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Best places for startups in Minnesota

Being a young entrepreneur in the 21st century can be really hard if you are not in touch with current events in the world. Especially if you are planning and searching for the best places for startups in Minnesota. This led us to write an article to help you find a perfect place to start your own business. We will discuss a bit about your CV and where you can search for those cities and towns. We hope this article will provide you with enough information to get your business going and become successful.

Work on your CV and social media profiles

Before you even begin searching for the best places for startups in Minnesota it is very important to polish your cv and other social media profiles. Most of the times when applying for a new job or starting startup investors will like to see your resume and other profiles if you have. There you should present them with your best achievements. This is important because they wouldn’t like to see a cramped up CV, resume or profile.  They are not interested in small jobs you did as a teen or some other irrelevant things. Present them only with you major successes and tell them what motivates you to start your own business. Try to keep things short and precise. If you have profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn or Upwork, make sure you update them also.

Things can unfortunately always go south when it comes to planning on a startup. This is why you should always pay some attention to details in your CV before you plan on moving to Twin Cities. You can even work on them while you are traveling to your new home.

CV and a cartoon woman holding a lap top
Best places for startups in Minnesota like to see a good CV

What are startups and how do they work?

Startup companies are entrepreneurial ventures. In other words, those are new and small businesses that emerged recently and are aiming to meet all the needs of the marketplace in order to develop a viable business. They develop it around their products, process, services or platforms. Startups are usually companies designed to effectively develop and validate scalable business models. Although, they have high failure rates, those who manage to succeed become very large companies with a high level of influence.

People writing on paper and lap top
If you wish to succeed have a good business plan

There are numerous other examples of startups and their models. It all depends on what your idea is. Whether it is IT or any other sector, they require careful planning and concentration. You need to have all the possible negative effects in mind in order to prepare adequate answers to them. That is why it is very important to be 100% you are ready to start your own startup before you move to Minnesota. In the end, we all know how exhausting moving can be, this is why we think it would be best if you hire some reliable City Moving and Storage Minnesota movers to help you, while you focus on your startup.

Best places for startups in Minnesota

As we mentioned before, there are numerous places for every startup there is. Depending on your business plan and what services you provide, you can search for different cities in Minnesota. Listed below is what we consider are best places for startups in Minnesota. There are a lot of other places you can find a job or start a startup in Minnesota. Make sure you research them all.

Thief River Falls

This beautiful city is located just 70 miles south of the Canadian border. Population goes around 8.652 and it is one of the smallest cities on our list. Seven Clans Casinos are located here. Snowboard manufacturer Arctic Cat is also located here. If your startup revolves around IT sector then you are in luck. This city hosts Digi-Key company. They are electronic parts suppliers. What is also very important to know is that the city is benefiting from a low unemployment rate and high average revenue per business. The Thief River Falls Chamber of Commerce offers members various benefits that include networking events, business workshops and assistance with promotional activities. This small city could be a perfect place for an IT startup. There are also other places good for IT sector in Minnesota.

cartoon man programing
Thief River Falls is great for young IT experts


Southwest of Minneapolis, there is Edina. A beautiful city with over 40 parks and facilities for recreation. Among them are Edina Aquatic Center, Braemar Golf Course, Alden park and Braemar Field with Edina Art Center. Why this city is on our list is because the average revenue per business is pretty high and the unemployment rate is very low. There are several notable and very successful companies here which are:

  • Barr Engineering Co
  • Jerry’s Foods
  • Regis Crop
  • Woullet Bakery
  • Tavern on France

As you may notice, there are a lot of places that revolve their businesses around food. If your startup includes food production then this is the right city for you. Young entrepreneurs can ask the Edina Chamber of Commerce for help and opportunities in network and grow their businesses.

Items in the store shelf
Edina is perfect for food production

Golden Valley

This suburb, with its 21,000 citizens, has the highest average revenue per business. They are benefiting from a really low unemployment rate also. Major employers in Golden Valley are:

  • General Mills
  • Allianz Life
  • Honeywell
  • UnitedHealth Group
  • Pentair

TwinWest Chamber of Commerce serves this suburb. They provide their members with a lot of opportunities for business growth throughout networking opportunities, events, workshops and business programs. As you may notice, the most popular jobs and businesses revolve around health care. Does your startup include something around health? Then go to Golden Valley and see what you can do. Medical care is among the most desired and popular jobs in Minnesota among other jobs.

Businesses around medicine and health are in demand in Golden Valley

Best places for startups in Minnesota are not easy to find. We hope our small guide and list gave you a basic idea on what to expect and do before searching for them. Make sure you researched well before entering the world of startups. Leave a comment below if you think we missed something! We are happy to hear from you soon!