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Top things to do in Twin Cities

I grew up as a farm boy. Small town, few folks, one gas station, plenty of open green fields. Lots of horses. Plenty of town fairs throughout the year. But, excluding those, not that many things you could do. Once I moved to the Twin Cities my mind was blown by the number of things to do in Twin Cities.

This list will be a list of top things to do in Twin Cities, offering various activities and things to see.
Minneapolis and St. Paul offer a wide range of things to do!

The Minneapolis – Saint Paul metro area is an amazing place to live in. It has the perfect balance between the cool tone a city brings and the eco-friendly vibe us farm boys adore. The amount of amazing history and cool hip surroundings is uncanny. You have the unique opportunity to discover locations such as:

  • Science Museum of Minnesota
  • the Minnesota History Center
  • Guthrie Theater
  • Mill City Museum
  • Minneapolis Institute of Arts

… and countless more. Today, the Twin Cities is today a very well visited one. The amount of things to do in Twin Cities keeps growing by the day, and by each tourist that visits. Moving here (using Minneapolis moving services), or coming to visit for a week, will not leave a dull moment on your calendar!

Fun Things to do in Twin Cities

The fun things you can do should be split into two categories. One – people who live in the Twin Cities and two – people who came to visit. Either way, some spots are universal and we will try to stick to those. These will be some recommendations that are, in my book, a must see. 

Guthrie Theater

Founded in the distant 1963, the Guthrie Theater is something that the Twin Cities theater scene owes a lot to. Founded by the famous English director –  Sir Tyrone Guthrie, who chose Minneapolis as a destination for establishing a professional theater.

This theater is ever so successful today, and it brings in both the native residents as well as tourists to its doorstep. The theater is combined with four restaurants that offer an immense amount of dining choices. Overall, if you are like me and your definition of a fun night is movie and dinner – Guthrie will be a delight for you. It is and will remain to be on of my favorite things to do in Twin Cities.

Minnehaha Falls Park

If you wish to get in touch with your inner farm boy – Minnehaha Falls Park will be your escape into nature. As I am going on with this article I am learning that this list of fun things to do in Twin Cities is somewhat biased. But, this doesn’t deny the fact that all of the things I will bring up are fun.

Back to the park. Covering 193 acres, this park is nothing short of stunning. Covered in limestone bluffs and river overlooks, located between two downtowns, has proven to be one of the most popular parks in Minneapolis. In all honesty, it most definitely is magnificent.

Mill City Museum

Fun fact, this place used to actually be a mill. And now its a Mill City Museum. However, back in the day, this mill was astounding. Just imagine, it could ground enough flour in one day to make 12 million loaves of bread. Can you imagine seeing 12 million loaves of bread at once?!

Today, this re-creates the flour production days of old. It’s a thing to behold and a very epic way to spend a day. I go there every once in a while, just to admire where humans once were and where they are today.

Fitzgerald Theater

I still own a dozen Ella records. I adore them. Absolutely in love with everything about it. Including the Fitzgerald Theater. Built in the distant 1910, this 1600 seat theater is the absolute icon of Saint Paul.

The theater hosts all sorts of events, from ballet to movie parties and musical concerts and performances. If you’re lucky, your favorite performer might be guesting there when you’re around.

The Grand Avenue

The Grand Avenue is going to be one of the things to do in Twin Cities – daily. This is where you go out for those fun little things you do each day. You can get out of the office and go to the Grand Avenue for a quick lunch or a cup of coffee. Just to get away from people and everything else and get lost in a mug.

Also, you could do some guilty shopping, or run away for a spa treatment. It’s as long as 30 blocks, so there will be a little bit of something for everyone. And remember, if you do end up visiting, do not miss Cafe Latte, it would be a waste. You really want that three-layer chocolate turtle cake. Yum!

The U.S. Bank Stadium

This year’s Superbowl was hosted exactly at this stadium. This $1.1 billion stadium is an endless source of entertainment. All the larger games that are played are hosted here. But not only that! Even if it isn’t game night, there are concerts and other performances hosted here, at the absolute joy of the population.

One of the top things to do in Twin Cities is visit sport and entertainment events on the U.S. Bank stadium!
The last Superbowl was held here!

Mall of America

This one isn’t really my cup of joy. However, many people would disagree with me hence the reason why Mall of America made it to the list. I’ve been here once, just so that I can say I did. But, placing myself aside, there are more than 40 billion people who visit this place. Each year! This is the nation’s biggest mall and it hosts more than 500 stores, dozens and dozens of restaurants, an indoor amusement park, aquariums and butterfly gardens.

It genuinely is an endless source of entertainment and fun things to do in Twin Cities. And I assume that you will not miss it. Be mindful though, you probably won’t be able to see everything in one day. So some planning and routing would be wise before you go. You can use the mall’s website in order to check working hours, store locations, parking and various promotions. So, make sure you put on some comfortable shoes and leave your jacket behind in the car – it’s 70 degrees inside all year long.

One of the must sees of the Twin Cities is the Mall of America.
Mall of America will blow your mind!

If you end up deciding to move here, make sure you contact the best movers for Minneapolis & St. Paul! Best of luck to you!