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Tips for long distance relocation

Long distance move is a huge job. I mean huge. I am yet to hear about a long distance move that was easy. And stress-free. And carefree. The only thing that I know can happen is that a long distance relocation can be fun. But rarely does a conversation start with “I remember the time I did a long-distance move… I can’t wait to do it again”. Good thing is that Twin Cities long distance movers make your life a lot easier when it comes to such moves.

The difference between a local move and a long-distance move is immense. The pre-moving process for a long distance move is exponentially greater than that of a local move. Local movers Twin Cities offer such help and guidance, in case local moving is what you need.  Also, the distance that needs to be traveled has to be taken into account. They are almost incomparable.

Key tips for a clear skies long distance relocation.
Take some professional tips and ensure that your long distance relocation is a successful one.


The most fundamental difference comes from the distance that needs to be passed. The trucks are usually different, the way things are packed is different, the way you travel to your next destination is absolutely different. This is why the two should never be mistaken for similar tasks. For they are not. And probably never will be. Here are some of the basic differences that separate long distance relocation from all the other ones. Moving services St. Paul MN offer help and assistance with all such projects.

The Way Stuff is Packed for Long Distance Relocation

Your long distance packing services will mean the safety of your belongings.
Packing is the most important part when it comes to long distance moving.

When it comes to a long distance move, things are being packed in a way where they need to survive a long journey. Sometimes even an overseas journey. This means that the items will usually be handled by several teams and that the goods will be ridden in either one or several trucks across a large number of miles. This also means that in some cases extra storage facilities need to be hired in order for your goods to ‘overlay’ transportation. This requires extensive logistics because, above all, your items need to be safe and accounted for.

Long distance movers have such options for your move. Good long distance relocation experts will have an answer to every such situation. They will make sure that everything you own is packed and well cushioned inside of each box. Also, it is necessary to arrange the boxes in a way where there is no free space between two. This way any tumbling can be avoided and your stuff should reach their final destination safely.

Also, when performing a long distance migration – ordinary boxes will not cut it. This means that you might need to go the extra mile and purchase quality boxes. Only such boxes can actually withstand such a long distance relocation without falling apart mid. Sadly, you won’t be able to go and find some other free boxes as you normally would. You might get extremely lucky and find some, however, it is more likely not to happen.

Insurance is Paramount

The longer the move the higher the chances of something going wrong. We are talking about thousands of miles. Regardless of how everything is packed and how many people participated, accidents can happen. The longer the move the higher the chances. Especially if the truck has to make stops; if your belongings need to be unloaded and loaded into a new one.


Insurance is an important piece of the puzzle.
There is no long distance relocation without insurance.

This is why you can’t save on insurance. Hopefully, everything will go great and you would have bought insurance for nothing. However, if anything does go South, you will be ever so happy that you are fully insured. Of course, we are fully aware that nothing can replace your great grandma’s dresser, but still. If it does fall apart you will receive a hefty amount of money as compensation. And that stands for something.


Long distance moving specialists usually tend to have no claim filed. The normal liability based on the Federal Law is $.60 per pound. This comes down to pennies on a dime. Not nearly enough to cover any potential loss. But, these same long distance movers do have an option for additional insurance to be purchased. Make sure you never miss out on such an offer.

Some Items SHOULD Stay With You

You have to make sure that, when undergoing a long distance relocation, some of your belongings need to stay on you at all times. Why? Well, some things, when packed, might be out of your reach for months. Until they arrive at the final destination. This is why you need to pack a suitcase to carry with you whenever possible.

Also, some items are not suitable for a long distance move. Your professional movers MN will make sure that you are aware which items fall into such a category.

Food and Liquids

One such item would be food and liquids. These are almost never something you wish to have packed for a long distance move. Food can get rotten and can otherwise contaminate the rest of the truck. That smell can sometimes not be removed for god knows how long.

Half-filled bottle laid down.
Be careful of how you pack liquids for long distance transportation.

Also, any type of liquid, regardless of how it is closed, can be forced open. One bump on the road, one skip of the truck, one box landing on it and it can pop open. And then you’re in a whole new world of trouble.

Top Advice from Long Distance Movers – Mark Your Boxes

One of the best advice that we can give, and that is fully universal is – label your boxes. God knows the amount of time you can lose when you wish to find something in a sea of unlabeled boxes. The amount of time you could lose this way is irreplaceable. Each time you fill a box with content – take a marker and write “plates” on it. Trust me, this is a lifesaver.