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Most romantic spots in Twin Cities

Valentine’s day is almost here. Love is in the air and you will need a good spot to surprise your loved one. If you have just moved to Twin Cities, then you might not know where are the most romantic spots in Twin Cities. Even if you live in the close vicinity or just planning to visit these cities, you can visit Twin Cities for Valentine’s day. Therefore, here is the list of the most romantic spots in Twin Cities.

Twin Cities

Twin Cities is a name given to two cities that grow into each other because of their close geographical proximity. One of those Twin Cities can be found in Minnesota, Minneapolis, the largest city in Minnesota and St. Paul, the capital city. Even though they are the Twin Cities of Minnesota, they are quite different. Minneapolis is a little bit younger of two, and more modern, having urban downtown and skyscrapers. On the other hand, Saint Paul has an old-fashioned charm and numerous well-preserved late-Victorian buildings. Just like any other large cities, there are many romantic spots in Twin Cities. Let’s start our list with a beautiful nature.

Minneapolis skyline-buildings, water, bridge and sunset.
Cities with many romantic spots.

Minnehaha Falls

There is no better way to start the list than with stunning waterfalls. There are many reasons why it is one of the most romantic spots. The falls inspired Longfellow’s love poem The Song of Hiawatha, which means it is a go-to romantic spot for any lovebirds. You can even see the sculpture of Hiawatha carrying his beloved Minnehaha. Additionally, the falls are breathtaking no matter if you visit them during the summer or winter. If you choose summer season, then you can have a lovely picnic there. On the other hand, during the winter, the falls freeze into a wall of ice transforming the whole area into a winter wonderland.

Downtown ice skating

What is more romantic than ice skating together with your significant other? Well, there are a couple of ice skate options on our list of the most romantic spots in Twin Cities. Since this area has many lakes, they make perfect ice skating places during the winter. Furthermore,  most of them are free. You can choose Lake of the Isles or the Wells Fargo Winterskate in Loring Park for example. Therefore, you can ice skate in the evening surrounded by city lights and later have hot chocolate. It is a perfect date idea. If this idea sweeps you from your feet, you can always move to Twin Cities. For this reason, you will need a good moving company, for example moving companies MN.

Lyndale Park Rose Garden

Now, this is a spot for people who like flowers. If any gentleman wants to surprise his lady, take her to the Lyndale Park Rose Garden. This garden has over 3000 roses, a piece of heaven on the Earth. This garden is quite popular for wedding ceremonies because of its beautiful scenery. However, you can always just go on a date here. You can enjoy a lovely stroll through the Garden or around Lake Harriet. Moving to Twin Cities means having this rose garden as one of your romantic spots in Twin Cities.

Bush of red roses.
Enjoy the beautiful roses


There are two theaters on our list of the most romantic spots in Twin Cities. The Guthrie Theater is a perfect place to watch an interesting play or to visit its restaurants and bars. This theater is famous for its architecture. Not only it has a fascinating shape, but also the color which is dark blue. Additionally, you can watch the sunset on the Endless Bridge, which is a part of the theatre, It is no wonder it is one of the most romantic spots in Twin Cities. There is also Park Square Theatre, where you can watch the reinvented version of Hamlet. This theater has the only cobblestone-paved pedestrian area. This will make you feel like you went back to the past.

The Como Zoo Conservatory

For animal lovers, here is the date spot for you. You can visit the zoo for free, and enjoy the romantic stroll through their beautiful gardens. In addition to stunning nature, you can attend free concerts here as well. While you are visiting the Zoo, you can stop by the Conservatory. This is a glass building, which has steamy tropical heat, perfect for winter dates. Not only it is a romantic spot, but also the best way for young people to spend their time.

The Minneapolis Institute of Art

Yet another place on our list that is free of charge. The Minneapolis Institute of Art has one of the best collections of Asian Art. If you are interested in Asian cultures, make sure you visit this Institute. Additionally, every third Thursday of the month, you can enjoy fashion shows or performances of local bands. If you happen to be moving to Twin Cities, this place will help you to relax from adaption to metropolitan life.


For the last entry on our list of the most romantic spots in Twin Cities, we are going to mention numerous lakes. You can always go for a picnic date next to the lake. This way, you can enjoy beautiful nature and the company of your partner. Additionally, you can visit Luminary Loppet, a stunning winter festival. Furthermore, you can go to some of the amusement parks in Minnesota for a date. This will get your heart racing for sure.

2 people on the rock by the water, looking at woods and mountains.
The romantic spot in nature.

The most romantic spot in Twin Cities

In conclusion, there are many romantic spots in Twin Cities. Here is our list in full. However, there are many more, so feel free to add to our list.

  • Minnehaha Falls
  • Downtown ice skating
  • Lyndale Park Rose Garden
  • Theaters
  • The Como Zoo Conservatory
  • The Minneapolis Institute of Art
  • Lakes

Wherever you go, you will have a great time since you are with your loved one. All these places are perfect for date location, even during the winter. After all, love will always keep you warm.