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Apartment or house in MN - Which do people prefer?

When planning a move there are a few important decisions you will need to make before even setting a moving date. The very first one will most likely be whether you should live in an apartment or house in MN. Finding the best housing option for you and your family is a major pre-move task. Therefore, don’t rush this decision. Take your time, research and evaluate both options.

home sweet home
Let us help you find the best housing option

What are your priorities?

When moving to a city, especially one like Minneapolis, you might have to compromise and downsize by moving to a smaller apartment downtown. Or maybe you won’t mind a longer commuting time in order to live in a house in the suburban area. Whatever the case may be, you need to make a list of priorities well in advance so you could easily decide on whether you want to move to an apartment or house in Minnesota.

Make sure you list priorities of both yourself and your family and evaluate which are the most important ones. This way when settling in Minnesota you will exactly know what it is that you require your future home to have. All of which might save you much valuable time while deciding whether you are searching for an apartment or house in MN.

Here are a few important questions to ask yourself:

  • How much living space do you need? – Is the most important question to answer while evaluating whether to rent an apartment or house in MN. If you have children, renting a house may provide you with a higher quality of life. While moving to an apartment might be a better solution for singles and couples.
  • What is your budget? – Imagining your perfect new home is one thing. However, making sure you stay on a planned budget can be difficult. In order to save time and find the best apartment or a house in MN, make sure you create a budget well in advance. Therefore you will get a clear idea of available housinoptionsns.
  • How important is the location? – Do you need to be a good school district? Or you want to cut the commute time by moving downtown?

Living in an apartment

an apartment building
Moving to an apartment has many great perks

Living in an apartment has its conveniences as well as its bad sides. Whether it is due to the need to downsize and live in smaller space or the location, moving to a new apartment in MN will be a major change. Let’s take a quick look at the pros of living in an apartment:

Low costs

When it comes to rent and bills, apartments can require far fewer spendings than houses. Therefore you will be able to stay on the budget and organized.

No maintenance

House chores like mowing the lawn, cleaning the gutters or gardening won’t be a problem in you live in an apartment. Also, apartment buildings usually have a property manager that will take care of any issue you might have.

Additional amenities

Living in an apartment block usually includes perks of additional amenities like laundry rooms, pools, BBQ areas etc. Amenities like this are not only convenient but also give you an opportunity to meet your neighbors and have fun.


If location is your major concerns, the decision whether you should rent an apartment or house in MN will be easy. Many people decide to downsize when moving to Twin Cities or other large metropolitan areas and rent an apartment downtown. Choosing to live in an apartment gives you an opportunity to be more picky about the location. Family homes are rarely available close to a city downtown or a business area. Therefore, living in an apartment might help you cut the commuting time.

Apartment complexes are usually built close to some of the best city amenities like shopping malls, parks etc.

Safety and community

Apartment buildings usually have alarms systems that cover the entire property, and a potential thief will have more troubles getting into your apartment than a house.

Living in an apartment building gives you an opportunity to easily meet new friends and create long terms friendships. Also, having your friends nearby will also increase the safety of both you and your belongings.

Moving to a house in MN

a family home
Moving to a house will give you more privacy and a larger living space

Living in a house is a dream come true for many families.  A house gives you more opportunities when it comes to organizing your living space. As there are many additional reasons why moving to a house rather than to an apartment is a great idea, let’s take a look at the most important ones:

More living space

Living in a house will allow you to entertain, and have a much larger living area. Even though, living in an apartment might sound cheaper, not having enough space can influence your quality of life. Finding secured and safe storage units in MN might be a solution when moving to an apartment. However not having all of your belongings in your home may sometimes be less than convenient.

Better quality of life for families

Having more space and a family house can mean a much better quality of life for your children.  There is always a compromise you could make if the location of your home is an issue and you want to live close to a larger metropolitan area. Moving to some of the best neighborhood for families in Twin Cities might be the best solution. Therefore, you will be able to find a home in a great school district and be close to your work.

Privacy and leisure

Being friendly with your neighbors can help you meet some friends. However, for some people, having your friends living just on the other side of a wall may be too much. Moving to a house in MN will give you more privacy than living in an apartment. Also, having a family home allows you to optimize it to your needs. You can build a swimming pool in your backyard. Or install a swingset for your kids to enjoy playing outside.

Moving to an apartment or house in MN – How to decide

By pointing out the benefits of both options we have tried to help you evaluate both housing solutions. However, the final decision shouldn’t be made quickly. Make sure you check your list of priorities before you start searching for a specific house or an apartment to rent or buy.

apartment or house in mn
Make the right decision by double checking the priority list

Your budget plan can also be helpful. Make sure you double check it and add any extra costs that may appear along the way. Don’t forget to include the moving expenses as well. Interstate relocation can turn out to be quite pricey and may affect your budget. Therefore, make sure you find reliable movers Eagan MN that can meet all of your requirement and the budget. With a professional mover, you can ensure you can customize the services so it doesn’t affect the budget while moving to an apartment or house in MN.