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Benefits of moving to Maple Grove, MN

Sometimes the time comes when we want to make certain changes in our lives. Whether for educational, career or any other purpose those changes must always be positive. That is why we are going to help you with your decision about moving to Maple Grove, MN. This article should give you enough information about this lovely city that will make your moving decision easier and stressless.

Before moving to Maple Grove, MN

Located in Hennepin County, MN, Maple Grove is ever growing city. Latest population census shows that the current number of population is 68.390. Maple Grove has many important roles in the northwest region of the Twin Cities. Most important roles are in culture, retail, and medical services. In Maple Grove, you can also find a largest and the biggest shopping center in this region. It is called The Shoppes at Arbor Lakes. Largest Hindu temple in Minnesota is also located here in Maple Grove.

Maple groove economy 

Maple Grove is one of those places with a very good economy and job opportunities. It is a home to Boston Scientific research, development and manufacturing facilities, with over 3000 people employed. Some of the other major employers are Independent School District, employing over 300 people. This means that it would not be a bad idea if you decide to hire local movers Maple Grove and mover here in search of a job in science or educational field. Another large job supplier here is Tiller Corporation and C.S. McCrossan. They are active since the 1920s and own over 2000 acre of gravel mining areas.  So,  searching for a job in mining filed is also a great plus for moving to Maple Grove, MN.

Arrows pointing up
Moving to Maple Grove, MN for a job is a smart move. The economy is on the rise here

Education in Maple Grove

When it comes to Maple Grove education, its public schools are mostly part of the Osseo Area School District 279. The following areas are also part of this district:

  • Plymouth
  • Dayton
  • Corcoran
  • Brooklyn Park
  • Brooklyn Center
  • Hassan

Only public high school located here is Maple Grove Senior High School.  In 1988, Pembrook Elementary School opened for the first time. Superintendent for this area is Kate Maguire. Another portion of Maple Grove is served by Wayzata Public Schools. There are other schools in Maple Grove such as Heritage Christian Academy, Ave Maria Academy and Parnassus Preparatory School, with the last two being private schools.

Cartoon kids holding giant pen
There are a lot of good elementary schools in Maple Groove

Maple Grove is very high ranked when it comes to its educational system, for children and teens.  This is considered as one of its big pluses when making a decision on moving to Maple Grove, MN.  There are also a lot of other activities for children and teens here. So if you decide to move here, consider finding suitable storage units in Maple Grove that will help you store your items until you settle in completely.

Maple Grove housing

There is a wide range of options when it comes to housing. From rental to beautiful single family homes and townhouses with very gorgeous views to communities for seniors. If you are moving to Maple Grove, MN with a family, rest assured that there are enough rooms for your entire family and enough play areas in the house and parks. Every house comes with a beautiful backyard made especially for families. According to the recent government data, there are:

  • Over 26.000 housing units in Maple Grove
  • 000 are occupied by owners
  • 600 are rented
  • There are 432 available housing units

Median house value in Maple Grove is $281000, with average home value going for $327000. This show that the majority of houses in Maple Grove are owned rather than rented. People move here to start a family, or for a new career. Either way, they chose to buy a house instead of renting it.

keys in a lock after moving to Maple Grove, MN
Over 80% of homes are owned rather than rented

Interesting things in Maple Grove

Everyone who wants to move to a new city wants great stability, job, education and medical services. Having all that, all that is left is a good social life and things to do in the free time. This is why Maple Grove takes good care of its resident’s social life with a vast array of places you can visit any time. So while you are preparing to move, and figuring out where to get supplies for packing, rest assured there are places you can visit once you arrive here. They are perfect if you wish to take a rest from the relocation and just ease for a bit. Some of those places are:

  • Elm Creek Regional Park – This beautiful park is hosting various festivals and activities throughout the year. Every season has its own events like concerts, museums and many other. Consider visiting Elm Creek Regional Park after moving to Maple Grove, MN.
  • Maple Grove Library – If you are a bookworm then this is a perfect place for you. Maple Grove library is relatively new and by its architecture, it looks like an open book from the outside. If you are looking for the latest bestsellers or classics, this is the place that surely has them.
  • Black Forest Boutique – Don’t let its name frighten you! This is an old one-room schoolhouse filled with antique handmade items. From the glass, ceramic and wooden items, you can find it all here. These items are very fragile and you should consider a few tips and tricks on moving glass items before you buy them. You wouldn’t like to end up with broken items when you get home.

Sometimes it can be hard to find reasons for moving to Maple Grove, MN. This is why we wrote this article hoping it will help you to make that decision a lot easier. Don’t be shy, let us know what we missed in the comment section below. We are happy to hear from you, as well as our other readers!