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Top Job Opportunities in Minneapolis & St. Paul

You made a New Year’s resolution to change careers. Or, if you’re a fresh graduate – you decided to snatch your first job? Or, you just moved to the Twin Cities (using St. Paul moving services) and you’re looking for a job? Either way, you can find loads of job opportunities in Minneapolis & St. Paul. This place is simply packing with chances to spin your business life around.

The internet is an endless source of such information. The U.S. News and World Report have shown a list of 100 best jobs, that are spread across numerous categories. These jobs were chosen by the amount of pay you receive as well as other factors (growth potential, how fun it is, etc.).

From healthcare to marketing, jobs you can find in the Twin Cities are vast.
You will have a large number of choices for your dream job in the Twin Cities.

There are numerous motivations to seek a new job. You might be receiving very low paychecks, or you might feel pressured by the astronomical student loan… Either way, it never really comes down to just the salary. Work-life balance is equally important, as well as growth potential and the amount of satisfaction with the job.

As far as the Twin Cities go, most of the top job opportunities in Minneapolis & St. Paul are tied to healthcare. Not all of them, but a lot. Aside from this sector, there are jobs in the field of statistics, information technologies, and mathematics. The following article will list some of the best job opportunities in Minneapolis & St. Paul. And aside from that, you will always have things to do in the Twin Cities.

Top Job Opportunities in Minneapolis & St. Paul

The first several job recommendations will be within the healthcare sector. However, these will not be the only jobs listed.

Job opportunities in Minneapolis & St. Paul are immense, you just have to look for them!
Endless opportunities await in the Twin Cities!


A highly appreciated profession, very much sought after. If you have the skills and the knowledge (including education) to perform in this field you might be seeing a new job after only a few days. Also, another good thing you can do with this trade is to start a practice of your own. You will almost never run out of potential customers.

Other than that there are practices that are wishing to hire new dentists. They offer an immediate start, working four days a week from 8 am to 5 pm. Something they seek is at least two years of working experience, however, even less than that will be considered.

Nurse Anesthetist

Another highly desired job is a nurse specialized in anesthetics. This is a very touchy field of medicine and a very dangerous one at that. This is why professionals are always wanted, in all manners of practice – be it a hospital or a dentists office.

There are countless benefits for such candidates, and hospitals are basically competing to get the best possible candidates for themselves. This means offering very hefty compensation offers as well as bonuses and perks.


The job os a statistician is to ensure that all statistical programs that are being used are in compliance with the program coding. Furthermore, statisticians need to utilize, and in some cases create their own, reporting systems with the implementation of macro features. And all sorts of work in this world will need a statistical analysis, from flying to space to ff&e installations.

This is no easy job and it requires not only a very special skillset but a very special personality as well. Me, personally, I could never do such a job. I can’t focus that well, I would be making tons of mistakes and most importantly – I would be bored out of my mind. However, there are people who are both good at it and enjoy it, which makes them the perfect candidate. Such candidates will have no trouble finding a job in the desired sector.

Computer Systems Analyst

These rock stars are ever so wanted in companies that deal with information technologies. Moreover, this has taken far more hold with the advancement of technologies in the world. The more the technologies available to companies and people evolve – the higher the demand for information technology experts.

The jobs you can try to grab vary from healthcare to statistics, IT and mathematics. Take your pick!
Healthcare or IT, statistics, and analytics? Take your pick!

The job of a said analyst is to analyze numerous product issues. Not only that, this guy also needs to generate a solution to the previously identified issue. Lastly, these solutions need to not only fix the issue, but they need to be liked and approved by the end users as well as the client business.

Secondary School Teachers

There has been a high demand for secondary school teachers. This tireless job that few have the capacity to do is highly sought after. There are numerous vacancies and the pay is not even half bad. Especially if you’re the type of person who wishes to have such a career and work with kids, this will be a dream for you!

Marketing Managers

One of the most paid jobs that are in high demand is the position of a marketing manager. This job opening hit the list of top job opportunities in Minneapolis & St. Paul due to the incredible wages that could be attained. I mean, a median wage of almost 50 dollars per hour is insane. In addition to this,  the vacancies are large, companies are hiring. If you have remotely any interest and knowledge in the field, seek your destiny. You will not regret everytime your paycheck arrives!

Software Developers

This one is no surprise. This job position has not only reached the list of top job opportunities in Minneapolis & St. Paul but has reached all the lists in the world. The demand for such employees grows ever strong, all across the world so why would the Twin Cities be any different. Furthermore, it is a very well paid job, and within such jobs, there is usually much room to develop and grow.