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Reasons why you should move to Savage

Sometimes, making a decision to move to a small town, especially from a big one, can be hard. There are a lot of things you should know and a lot of adapting. That is why we wrote for you this article with enough reasons why you should move to Savage and make it your new home. Don’t worry, small towns have their own beauty and spirit. We hope your decision about relocation will be easier after reading our article.

Before you move to Savage – learn about the benefits of living in a small town

Moving to a much smaller town has its own pros and cons. You will replace that fast lifestyle you had in big cities with something much more peaceful. There are a lot of Savage moving professionals that can provide you with the best services for your moving. Most of the time people with families prefer to move to small town.  There are numerous pros of living in such place, and they are:

  • Crime rates are low – This should be your first and biggest reason why you should move to Savage. Crime rates in smaller cities are usually very small without tendencies to rise.
  • Air is cleaner – If you are coming from a big city you already know how much pollution there is. Especially if there are big industries there. When it comes to small places such as Savage, you do not have to worry about it. In order for the heavy industry to rise and develop, they need access to close and immediate resources. Also, you have a bigger chance of buying more healthier food than in big cities. Most of the times, food comes from local producers and farms.
  • More space for yourself and your family – Most of the time people move to small towns because properties are cheaper there. They don’t think twice about living in a city apartment or buying a large house in some little town for the same price.
  • Small cities are a good and healthy environment for children – Kids will be less prone to negative influence and much more to positive ones in that kind of community. There are very good local movers in Twin Cities that are good in providing services for families with kids.
woman spreading arms in the park
Air is much cleaner after you move to Savage

Everyday life in small towns

There is a great difference between living in a big city and in small communities. You could have difficulties adapting after you move to Savage. For instance, once fast and urban lifestyle is replaced with much slower and more easier one. You can find it hard sometimes to adjust to a new lifestyle. A bunch of things you would find unusual in a big city are pretty common in small towns. For instance, a lot of businesses are run by families and passed from generation to generation. Sometimes you will find yourself travelling a long distance just to buy groceries. Usually, when people go to the store they buy provisions for the whole week. There is no bad traffic and lack of car parking are a thing of the past. Most of the time people just don’t use cars in small towns. Instead, they either ride public transportations, carpools or just use bikes. You should consider using a bike since it will save you money and it is beneficial for health.

Pile of groceries
Buy a week worth of groceries

Small town communities and neighbours

Although much friendlier and better for families there are certain things you can not avoid once you move to a small town such as Savage. There will be gossips. And people do really know everyone there.  Take good care about what you do or say after you move to Savage. People are connected to each other in various ways. Like family members, lovers, partners, by business or any other means. It takes no time for a simple talk to become nasty gossip.

Old women sitting on bench considering to move to Savage
People know each other in small towns

About Savage, MN

Now that we talked about what you can expect from moving to small communities, let us talk about the city itself.  Before you move to Savage, you should know that Savage is a small suburban town. It is located only 15 miles south south-west from the downtown Minneapolis. There are 2 main routes you can take before moving to Savage. The first is  Minnesota State Highway 13 and the second is Country Road 42. According to the last census, there are around 36000 people in Savage. When it comes to Diversity Index and Population Density, Savage holds an upper quartile rank.  When we talk about median income of Savage’s population, it revolves around $75.100 per year, for a family in the city.

money and check book
Yearly median income is around $75.000

Education and government in Savage

Before you decide to move to Savage with your family, learn about its education and government politics. There are 3 school districts:

  • Shakopee School District 720
  • Burnsville-Eagan-Savage District 191
  • Prior Lake-Savage District 719

A small portion of Savage is placed in Bloomington School District, but without any households there. Students in the Prior Lake-Savage district will go to Prior Lake High School, while Burnsville-Eagan-Savage District students will attend Burnsville High School.

The city of Savage is located in Minnesota’s 2nd congressional district, and it is represented by Jason Lewis. The Mayor of Savage is Janet Williams, and the four City Council seats are taken by Christine Kelly, Gene Abbot, Jane Victorey and Al McColl.

cartoon boy and girl holding hands and going to school
There are three school districts in Savage

Finding a Job in small town 

This could easily be the most important stuff you should know about. You should move to Savage, or any other city, only if you already have a waiting job position there. Finding a job in small cities can be very difficult since the business is mostly held by families and family members. So, unless you already found a job, or you are being transferred to the new office in a small city, try your best to find a suitable job before moving.

A man sitting and browsing his tablet
Make sure you have a job waiting for you

Deciding to move to a small town such as Savage can be rather difficult. There are pros and cons of living in small cities, but to be honest, pros overwhelm cons easy. We are certain this article provided you with all the necessary information you need about adapting to a small town and what you should expect. And at the same time, giving you info about the city itself. Make sure you found all the info you need before you decide to move to Savage!