CV. Try to put up a front all of your biggest achievements yet. Your potential employer doesn’t want to know all the details from your resume. This is why it is very important to have a concise CV with precise information. Employers value their time! They do not want to spend it wasting on reading about something irrelevant you did years ago. That doesn’t affect the probability of you getting hired. Also, update all social networking profiles you have. Sometimes your employer might ask for your Facebook profile, LinkedIn, Up Work etc. It is the same as with CV. Put only that information which is relevant to your skills.

Hand writing CV
Remember to update your CV

Financial professionals

If you are into finance and financial planning, then this is the thing for you. The true goal of financial professionals is to help businesses and individuals address their goals. Then lead them with financial strategies, risk management, and investment services. As a highly motivated and achievement-driven person, you should be searching for a job like this. If those are the driving forces behind your success then you are in luck! Hard work in financial professionals game pay of greatly.  So if you are planning on moving to the Twin Cities for a job hunt in this field then you are in luck. Having to focus on such a difficult and demanding job can be stressful. And you really do not need that kind of stress before searching for a job. This is why it is a smart idea to try and hire reliable Minneapolis movers. It’s the best way to make sure your job hunt is going without any worries whatsoever.

people making financial plans over a paper
Financial professionals are well paid

Most of the time employers won’t ask for an economics or finance degree in order to be a great financial professional. The company that hires you will provide you with the necessary training. That’s all you need to become a great financial professional.  The average salary of financial professionals is around $140.000 per year making this one of the highest paying jobs in Twin Cities.

Construction managers

Construction management jobs are always in demand. Especially if you are living in towns with constant investing and urbanization. Construction managers, as one of the highest paying jobs in Twin Cities, requires a great amount of dedication and devotion because a lot of investment is at stake. Construction managers use specialized, project management techniques to look over plans, designs and project construction. From start till end. Your job would be to control the cost, time and quality of the project, making sure all deadlines are met and no money is lost. The salary of a construction manager goes around $93.000 with an average entry-level salary of $56.000.

Cartoon woman with protection west and helmet
Construction managers make sure everything is going according to plan


As a pediatrician, your responsibility is a welfare and health care for children, infants, and adolescents. Pediatricians hold a high place as one of the highest paying jobs in Twin Cities. They pay around $200.000 a year and with an average entry-level salary of $135.000. This job is now in demand because Twin Cities show a significant rise in newborn babies. The current amount of pediatricians is apparently not enough so they are looking for new ones right now. If by any chance, you are one then it is a smart idea to search for a job in that field in Twin Cities.  Make no mistake, there is a lot of competition out there in the job market within the medical community. This is why you must focus 100% on getting that job. This is why most of the people recommend you to hire reliable moving companies that are highly professional and value your time. City Moving and Storage Minnesota companies will finish your moving to Twin Cities in no time, giving you enough time to focus on landing that pediatrician job.

a doctor with coffee
Paediatricians are among the highest paying jobs in Twin Cities

Marketing Managment

As we mentioned before, all the investment and constant developing require a lot of dedication and hard work of the management sector. This is not any different for marketing management. A lot of new businesses opens up in Twin Cities and marketing managers are in high demand especially now. Twin Cities received a big flux of investments in the past couple of years. That gave an opportunity for new businesses to open. Salary of a marketing manager is $140.000 with entry level salary $77.000. make no mistake, highest paying jobs in Twin Cities are also very demanding. This is the case with marketing management as well. You will be obliged to meet certain standards. This is because most of the companies income depend on your marketing capabilities. This particular job is not only one of the highest paid job but also one of the most popular jobs among other popular jobs in Twin Cities.

man drawing on board as one of the Highest paying jobs in Twin Cities
Marketing managers are crucial for a successful company


We can’t stress enough how important lawyers are to a constantly developing place. No, the lawyers are not like in the popular tv shows such as Ally McBeal. The law is a vast place of rules and regulations and there are different types of lawyers as well. But do not let that discourage you from searching for a job as a lawyer. Lawyers make around  $124.000 a year with an average entry-level salary of $55.000. Looking for a job in the law field would be a smart idea to do this year around. If you are headed into that direction and you are preparing for a job hunt, make sure you know all the tips and tricks about finding a job before you begin.

Law books
Lawyers play a huge role in interpreting the law

It can be rather difficult to find a perfect job in Twin Cities. Especially if you do not know what are the highest paying jobs in Twin Cities this year. We hope we gave you enough information about it! Now you will know whether or not it is worth it to search for a job here. Also, this information can give you an idea of what to study. If you are looking into what jobs are in demand. If you have any questions and suggestions please leave them in the comment section below! We are happy to hear from you!