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The items you cannot move overseas

Planning to move overseas for a new career, education on overall to start a new is indeed a great choice and opportunity for you. Amidst all that you should know, there are certain things you must know before you even start to pack for the move. Every country has its own set of rules you must follow. When packing you must learn about what items you cannot move overseas and what you can. This article will provide you with a basic guide on what you can pack and what not. If you have any doubts, always check with the appropriate institutions for more information.

Banned, hazardous and restricted items you cannot move overseas

There is a fair amount of these items you will not be able to move with you. Some of them are commercial items, some industrial, but the common thing is, they are banned for a good reason. You can check with your City Moving and Storage MN about the list of prohibited items. Whether it is safety reasons, environmental, healthy or overall just banned by the host country. Common items you can’t carry with you are:

  • Matches
  • Radio-pharmaceuticals
  • Automotive repair and maintenance chemicals
  • Oxygen bottles
  • Propane cylinders
  • Gasoline
  • Fireworks
  • Lighter fluids
  • Paints and paint thinners
  • Nail polish remover
matches - items you cannot move overseas
Matches are one of the items you cannot move overseas

As you may notice, a great deal of these items is highly flammable. During the unlikely bad events, these items may make the situation even worse. They could get on fire and endanger your life and the life of other passengers.

Certain food, plants and animals

Certain animals, food and plants can be prohibited if you travel to places with the absolutely different ecosystem. Although you can carry some with certain licences, others can’t. What can happen is, some of them could carry some bacteria or virus that can spread easily in a new environment. Not to mention if pets get lose and overpopulate because the current situation (ie lack of predators and abundance of food) they can easily change the whole ecosystem. Consider what you really need to bring with you. Sometimes, they can confiscate your luggage as the items you cannot move overseas. You can ask your Minneapolis movers for additional information on this.

Certain animals are prohibited in other countries

Fully prohibited items

This list is not fully precise because, in the end, everything depends on the laws and regulations of the country you are travelling to. Depending on that, certain items are prohibited. But the same set of rules follow the list of these items:

  • Firearms and blades – Reason why these items you cannot move overseas are obviously security ones. But, certain countries will allow them if you follow the correct customs procedures. Try to find proper storage units that can safeguard your firearms until you retrieve them.
  • Counterfeit or pirated materials – Every customs will check for pirated versions of books, videos, music albums etc. They are one of the most commonly smuggled items. Then sold for a low price.
  • Sometimes money can be an issue – Although, money itself is not prohibited, there are procedures you must follow if you are transferring a large amount of money in a foreign country.
  • Pressure spray cans – Depending on what is inside the can, they can easily burst and damage your or someone else’s luggage. Not to mention catch on fire and something much worse.
  • Narcotics – This is something that is considered illegal everywhere. Do not even try to bring them in, you can get into serious trouble.
  • Alcohol – Same as with food, some countries can give approve them as your household items. So make sure you double checked and figure out what you can bring with you.
  • Agricultural products – As we mentioned before, houseplants, seeds, and other are strictly prohibited to be carried as a passenger item. They can only get transferred using special containers.
  • Pornographic materials and other porn media – Most countries will not allow any of these things brought in.
a gun and bullets on a table
Firearms are strictly prohibited

Certain items must be declared on entry

These are the items you must declare on the customs if you wish to proceed without any trouble. Most of the time, depending on the country they are either banned, prohibited or you can bring them in with certain permissions. But most of the time these items you will be obliged to declare them. They are:

  • Tobacco products – like cigars, cigarettes or plain tobacco
  • Perfumes or toilet water
  • New purchases – especially if they are expensive ones
  • Firearms – again for safety reasons and depending on countries laws
  • Alcohol
glass of whiskey and nuts
Some alcohol can be prohibited

Communication devices and radio transmitters 

Although today is widely speculated can they really interfere with the comlinks of the aeroplane or other electronics, companies and countries will not leave anything to chance and will just regulate their usage on the plane? Some of the radio transmitting items you cannot move overseas are:

  • Baby monitors
  • Cell phones (mobile phones)
  • Cordless phones
  • Radio transmitters
  • Dog – tracking devices
  • Other similar technology
Cell phones
Cell phones are regulated

Each country has its own set of rules you must follow

If you think you do not have enough information regarding the items you cannot move overseas, have a little research. Look in the hosting countries laws on their government’s websites. You
can also find useful information on the consul’s website or even customs web presentation. These are the perfect places you can find all sort of info you need before you plan on moving. They can give you additional information. The necessary documents you must gather for other items are not hard to find. Do your research to avoid any unnecessary trouble you can get.

As we mentioned before, this list of items you cannot move overseas is not 100% precise, because it depends on the countries law at the moment. But, you already know what items are truly dangerous to you and the environment such as hazardous materials. Do not worry though, you could find perfect substitutes in your new home easily. Maybe even cheaper. If you have any experience, please contact us through the comment section down below. We are sure other users will be grateful to you!