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Affordable moving and storage MN companies

Most homeowners, in our experience, focus on the costs. The rule of the thumb when choosing one of the moving and storage MN companies is always affordability. So, we wanted to tell you a bit more about what you should know when making your pick. We hope that, by reading a tad about how our customers choose us, you can make the best possible choice in the end. Hence, we will touch the topics of how you can find quality affordable moving and storage MN companies. Also, we will tell you a bit about the services movers can offer and how to decide what is the best option for your relocation. Without further ado, from the best movers Twin Cities straight to your ears…

The first thing we want to tell you about is where we draw our knowledge from

We have been working as both St. Paul movers and a long-distance moving company in Minneapolis for years. So, both our representatives and our workers have had the chance to talk to numerous customers and find out what their needs during the moving process are. Through this, we’ve worked to tailor our moving services MN, as well as our prices, in order to be one of the most high-quality and affordable moving and storage MN companies in the city. Of course, moving house wasn’t the only thing which we focused one. We understand that most homeowners have trouble moving into their new home with all of their belongings. This is why we offer affordable Minneapolis storage units for rent, as well. And, from all of the experience and various services, we want our customers to be satisfied in the end. So, this is how we believe that quality and affordable moving and storage MN companies should be found and selected.

First thing’s first, you should know what you want from your affordable MN movers

In other words, we’re going to talk a bit about different services which moving and storage MN companies offer and when you should choose which. There is usually a bit of confusion with our customers when we talk about this first. And, of course, you can always first find the potential movers for the job, and then decide on the particular services. But, in our opinion, this is simply the easier way to organize. So, start with planning your moving budget and then, figure out what you actually want to do.

Moving completely DIY in Minneapolis – is it the least expensive option?

Piles of coins - will you save that much by moving DIY?
Is DIY moving really cheaper? We’ll let you decide…

There is a common myth among homeowners that a DIY relocation is the cheapest relocation. In our experience, it truly can be. However, there are occasions when it isn’t. And, there are occasions when moving cheap comes at a higher price – time, stress and fatigue. So, here’s what you should know about DIY relocation in MN. Moving DIY is a good way to go in case you’ve got a small apartment. Without too much stuff, you are truly able to complete both the packing and the loading. Also, consider the time frame which you’re looking at. Moving house without one of the moving and storage MN companies means a slower relocation. Hence, if you’ve started early enough, you won’t have any trouble.

Though, if you’re short on time, it may be a better idea to hire professionals, in the end. If you need to add up the costs of a DIY move in order to decide, here are the basics. Our former customers have told us that our quotes were often more affordable than their DIY relocation sum. And, they had included the truck rental, packaging supplies, gas, insurance and any additional fees into their calculation. If, in the end, you decide to choose between one of the moving and storage MN companies or DIY purely on the price, we would advise still asking for a couple of in-house estimates. It will help you get a clear picture of what kind of money is being talked about.

Hiring one of the moving and storage MN companies partially – still a cost-efficient method?

In our experience as long-distance MN movers, this is usually the most common type of relocation. Homeowners choose to cut the costs of their relocation by packing their belongings themselves. However, they hire professional movers in Minnesota to load, transport and unload their boxes. Is this a cost-efficient method? We think so. With a good local moving company in MN, you will get a fair price for your relocation. We advise that you always be careful of scams, too. But, we will get into that a bit later down the road. For now, let us tell you about the second partially DIY move which you can make.

A piano is one of the most difficult items to relocate - hire reliable MN movers if you have one.
If you need to move a piano, consider hiring MN movers to do this.

The other option when you realize to hire your movers, but not for the whole home, is with specialized items. Every homeowner has one or two of these. It could be a giant wardrobe which you can’t really move on your own. Or, it could be a piano or a pool table. Most good moving and storage MN companies will offer you a cost-efficient compromise with these items. They could offer you packing and unpacking services MN only for these items. Or, they could give you a completely separate, let’s say, piano moving service. While this does cost more, it’s also safer. With difficult items workers know exactly what they’re doing. They bring their own equipment, packing supplies and they have plenty of experience in relocating them from home to home.

Hiring reliable Minnesota movers to do it all – the last-minute mover’s dream!

Putting your feet up out the car window without any stress - it's easy to move with a good moving and storage MN company.
A move can be done with no stress at all with one of the reliable moving and storage MN companies.

Finally, there is this moving method. And, while you may think that it’s expensive or inconvenient, there actually a lot of people who opt for it. Simply, it’s a hassle-free and stress-free way of relocating to your new home. You will call the affordable moving and storage Minneapolis company of your choice and they will come to your home. After they see everything you want to move, they can give you an accurate moving estimate. Then, on moving day, workers will arrive at your home, bringing their packaging supplies and equipment along. They will proceed to pack every item in your household professionally and efficiently. After loading and transporting these belongings, they will unload the moving van as per your instructions. Furthermore, there are plenty of moving and storage MN companies which will also offer unpacking services. So, what a hassle-free move for us means is that you practically won’t have to lift a finger.

Now, it’s time to talk about actually finding quality and affordable moving and storage MN companies

Here, we’d like you to take a pen and paper and open your moving binder. In case you’re using your cellphone to store all the information for your Minnesota relocation, open that app or file. It’s time to write down names and contact number of moving companies in Minnesota. If you’ve got the time, we always advise that you start with more than five potential moving services. In our experience, this will give you the chance to hear more quotes, input about your move and simply give you more information about relocating. But, where should you get these names and numbers?

A pen and paper to jot down information about moving and storage MN companies.
It’s time to make a list – grab a pen and some paper!

Start with friends and family. Most of our customers come through word-of-mouth, as well. Simply, after we do a great job helping people move house, they eagerly recommend us. And, this will be the case with the rest of good and affordable moving and storage companies in Minnesota. Also, ask any neighbors who have moved house recently. In our experience, you will get at least two or three companies this way. We suggest that you write down their full company name, contact number, the name of the contact person if possible, as well as some additional notes. In these notes jot down if anyone has to say anything especially good about the movers or anything to watch out for.

Though, finding a moving company in MN isn’t always easy. If your friends can’t recommend anyone, it’s time to hit the search engine. You will be able to find plenty of moving and storage MN companies if you simply look them up. Take a few minutes and browse around their website. If you like them, jot down their contact information. It’ll be simple to give them a call and check out how good they actually are. Which is our next topic…

You should know how reliable these Minnesota moving and storage companies are

This is the time when we’d like to mention those moving scams again. They may not be as frequent in Minnesota as they are in New York, for example. However, it’s always best to know what some of the red flags are. And, while making sure that the affordable moving and storage MN companies you’ve chosen are reliable, you’ll narrow down your list. We wanted to give you some insight into what the important qualities of good MN movers are.

Looking at clues through the looking glass.
Be a detective – is your moving company in MN reliable?

So, here’s what we suggest:

  • License and registration, please – it’s fairly easy to check. With a simple search of the moving company’s USDOT number, you can get this information. It’s essential that you hire only licensed and insured movers. If not, their service can’t be guaranteed. This means that you may be walking into a scam.
  • Reviews can tell a lot about a company – give them a read. Affordable moving and storage MN companies aren’t rare. So, what sets one apart from the other? Their exceptional service! Read through the reviews on Yelp or any other pages to get to know them better.
  • It’s time to meet – call the MN movers. This is the perfect time to ask for some references in person, too. Any representative should be eager to give them, as well as schedule an in-house estimate.
  • An on-site estimate is a must – they are reliable. If a moving company in MN doesn’t want to give you an in-house estimate, this is a red flag. Usually, in-house estimates are free and they are a must. After all, they are the only reliable way to give an accurate quote.
  • Method of payment – only the safe option. We feel like we should briefly mention that large cash advances are a red flag in the moving industry. No respectable MN mover will ask for one.

And then, you will have an in-house quote with your reliable moving and storage MN companies

And yes, we do mean companies. While the list should’ve narrowed down by a name or two, there still ought to be a couple of relocation companies which you’re considering. So, it’s time to invite them to your home and have them assess your belongings. While quotes over the phones can be given, in our experience, they tend to be unreliable. Simply, you’re always forgetting one thing or another to add to the list of your belongings. And, that’s one of the most common things in the chaos of moving house.

So, when you schedule an in-house estimate, you should be ready for the MN moving company’s representative. Open your moving binder or cellphone app and jot down all of their answers to your questions. Ask them about insurance, additional costs or any extra fees. Also, if you need special moving services, for a piano, for example, this is the time to ask. It’s also a good idea to confirm the name, contact person and contact number of the movers at this time. Though, you shouldn’t be the only one asking questions. The representative of the moving company in Minnesota should have plenty, as well. If not, this is another fraud red flag.

Finally, it’s time to choose your reliable MN movers

Making a business deal after choosing one of the moving and storage MN companies.
Finally, when you know which of the moving and storage MN companies, it’s time to pick one.

So, we’re at the end of this, rather long, article. And, we hope that with this we’ve helped you when choosing moving and storage MN companies is concerned. The only thing left, really, is to make your choice. If you’ve followed our steps, you should have all the necessary information. Take a look at your notes about the pros and cons of each company. Also, take the affordability of their quotes into consideration. In the end, you should also let your gut tell you which company is a good one. And, you should have the best MN movers already eager to help you relocate!