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Why you shouldn't try a DIY move

Moving is an expensive business. There are boxes and materials to buy, utilities to cancel and set up, etc. And this is all not including the costs of selling and getting a new house. And sometimes you will have to move even though you are running out of money. This is why a lot of people are tempted to try and do it by yourself. However, we strongly discourage you to do that, even if you are moving locally. In this article, we give you some of the most important reasons why you shouldn’t try a DIY move.

You shouldn’t try a DIY move if you can’t handle the stress

You shouldn’t try a DIY move because it can get stressful.
You shouldn’t try a DIY move because it can get stressful.

Usually, you will come home from work and all you will want to do is sit back in your chair and have a nice evening, resting. However, if you are moving by yourself, this isn’t the time to rest. As the clock ticks to the moving day, you will only get more and more anxious. Instead of resting, you will need to use the after work hours to pack your items. You will need to go through them, sort them out, decide what goes and what stays. It’s true you will have to do this even with movers, however, this is where the similarities stop.

You shouldn’t try a DIY move because you will need to pack your items yourself. This includes finding the right boxes, going out to get them, and carefully packing everything up. You will also need to find not only the boxes but packing materials too – tapes, markers, packing paper, bubble wrap…

This consumes time and causes so much stress. Instead, you can just hire some professional Minneapolis movers, and they can do this for you. They will also have the perfect boxes and the right packing materials for you. Thus, you will have more time for yourself, and you will deal with less stress in the whole process.

DIY takes a lot of planning

You will also need a lot of time to properly plan your move. True, you will need some planning when using a moving company, but when doing a DIY move, everything falls down on your shoulders. You will have to think about packing, but also renting a moving truck, which roads to take, all the expenses, insurances for your furniture, getting friends to come and help and coordinating everything. This can often be a daunting task, and it will only add more stress and more things to do to your already long list.

You shouldn’t try a DIY move because it costs money

DIY move can be expensive too!
DIY move can be expensive too!

Some may think that getting some reliable St. Paul movers is far more expensive than doing it on your own, but it’s often untrue. There are so many hidden expenses that go into a DIY move, that make the experience not only tiring, but costly in the long run. For example, you will spend countless nights online searching for the right boxes. And even if you find the right ones, they will probably not come cheap.

Then, you might need to rent a truck. However, renting a truck is not an easy task. And even if you do find a cheap one, no one can guarantee that your truck will be reliable. It may not even be made for transporting items like furniture. It can be dirty, or it might not have a temperature controlled environment, as well. Depending on what kind of items you have, you can talk to your moving company and get an appropriate truck, which can be hard when trying to pull a DIY move.

You shouldn’t try a DIY move because you won’t have insurance

You shouldn't try a DIY move because there's a risk of injury.
You shouldn’t try a DIY move because there’s a risk of injury.

Another thing people sometimes forget is that moving is dangerous. This is one of the main reasons why you shouldn’t try a DIY move. There are many dangers to consider. Your items will probably not be insured. If something wrong happens, you (or your friends) will be the only people responsible. It is cheaper to get insurance from a good moving company then replace a $1000 worth item that someone accidentally drops and breaks.

Also, moving is dangerous for people involved! They will need to do a lot of heavy lifting and carrying things back and forth to the truck and from it. Injuries can happen easily. However, if you employ a professional moving service, the movers will have experience. They will not be prone to get injured, and they will know how to properly handle heavy boxes as well as your furniture.

You shouldn’t try a DIY move because you don’t have experience

Again, this goes along with getting professional movers to properly pack and transport your furniture. Let’s face the facts – you probably haven’t moved more than ten times in your life. Professional movers tackle moving jobs a couple of times per week, and so they have quite a lot of experience points. Whether it comes to packing stuff properly, managing their transportation or unpacking them from the truck – they have done it all. Couch gets stuck in the elevator or on the stairs? They have probably done it. Long driveway or a house hard to come close to? Probably done it.

They will also have the proper tools for the move. Maybe you have all the proper packing supplies and boxes, but there are also different lifts, dollies, hand trucks, furniture lifts, etc. And you probably have none of these to help you out. Renting these along with the moving truck is just adding more costs to your budget.

Professional movers are also quite efficient. The sooner your move starts and ends, the less stress you will have. Movers who already have experience in moving have knowledge of the easiest and fastest ways to move your furniture around. This will save you a lot of money, and so it will reduce the stress. You will also be sooner in your new home, unpacked, resting in your favorite armchair.